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Literature is so incredibly popular and important for its variety of topics. One can plunge into the written word and acquire knowledge about more or less everything that had ever been and ever will be. However, no matter what time of the year it is, no matter what age in the development of humankind reigns, regardless of political, economic and social circumstances, there will always be one topic that will be written about. That is, of course, love. Other genres have been refurbished and changed throughout the history, but romance novels have always been a constant in the world of literature. This does not mean that they lost their popularity- they are strong today as they ever were. One of the proofs for this statement is the book series called “Hideaway Legacy”. It is written by Rochelle Alers, and gives a great insight as to why romance novel will never be diminished.

So what is the deal with Alers’s series? As a matter of fact, one might say upon first glance that there is nothing special. Romance novel like any other. Nevertheless, Alers would not be selling so many books in many different decades and she would not have created a certain dynasty out of her novels had it not been for something special. For that “Hideaway Legacy Series” is. A dynasty. The series consist of many novels which may seem unrelated at first. Every novel deals with a different set of characters with their own stories. These stories relate mostly to love, but they tend to tell other things as well, mostly about complex family relations, or the greatest human flaws and virtues. Love can incite many things in a person, and Alers is aware of that as she writes her novels. Thus, we get stories about betrayal and honor, about brutality and gentleness, mystery and familiar warmth, all at once. Perhaps these stories could not have been developed had it not been for different set of characters. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Alers abandons her literary creations after she finishes a novel about them. What makes this series extraordinary in the restless sea of many others is that Alers keep coming back to her characters. Namely, her novels form sets of dynasties, in which a reader follows rise and fall of a certain character and his family, their way to success and demise as they struggle with love. Hence, there is Cole-Thomas saga, Sterling story and so on. Readers get familiar with characters and form a unique sensation of growing mature with them as they grow old together and face some similar issues.

“Hideaway” is the opening novel of the “Hideaway Legacy Series”. It was published in 1995 and marked the beginning of a successful series. It revolves around the lives of Parris Simmons and Martin Diaz Cole. These two form a romantic foundation of the novel, but they do not get to have a meet cute. Quite the opposite- they meet as Parris’s husband tries to kill her. The reason is simple- he is on his way to become an ex-husband and he is not the big fan of that news. To make things more interesting, he is a policeman. As it was said earlier, Martin saves Parris from her husband and immediately falls for her. Parris, on the other hand, is not so optimistic- she has to deal with the emotional scars she suffered from her husband. Nevertheless, love appears. In the midst of the relationship, however, Parris’s ex-husband is again after her, and she decides to run. She disappears for almost a decade without a trace. Martin is a man of means; he is a successor of a big company, however, not even with all of his resources and money, he can not find his way to Parris. So, he concentrates on the job until Parris shows up out of blues after ten years. She is not alone, as well. Parris is accompanied by a cute nine-year-old girl. There is no doubt- she is Martin’s child. As Martin is in the middle of the campaign to become a governor of Florida, this may be hurtful for him. However, his love is too big to resist the chances and he rekindles his relationship with Parris. Nonetheless, with Parris’s ex-husband again in the game, is this going to be too much for Parris and Martin?

“Hidden Agenda” is a follow-up to the “Hideaway”, and the second novel in th “Hideaway Legacy Series”- It was published in 1997, two years after its predecessor. This time, the story focuses on Eve Blackwell, a divorced single mother with a serious problem- her son Chris was kidnapped by her former husband Alejandro Delgado. Eve is desperate as to what Alejandro could do with her boy, so she turns to her uncle Harry for help. Harry makes some phone calls and he gets in touch with Matt Sterling, a former government operative with a shady past. Harry hires Sterling to help Eve find her son. In order to achieve that, they have to pose as a married couple, a role not dear to either of them. Eve sees Matt as an instrument for finding her son; Matt sees this as one last job after which he can finally retire and open that ranch he wanted for so long. However, as it is usually proven, “one last job” carries along some side effects, and love often strikes there where one hopes the least. Is Matt going to flinch for the first time in his life? Is Eve going to alter Matt somehow? And most importantly, will they be able to find Chris? The question remains…

“Hideaway Legacy Series” is a great example of the thesis that romance novels will never die. Is it due to lack of excitement in one’s life, or just the mere escapism from the troubles? Reasons are different. In the end, they do not matter. Rare are those who do not forget about their lives when they immerse into the world of distant locations, pure passion and thrills. And if one has the chance to experience those things while following different generations of characters, one gets “Hideaway Legacy Series”.

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