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Publication Order of Hideaway, Missouri Books

Writing together as part of an ongoing professional and personal partnership, the couple Mel and Cheryl Hodde have been writing under the pen-name of Hannah Alexander for some years now. Focusing on fiction with an eye on Christianity, they live in Missouri, America, a location which also features heavily throughout their work. Largely telling romance stories, they incorporate their faith into their work, something which their many readers have come to enjoy and respect over the years. A series that they are both particularly well known for under the Hannah Alexander pseudonym is that of the ‘Hideaway’ or ‘Hideaway, Missouri’ series of novels. Combining faith, romance, suspense and intrigue it tells the story of a small town in Missouri where everything is not exactly as it seems. Uncovering secrets and mysteries untold, the series poses questions which are answered over the course of the books overall, keeping the reader engaged throughout.

With ten books in the series in total running between the years of 1990 and 2008, this franchise had a long and illustrious lifespan. Bringing in readers from far and wide, it may have been location specific to Missouri, but its themes and ideas were universal. Setting the tone for the genre for many years to come, the legacy of this particular series is expected to continue on into the foreseeable future for some time to come.


Originally brought out through the Harlequin publishing label, this was to be the first in the ongoing series of Hideaway novels. Released back in 1990 it has since seen a number of reissues and publications, as the series has grown exponentially from what it once was. Setting up the initial premise and the characters, it manages to introduce all the elements, whilst simultaneously establishing the world it’s to be set within.

With themes of faith and belief running throughout, this is a novel that holds its principles close to its heart. Providing this perspective through its narrative of romance and secrets in the past, it understands the story it’s telling perfectly. Conveying the voice of the authors, it’s a highly articulate and extremely well crafted story, regardless of whether or not the reader is of the same faith. Finding herself over the course of the novel is one Cheyenne Allison, a strong and resourceful individual who is looking for her place in life. This is a format the becomes regular as the overall series progresses, and it is one that has served it extremely well too. Learning something about themselves, they also find community which is something that is also explored through the strong cast of supporting characters as well. With the location of Hideaway almost becoming a character in of itself to, it all starts to take a life of its own as the series progresses. Creating a world that is entirely unique to the book and franchise as a whole, it manages to transport the reader there, giving them a sense of familiarity and kinship with it. Inhabited by a variety of different characters, it manages to establish the world and universe it’s set within to great effect for the subsequent novels to follow.

Telling the story of one Cheyenne Allison, it sees her as the leading protagonist as she retreats to Missouri. Having looked after her sister, she is devastated by her death and heads to a small and isolated farm in Hideaway to take refuge. That’s when a vandal strikes the town, including the farm, leaving Cheyenne to turn to her highly charismatic neighbor, along with her faith. Can she overcome the past? Who is the vandal? What will become of her during her time in Hideaway?

Safe Haven

Initially released in 2004, this was first published through the Steeple Hill publishing house to much acclaim. Marking the second title in the ongoing Hideaway series of novels, this features another story from the small and isolated town. Building a sense of community throughout the franchise, it manages to create its own unique world, one which many readers have been drawn to over the years.

Providing a strong agenda driven narrative once again, the authors make their voices clear and articulate in this further installment. Understanding their audience once again, they hold their faith close as well, providing a story of love and community. This allows the narrative arc itself to follow through with a keen sense of conviction and strength throughout its course. Similar to before the characters are also looking to find themselves once again through the benefits of faith and community. Creating strong leading protagonists that keep the reader involved and engaged throughout, they manage to resonate with the audience on a deeper level. The supporting cast are also mostly warm and friendly, as they convey the sense of community and kinship this town has to offer perfectly. With the town of Hideaway itself, it also provides the ideal backdrop once more, overseeing much of the action throughout, having already been established in the previous novel.

Seeking solace in the quiet town of Hideaway, Fawn Morrison comes looking for a new life there within the community. Attempting to escape a deadly past she finds that she must put her trust in strangers, as she looks to make it out alive from a now deadly game. Enjoying the challenges presented to her by the new clinic, Karah Lee Fletcher also finds herself reaching out to Fawn during her time of need. Will Fawn ever escape her past? Is there something building between Karah and Ranger Taylor Jackson? What will everyone make of this safe haven?

The Hideaway, Missouri Series

A well crafted and very tightly knit series, the ‘Hideaway’ franchise is one that will definitely stand the test of time. Knowing exactly the message they wanted to get across and precisely how they were going to do it, Cheryl and Mel Hodde, aka Hannah Alexander, make the most of the format here. Any fans of the genre or followers of the authors themselves will be served well here, as it is definitely a must for both old and newcomers alike, in what is an inventive and suspense filled series of novels.

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