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Publication Order of Charlotte "Charlie" Cates Books

The Gates of Evangeline (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shimmering Road (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Island (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Mystery Tribune / Issue Nº8: Winter 2019(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hester Young is an American author of fiction.

Young was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Since growing up there, she has lived a number of other places. These include London, New Jersey, Honolulu, Tuscon, and New Hampshire. She is married with two children and lives in New Jersey in Lawrenceville.

Hester Young went to college at Tufts and in Manoa at the University of Hawaii, where she graduated with her Masters degree. Her field of choice was English with a concentration in creative writing. Her works have appeared in publications such as the Hawaii Review. She worked as a teacher before eventually choosing to pursue writing as a career on a full time basis.

Hester Young is the creator and the author of the Charlie Cates series. The first novel in this series was actually inspired by going through a tragedy in the family as well as the pairing of a strange dream. The result was The Gates of Evangeline, the debut book in the series. It was released to readers in 2015. The sequel came out two years later and is titled The Shimmering Road. The third book in the series is titled The Burning Island.

The Gates of Evangeline is the first book in the exciting fictional Charlie Cates series. This fast-paced story is the debut in a fast-paced series that sets the tone for the stories to come. Readers get to meet the heroine and main character of the story for the first time, a young woman named Charlotte Cates.

Charlotte is better known by the name Charlie among her friends. She is settled in her life as a mother in New York and loves her job working as a journalist. She was recently bereaved, and it seems that in the middle of all her grief, she starts to experience something that could definitely be qualified as unusual. She doesn’t know if it is part of the process of grieving or what.

If these are hallucinations that she’s having, Charlie has to admit that they are fairly specific. She is having dreams without meaning to, vivid and realistic dreams that involve children she doesn’t really know. Rather than taking them at face value, Charlotte begins to worry that she is slowly losing her mind as a result of her emotional state. It wouldn’t be the first time someone was driven mad by their grief.

Charlie simply chalks it all up to being in the middle of a very tough time. But as she continues to have the dreams, she wonders if they really are just manifestations of her emotional state or if there is something more to this that she’s not seeing. She is grieving being a parent who has lost their child, but is starting to open her mind to the possibility that these are not the dreams of a person in pain but messages to her.

These dreams could be warnings to her and not evidence of her madness at all. If Charlie is able to sort out what the messages mean, she might be able to do something to help the children that she keeps seeing in them. Then a young boy appears in her dreams in a boat, requesting that she help him. All of a sudden, this journalist finds herself somehow involved in a case of a missing child that is decades old.

Its’ been thirty years since the Deveau family lost a child that they never were able to recover. The tragedy continues to haunt the prestigious family to this day. In the heart of Louisiana, the family’s estate sprawls. It is called Evangeline, and Charlotte has been invited to pay her a visit. Charlie accepts it and heads to the south, where new adventures await her.

As Charlotte goes to Louisiana, she is about stand on the cusp of secrets and information that have long been buried. She will make new friends and perhaps even have a romance, but even these healing experiences may not prepare her for the things that she is about to find out; secrets of betrayal, love, money, and even murder.

As she gets in deeper, Charlie is starting to wonder just who she is able to trust. She wants to be able to pick and choose who she can rely on, but that may be a luxury that she cannot afford. As the facts stack up and start to cast doubt on the individuals she wants to rely on most, her visions and dreams are about to show her that true evil is even closer to them all than they ever would have thought.

What will happen? You have to pick up this engaging debut book in the series to catch all of the suspense and the ending for yourself!

The Shimmering Road is the engaging second book in the popular Charlie Cates series. Charlotte is fine following all of the commotion at Evangeline, and now readers get to meet up with her five months later.

A lot has changed for Charlotte, most of it a positive change. She has a boyfriend named Noah, and it seems that life is gradually coming together for her again. They are in Texas and are getting ready to welcome their baby girl into the world. Soon they will have a daughter.

Charlie could not be more excited to meet her baby, but she is also troubled by something. She keeps having the same nightmare where she gets shot while showering right in her stomach. Could this be normal pregnancy nerves, or is another message that she shouldn’t ignore?

Charlotte has no idea whether her baby is in danger. Then she finds out her mother has become the target of murder. The Arizona double homicide probably has nothing to do with her, but the other victim was apparently related to Charlie. It was her half-sister that she never knew existed.

Her sister had a child, and now a girl is talking to Charlie in dreams. Wanting to help her niece, Charlotte goes to Arizona with Noah. She must face her past and also figure out how to decipher her dreams to keep them all safe. Can she do it? Read this book to find out!

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