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Publication Order of High Hurdles Books

Largely writing Christian fiction, the American writer Lauraine Snelling is well regarded for her unique and creative literature, with much of it drawn from her own experiences living as a Norwegian-American immigrant, using her Scandinavian roots as the basis for many of her works, thus providing an idiosyncratic viewpoint that is otherwise unseen within her particular field, which goes a long way towards explaining why she has had the success that she’s had. Starting out in 1982, she has had over fifty books published since then and counting, thus ensuring that she’s one of the most prolific authors currently working within her field to date. Giving her stories a historical slant as well, she is also often able to provide an insight into the history of America, one that’s regarded as being extremely accurate in its outlook, giving the readers a clear perspective of another world. Her characters are also extremely well drawn too, creating personalities that really leap off of the page, as they truly resonate with the reader regardless of where they’re from. It is the universality of her many themes and ideas that readers find that they can really relate to, along with her positive and inspirational messages and themes. Building a number of series and franchises as well, she has created a variety of narrative arcs ready for her readers to become invested in, along with her ever enduring protagonists. This can be seen perfectly exemplified in her much loved and extremely well received ‘High Hurdles’ collection of books; a series which is aimed at a younger audience of primarily teenage readers. Telling the story of one DJ Randall, it follows her as she undertakes stewardship of a horse in the hope of one day competing in the Olympics. This soon develops over the course of the series, as it charts her growing up, as it not only looks at the horse and her relationship with it, but also her coming-of-age as a young woman and adult. With many readers becoming invested in this series, this is one franchise that speaks to a universal audience, with its fresh and engaging look at growing up and people finding their place in the world.

Running between 1995 and 2000, this would last for a total of ten titles, as it would be released fairly rapidly in a relatively short amount of time. Known for her ability in telling stories for children, especially horse themed books, this is an excellent example of Lauraine Snelling on form as a top writer within her field. With a collection of omnibus editions too, it really manages to capture the essence of growing up, which is probably why so many have come to appreciate it worldwide. A conclusive series for not just fans of the author, but those looking to invest themselves in a fully formed character driven franchise, it is definitely a must for any fans of the genre, something which will continue for quite some time to come, all thanks to its ever timeless quality and appeal.

Olympic Dreams

Brought out through the ‘Bethany House Publishers’ label, this was originally released in 1995 on the 1st of July. Setting up the soon to be highly popular ‘High Hurdles’ collection of novels, it manages to establish the core premise of the series along with the characters. It also provides a lot of foreshadowing for a lot of what is to come too, giving the readers a clear idea of what to expect in the novels to follow.

Using themes of faith to underpin the series, it presents a view of growing up from Snelling’s own unique viewpoint. The character of DJ Randall is a well drawn fully three-dimensional one, as she comes alive on the page. Set in rural America too, it manages to conjure up a highly vivid portrait of the great outdoors too.

Meeting Darla Jean Randall, or DJ Randall for short, for the first time, this stories begins by finding her daydreaming about joining the Olympics and making a name for herself in the world. That’s when she starts cleaning at the local stables of the Briones Riding Academy, constantly dreaming about one day competing herself. Willing to do whatever it takes to make her dream happen, she eventually comes across the horse Diablo, which she must look after, but then she starts to pretend that it’s hers. Can she ever own Diablo? Is she capable of becoming professional? Will she ever achieve her Olympic dreams?

DJ’s Challenge

Once again brought out through the ‘Bethany House Publishers’ label, this would continue on directly from where the last left off. Marking the second book in the ongoing ‘High Hurdles’ series of books, it manages to continue in much the same vein as before, whilst also developing the characters and the world. Published in 1995 it was brought out not long after the first.

Finding DJ grounded this time due to the events of the previous book and her trying to run away, it sees her dreams of being a professional horse-rider somewhat thwarted for the time being. Not only that, but the horse Diablo has been taken away by his owners to Texas, whilst her own mother also plans on moving to another city in order to pursue a job. This then poses a challenge to DJ as she could potentially become separated from her horse forever, thus dashing her dreams of ever competing professionally. Will she ever see Diablo again? Can she become a true professional? What will become of DJ’s challenge?

The High Hurdles Series

A great example of its genre, this really is a series that’s ideal for anybody looking to learn more on what Lauraine Snelling has to offer, along with being perfect for young readers. Speaking directly, Snelling never condescends, writing in a manner that is easy to relate to, whilst keeping her young readers engaged and entertained throughout. Not showing signs of disappearing or being forgotten anytime soon, this series definitely has a legacy that will continue living on into the foreseeable future for quite some time to come, with more and more discovering this series every day.

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