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Heroes For Hire (Shirlee McCoy) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Heroes for Hire Books

Running for Cover (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running Scared (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running Blind (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lone Defender (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Private Eye Protector (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undercover Bodyguard (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Navy SEAL Rescuer (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fugitive (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defender for Hire (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Heroes for Hire series is an action-thriller, mystery, and suspense books written the popular American author named Shirlee McCoy. It consists of 9 books in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2013. Each and every novel of this series depicts a different set of central characters. Author Shirlee has described them getting involved in various mysterious situations that make them fight hard to come out of them. The debut novel of the series is titled as ‘Running For Cover’. The Steep Hill publication it in the year 2010. The main characters of this book include Morgan Alexandria and Jackson Sharo. The book opens by showing that Morgan Alexandria escapes to Virginia in order to leave behind her past. But, she does not seem to get away with it so easily. Because of the shady dealings of her husband, someone is after Morgan. If Jackson Sharo would not have come to her rescue, she might have been dead long ago. But, Morgan still doubts whether Jackson can be trusted because the former army man from big city is mainly a stranger for her. Whenever Morgan tries to handle everything by herself, without the support of Jackson, she keeps getting coming across new disasters. Therefore, she is forced to take Jackson’s help in order to avoid getting into major problems. Jackson Sharo had arrived in Lakeview, Virginia to attend the wedding of one of his friends named Jude Sinclair. Previously, he used to work with Jude as a detective in New York, but now, he has joined the Information Unlimited and works under Kane Dougherty as a private investigator. He goes to a local gallery to buy a wedding gift and notices that the shop owner was in bad shape. When she tells him to come back tomorrow, Jackson becomes absolutely sure she is in problem.

Just when Jackson is about to break into the building to check on her, she comes running into his arms. Morgan was badly beaten by some men, who had broken into her shop, and was almost dead. Morgan’s ex-husband named Cody had told the men that she possessed a disk which she did not actually have. And when they could not find it, they harmed her. When Jackson had first rang her doorbell, Morgan hoped that the handsome man would help her. But, the goons were already inside the shop and had put a gun on her. Knowing that if she asked for help at that time, both of them would get killed. So, she avoided asking for help from Jackson. Seeing the injured Morgan in his arms, Jackson quickly rushes to the hospital. Jackson learns her tragic story after she gains consciousness and promises that he would look after her and make sure she is safe. Morgan thinks that it is just another promise from a stranger which does not have any real meaning. She had already learned her lessons with Cody. But, after realizing that Jackson actually stayed back for her until she recovered fully, she begins to fall for the handsome Jackson Sharo for keeping his word like a real man. And when he decides to head back to Washington to be with his parents, Morgan becomes worried. So, Jackson asks her to come along. She goes on to stay with her Aunt Helen in a cabin in Washington, but trouble keeps following her. All her life, she had tried to be independent, but letting Jackson help her seemed easy for her. Author Shirleee has also mentioned a secondary story in the plot, which shows that Morgan was abandoned when she was 9 years old in Latvia. Her older brother and younger sister were separated from her, whom she has been searching even today. Jackson had a sister who was killed several years ago. He had the guilt in his heart that he could not protect her. Due to this feeling, he was determined that he would not let any harm come to Morgan.

The next book to be released in this series is titled ‘Running Scared’. The Steepe Hill published this book also in 2010. Author Shirlee has depicted the lead characters in this book as Maggie Tennyson and Kane Dougherty. At the beginning of the story, it is shown that the son of Kane Dougherty, who was kidnapped around 5 years ago, has been found recently because of Maggie Tennyson. Now, in order to show his gratitude to Maggie, private investigator Dougherty wishes to take her out. But, he does not understand why she keeps pushing him away. As for her, she feels thrilled that she helped unite the father and son pair. And now, she just wants that Kane leaves her alone and enough of him showing gratitude. She knows that if he stays close to him, it could prove dangerous for his life. Maggie Tennyson understands very well that her shadowy past may play a spoil sport for both of them. And this is the reason why she is not ready to get into any kind of relationship with Kane Dougherty. However, Kane is also determined to protect her and refuses to leave her like that. And when the next a danger comes near Maggie, Kane is sure that she will have a hero by her side, whether or not she wishes to have him.

Maggie had a rough childhood when she used to live in Miami, Florida. She considers herself lucky to have been able to come out from there and live a peaceful life in Washington. As a child, she was not able to choose her lifestyle, but when she became a grown up teen she started living on her own terms. Maggie got addicted to drugs and on multiple occasions she got treated for a drug overdose. It was after her grandmother’s death that she realized she was headed on a wrong path. Finally, Maggie decided to change her lifestyle. Kane had already lost his wife and after a few years his 4 year old son named Eli was kidnapped. He got broken by this and gave up his career as a lawyer. To find his son, he started a private investigating firm called Information Unlimited. Five years later, he gets back his with Maggie Tennyson’s help. When the sheriff informed Kane about Maggie, he decided to reward her with some money. But, Maggie did not want to come into the limelight for helping find Eli. The only thing that she wanted from Kane was anonymity. Along with these two chief characters, the other supporting characters introduced by author Shirlee in the series include Kane’s sister Jenna, who is suffering from cancer, an Edith, who is the landlady of the cabin in which Maggie live.

