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Hidden Legacy is a series of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance novels by the wife and husband team of Ilona Andrews. The name Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym of Andrew Gordon and Ilona Gordon who team up to write romantic and urban fantasy fiction. Ilona was born in Russia and migrated to the US as a teenager. She went to Western Carolina University, which is where she met Andrew Gordon her husband. While the rumor mill has it that Gordon was an intelligence officer who was seduced by Ilona the Russian spy, there is no truth to the story. The two did meet in English Composition 101 and Ilona beat Gordon though they would soon become fast friends. In fact, Gordon helped Ilona with the writing and submission of “Magic Bites” her debut novel. Andrew and Ilona currently live in Texas with their two daughters and many pets. Gordon is a former sergeant in the US Army, where he worked as a communications officer. Together as Ilona Andrews they have written several USA Today and New York Times bestselling titles that include the likes of “The Innkeeper Chronicles,” “Hidden Legacy” the paranormal romance, “The Edge” a rustic fantasy, and “Kate Daniels” a bestselling urban fantasy.

Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews is a paranormal urban fantasy series about a woman who lives in a world very much like our own, though this one is controlled by magic dynasties and Houses. During the 19th century, people had discovered a magical serum that gave humans and their offspring magical powers. While it was soon banned, it had already been used by some families who retained those magical powers, which made them dominant in the society. The most dominant of these were the Primes, who controlled the world as leaders of their own houses. The lead in the story is Nevada Baylor, a light-skinned and dark-haired beauty who runs her family’s private investigation business. She had taken over the business, which had degraded over the years to almost nothing and for six years had worked her ass off because she loved her work. Moreover, it is the legacy of her parents and grandparents and she would do anything to protect it. While she has her own magical powers that allow her to know when someone is lying, she has to contend with Mad Rogan who is Prime Telekinetic with X-men like powers that he has can use to devastating effect. He once served in the army where his talents were employed to devastating effect that earned him nicknames such as “Mad,” “Butcher,” and “Huracan.” He is described as a handsome muscular man with tan skin, a well-defined stomach, and proportions that spoke of his sheer physical power. He is also a billionaire and is head of his own house, The stubborn, intelligent and ruthless man starts out as her adversary but over the course of the novels they team up to take out their enemies and become lovers.

“Burn for Me” the first novel of the series introduce Nevada Baylor and the magical world she lives in. Nevada is a small fish in a very huge lake where she works as a private investigator. She loves her job and since the death of her father, she is responsible not only for the business but for the entire family. The mortgage on their house is owned by a company known as the MII, which out of nowhere makes a list of demands of Nevada. They ask that she find a pyrokinetic, who is one of the most powerful magicians in the world and send him back to his family. The man does not want to go back home and hence Baylor has two options; go after the man deliver him to his family and earn a lot of money or reject it and lose the cars, the house, the business, her job and everything she has worked so hard to build. The only silver lining is that even if the worst happens during the mission the family will get to keep the business, which is not much consolation. She accepts the job and now has to deal with a narcissistic psychopath and pyrokinetic named Adam, though he is the least of her troubles since he has come to like her. But then she learns that she has to deal with the eccentric billionaire and powerful magic user Mad Rogan. He is also after Adam but he doesn’t follow the rules and so Nevada needs to be wary of him even as they agree to work together.

“White Hot” happens two months after the event of the first novel of the series. Nevada Baylor has not seen Mad Rogan over the past few weeks after rebuffing his advances for a fling. She thinks that he has moved on though she cannot deny that they had a strong connection while they were together. But her relationship with Rogan may have rubbed off some of his personality onto her. Baylor makes the fateful decision of using some of her newly acquired magical powers to force a child murderer/molester to reveal the location of the last child he had kidnapped. The owner of the mortgage on the family business warns her that she is putting herself in a lot of danger by doing it, but she will not stand by and let the man walk. She disguises herself before confronting the man though there is a big risk that by doing so, word of her magical powers may become known. She also agrees to help the gifted mage Cornelius Harrison, whose wife was murdered while working for House Forsberg. The man is being stonewalled on the circumstances of her death and asks Nevada for help. It would seem that the magical houses of Houston are involved in some kind of conspiracy. Rogan makes his appearance as soon as she starts her investigations. He is not only interested in Nevada but has his own reasons for his interest in the conspiracy.

In “Wildfire” the third novel of the Rogan and Nevada are still working on unraveling the conspiracy to destabilize Houston led by several magical Houses who want Caesar, a magical dictator to take over. It is a very tasking assignment though they now have each other for support as they recently became a couple. But they have two problems to deal with. Victoria Tremaine a powerful truthseeker and only remaining member of the House Tremaine, who is also Nevada’s grandmother has come into town. She wants Nevada and her sister to join the house since she is the only member of it left and given her age, it would die with her if she did not take action. It is a repugnant prospect for the sisters but going against Victoria is a bad idea as she has a lot of resources to call upon should they refuse. They could make House Baylor an independent magic House but that would need two members to take Prime level magic practitioner tests. But it would protect them for three years against attack from any of the other houses including House Tremaine. Things get more complicated when Rynda, a clingy and lovely redhead that is Rogan’s ex-fiancée turns up. She wants Nevada to help her find her plant mage husband that has gone missing. Nevada suspects that aside from her quest to find her husband, she may want Rogan back. Being the protective guy that he is it is not long before Rogan is sucked in by Rynda. In the meantime, Nevada finds links between the missing man and House Tremaine and the Caesar conspiracy that may have kidnapped him.

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