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Publication Order of Heroes Of Quantico Books

Against All Odds (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
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“Heroes of Quantico” is a series of novels by award-winning and bestselling author Irene Hannon. Irene got an early start to writing when she was one of the winners of the national children’s magazine “complete the story contest.” For Hannon, this was the first time she thought of herself as an author and determined that she would become a professional writer. Since then, she has gone on to write more than fifty contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. She has also been a three-time winner and seven-time finalist of the RITA and is also a member of the Hall of Fame of the Romance Writers of America. RT Book Reviews also granted her a Career Achievement award for her work. Irene has a psychology degree and masters in journalism and before she became a full-time author she worked two careers. Her last job was with a Fortune 500 company where she was an executive corporate communications specialist. When she is not writing, Hannon loves to sing, garden, and cook. Singing is one of her favorite things and she is a soloist at her church and has been involved in several musicals such as “Anything Goes,” “South Pacific,” “The King and I,” “Brigadoon,” “Oklahoma,” and “South Pacific.” She currently lives with her husband in Missouri.

“The Heroes of Quantico” series are Christian romance suspense novels that tell riveting reads with rollercoasters plots right from the beginning to the end. The lead characters are a trio of federal agents named Coop, Nick, and Mark who get into some compelling love stories. The first novel of the series is the story of Evan Cooper and Monica. Cooper is an FBI rescue team member assigned to protect Monica Callahan a woman estranged from her diplomat father. With her father involved in a hostage situation, he asks that they take care of her since he has received news that she may be targeted but she refuses. In the meantime Coop had fallen for the damsel and vows to keep her safe since he may lose her forever if she is taken. The second novel of the series is about Mark Sanders an FBI Rescue Team member that accidentally shot a teenager during a tense standoff. His bosses send him away to St Louis to wait for the scandal to blow over. But then he meets his old flame Emily Lawson only for their reunion to be disrupted by a sniper. Now he needs to find the gunman, put the pieces together to determine his motive so that he does not strike again and take away the woman he loves. The last novel tells the story of Nick Bradley who has been around the block and thinks he knows everything about women until he met the enigma that is Rachel Sutton. She had come into the office with a weird tale of a raggedy doll that she says gives her a strange feeling of horror. He wanted to dismiss the whole thing but there is something about her that makes him pay more attention. After a little digging, he finds a link between an abducted child and the doll and so starts a chain of events that puts the life of Rachel in danger.

“Against All Odds,” the first novel of the “Heroes of Quantico” series opens with an introduction to David Callahan, a high ranking American diplomat. He is working on resolving a hostage situation in the Middle East where terrorists had made demands for the release of hostages. Such demands are usually ignored since giving in tends to reinforce the idea that it works which results in even more of the same situations. Callahan was determined to stick to the doctrine until he learns that allied terrorists have threatened to kidnap Monica his estranged daughter. While they have not seen each other for years, he still loves his daughter and quickly cobbles up a team of FBI agents to keep her safe. Mark and Cooper are put in charge and now have to find and inform her that her life is in danger and that she needs to go with them to a safe house until the threat is defused. But she is having none of it as she is working on a book and has several promotion engagements. However, things start happening and the threat is soon very real and she is forced to go with the agents to the safe house. The terrorists have not given up though and still want to take her. But the agents have become fond of her and take their job seriously which means their determination to keep her safe could not be higher.

“An Eye for an Eye,” the second novel of the series opens to Mark Sanders sent away to St Louis after he was involved in the tragic shooting of a teen. Back at home, he reconnects with Emily Lawson his old flame for an instant before unknown gunman fires in their direction. He calls upon his friends and together they try to track down the sniper, even as he revisits and rediscovers the love he once had with Emily. She is a clinical psychologist who runs her own practice and also volunteers while she recovers from the death of her husband. Her husband had died after only six months of marriage while trying to rescue an infant from a building that had been fully engulfed by flames. She had vowed never to get into a relationship with anyone in a high-risk career until Sanders comes back into his life and starts stoking the old flames. Investigations soon reveal that there is a sniper out there that believes he has been sent by God to mete out justice on an unjust world. He believes in an eye for an eye and is going for Emily and Mark. Will they survive the deranged killer and if they do, how will they deal with their insecurities that had destroyed their relationship the first time around.

“In Harm’s Way” the third novel of the “Heroes of Quantico” series, Rachel Sutton is walking outside when she notices a ragged and battered doll on the snowdrift. When she touches the doll, she is overwhelmed by a sense of dread. Since she has never been one that believes in psychic she thinks there must be something very wrong. Taking a step of faith, she heads to the local FBI office though she thinks no one will believe her. But she wants to be rid of the doll and believes giving it to the feds will allow her to get back the peace that it had taken from her life. At the office, she talks to veteran agent named Nick Bradley who sure enough finds her story wacky but thinks she is too levelheaded to be insane. She also seems to have genuine terror with regard to the raggedy doll that he cannot just throw it away without some investigation. With a little digging, he ties the doll to a kidnapping case whose trail had gone cold a few months past. It is not long before news leaks that Rachel is somehow tied to the kidnapped child and the media spotlight falls on her. With the story spreading abroad, she is a threat to the kidnapper who now targets her for elimination. Nick has to come to her aid and works overtime to protect the woman that has conquered his heart and who is his investigation’s best lead.

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