Heroes for Hire is a series of mystery romance novels by Shirlee McCoy the American bestselling author best known for writing of Christian romance and inspirational novels. The Heroes for Hire series is McCoy’s longest running series with several titles that went on to become international bestsellers. McCoy published the first novel in the series “Running for Cover” in 2010, before she went on to publish several more titles, most of which came out between 2010 and 2013. Given her faith, strong desire for writing inspirational fiction and a childhood spent daydreaming about strong-willed heroines, it is not a surprise that these attributes are key elements in her novels. Unlike her previous series, the Heroes series of novels have their setting in many disparate locations around the United States from Lakeview, to Washington D.C., to Arizona among other places. Even as the setting is in many different places, the series plot lines unite in that the female characters in the novels either have been damaged through a range of tragedies ranging from kidnapping, violence, abandonment, and vengeful partners. Even as the novels have some faith element in them, they are for the most part mystery romances rather than faith or value based novels. Nonetheless, given the authors penchant for the inspirational, the Heroes for Hire series of novels has the theme of leaning on someone for help in time of need. In essence, the Heroes for Hire series are about heroines who reluctantly accept the help of the heroes only to find that it is the best thing they could ever have done.

The Heroes for Hire series of novels is all about the women heroines, who hire out the heroes to protect and help them to deal with a range of tragedies and troubles in their lives. Even as the women take the lead as the series protagonists, over the course of the narratives they reluctantly let in the male protagonists, who are often mysterious persons they do not know if they can completely trust. As for the men, they come in as the ultimate males who would do anything to protect the women, not because of a romantic interest in them but because that is who they are. What makes the male characters so intriguing is that they come into the women lives unexpectedly and have a certain intrigue and mystery to them, which increase the romantic tension even further. However, having been hurt before, the women rebuff and reject the help of the men, as they are not so sure of their intentions. Ultimately, the characters mellow over the course of the narratives as they come to acknowledge that they cannot get through their troubles alone, in some instances making their situation worse by trying to do just that. With a good back-story, McCoy weaves a story that explains how the characters came to be in their current predicament, how they grow and evolve over the course of the narrative to the point of trusting their heroes. Ultimately, the novels tell of the importance of having someone by your side to help fight your battles.

The Heroes for Hire series of novels while being inspirational have less of the Christian element, instead being focused on the aspects of friendship and love in the solution of life problems. With a childhood spent dreaming of gutsy, strong-willed heroines, Shirlee adds a twist to her novels by making strong heroines that nevertheless need the help of heroes. Even as some of her heroines such as Skylar Grady and Morgan Alexandria think of themselves as tough cookies, they cannot do it all on their own. The novels have a particularly pointed view of one doing things on their own. The Heroes for hire series assertion is that a woman needs a man by her side whether she wants it or not, and it is even better if that man happens to be a handsome man full of integrity, that would not mind a romantic liaison. The series is full of highly charged tension and suspense from all the crime, mysteries, shady dealings, and crime that dog the lead characters from their past lives and associations. Starting out at a fast pace the novels do not let up as they deliver punch after punch of mystery, violence, and romance as the protagonists come to know each other and fall in love. The author does very well in combining the suspense and thrill in the narratives and only releasing the tension at the very end for very satisfying finales.

“Running for Cover” the first novel in the Heroes for Hire series of novels is an edge of your seat thriller that will get any mystery romance fan drooling. It introduces Morgan Alexandria, a woman that moved to Virginia to get away from a dark past. As a child, she had been abandoned at age nine, and had to live in an orphanage for most of her childhood. Her troubles continued in her adult life as she got married to a husband that had been involved in some shady dealings. Given her husband’s shady dealings, her life is now in danger, as there is someone on her trail, and had it not been for the stranger Jackson Sharo, she knows she would have been dead. But then again, even as he says that he is a former big city police officer, Morgan is not so sure that she can trust Jackson. But trying to fight a gang of thugs that are on her trail without help just leads her even deeper into dangerous territory. Will she acknowledge and accept Jackson’s help and avoid walking into a trap that could probably see her lose her life.

“Running Scared”, the second novel of the Heroes for Hire series of novels is a great fun-filled suspense romance. It opens to Maggie Tennyson trying to get away from her past by changing not only her name but also her career. She soon managed to make a new life for herself in a new town where she now works as a teacher. But things soon take a turn for the worse when she becomes a hero after helping reunite a student with his long lost father. In a moment of carelessness, she puts herself in the limelight and now is in danger of being found by her psychotic ex. Kane the student’s father is concerned about her and tracks down information about her ex without telling her. Upset that the man she has been falling in love with over the past few weeks now has knowledge of her tawdry past; the plot becomes even more fun as Maggie reluctantly accepts Kane’s love. “Running Scared” is a delightful novel with a charming end as her ex Derrick brings in his twist to Maggie’s story of finding the Lord and a new romantic partner.

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