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Publication Order of Hidden Springs Books

Here to Stay (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hearts on Fire (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Abby's Heart (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Chance on Love (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Will of Her Own (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dancing in the Dark (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Worth the Gamble (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coming Home (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enduring Traditions (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristine Raymond is a published American author.

Kristine Raymond did not always know that she wanted to be a writer. When she got older and became an adult, she finally figured out what she would like to do for a living. Now she has achieved her goal of becoming an author.

Kristine Raymond first officially made it into print in 2013. This is when her first novel was published and made available to readers for the first time. She is the creator of two different romance series that are very different when you read them because one is set in the historical west and one is completely contemporary!

She has also written non fiction. In addition to writing full length novels, she has also penned a contemporary drama with sensual elements and a collection of short stories that were themed according to the seasons.

Kristine also hosts her very own podcast as well as writing! She uses her voice as well as her brain. When she is not spending some of her time writing another story or working on her podcast, she is busy trying to navigate the various sides of the business, which include publishing and promotion.

She also loves to spend time with her family and friends and her husband. They have pets and she loves hanging out with them or spending some time with them and watching Netflix shows one after the other (also known as binge watching television).

Kristine Raymond is the creator and the author of the Hidden Springs series. If you are looking for an awesome historical romance series that has a bit of the contemporary twisted into it, then check out this dynamic series from a talented author of fiction!

The first book in this series is titled Here to Stay. In this debut story, readers get to meet the character of Sam Mackenzie as well as main character Kate Ryan for the first time.

Sam is new to Hidden Springs. He rode into this town and was hoping that he finally had found a place that he could belong in. He just wants to have a place that he can start a life in and things will hopefully improve from there.

He manages to find employment fairly quickly, taking employment at a place called Ryan’s Ranch. It is supposed to be a job that is just going to pay the bills, but Sam quickly finds that he may have gotten really lucky by taking this position. The reason that he is thinking this way is because he has found himself within eyesight of a young woman that is simply gorgeous.

She also happens to be the owner of the ranch, and Sam knows that he has never seen a prettier woman in his entire life and knows that he is instantly falling for her. While he feels an immediate attraction, it perhaps is not the smartest idea to fall for the woman that runs the ranch you work at. There’s supposed to be a certain level of professional distance, and Sam does not know whether he should try and get more familiar with her or not to make any huge moves anytime soon.

Still, he cannot ignore the way that he feels whenever Kate is around. For her part, Kate Ryan has always been a woman that has been committed to being fiercely independent. She always wanted to make it in life by the strength of her own merit. However, she also needs to keep her ranch able to be operational and make her money, not lose it.

Kate is finally facing the reality that she needs to hire on some people if she is ever going to be able to hold onto this place and run it the way that she wants to. She doesn’t truly want to take on some help, but it is something that must be done. The last thing that she ever expected was for the man that was applying for the job to be so handsome.

Kate never thought placing an ad would lead to her meeting someone like Sam. She’ll admit to herself that he is handsome, and the truth is that when they first meet you can practically see the sparks flying between them. The chemistry that they have together is simply off of the charts.

Kate knows that she has an attraction to this new ranch hand, and that fact makes things all the more complicated from the start. Living in the Arizona Territory in the year 1867 can be tough. She wants to have a partner, but she doesn’t even really know this new hire that well. More to the point, he doesn’t know her that well either.

When a long buried secret from the past ends up rising to the surface, can the two of them make a tough choice? Kate and Sam may have to choose between fight or flight– running or choosing to make a stand and stay at the ranch. What decision will they go with, and what will happen in the end? Pick up a copy of this book to find out!

Hearts On Fire is the engaging second novel in this historical romance series. This sequel picks up in the same time period with new main characters Jack and Landry.

Jack Tanner is a handsome man that always has a gorgeous woman by his side. He is Hidden Spring’s marshal and all of the available women are interested in him. Despite this fact, this bachelor never stays engaged in one lady’s company for long. He could go steady with anyone. Still, Jack’s eye is drawn to the one woman that isn’t interested in him at all.

Landry appears to have no interest in Jack Tanner, but that is not the case. She’s been crushing on him for a long time and hides it by ignoring him. But when Jack saves Landry in a life-threatening situation, neither of the two can ignore their feelings.

The attraction and passion between these two is like a fire. But will that flame burn out or burn in their hearts forever? Pick up this book to find out!

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