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Publication Order of Highland Brides Books

An English Bride In Scotland (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Marry a Scottish Laird (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highlander Takes a Bride (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for the Highlander (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Surrender to the Highlander (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highlander's Promise (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wrong Highlander (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunting for a Highlander (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highland Treasure (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highland Wolf (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Her Highlander's Bed (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highlander's Return (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lynsay Sands is a Canadian published author of fiction.

Lynsay is a best selling author. She is known for writing in many genres, from historical and paranormal romance to urban fantasy, romantic suspense, and just romance, and her many series, including the Argeneau and Rogue Hunter series featuring vampires and her Highland Brides series, among many others. She says that her first love is for historical fiction. While she is not a vampire herself, the author says that she wouldn’t personally mind being a vampire as she is always looking for a diet that will be successful.

The author has a deep love of books and loves how reading can take her to different worlds or to have adventures that she would not be able to have otherwise in different settings. While she accomplishes this with reading, she says that she gets to do the same with writing except for she also gets to control the world and the characters that she creates, allowing her to play at being God for a time. Sands also likes to give the happy endings to the good characters and the karmic comeuppance to the bad guys in her stories, even if that isn’t something that happens when it comes to the real world.

For her, Lynsay finds books to be like stories or waking dreams that can entertain people and take them away from everyday life. She has been writing ever since she was of grade school age and now that she has a career in writing books, considers herself lucky to be in that position. The author hopes that writers will be able to escape their stress through reading one of her stories and if they laugh too then that’s a bonus. She wonders whether writers are secretly control freaks that want to control how the world goes or whether they’re just dreamers that have been able to make their careers out of dreaming. She says that whether she were paid or not, she would write regardless and is grateful to be able to share her stories with her readers.

Lynsay Sands is the creator and the author of the Highland Brides series of fictional novels. This series first became available to readers in 2013, with the publication of the debut novel. An English Bride in Scotland was quickly followed by the second installment of the series, titled To Marry a Scottish Laird. This is an exciting romance series from a best selling author known for writing enticing romances. Check out the series for yourself and catch all of the sparks in these Highlands for yourself!

An English Bride in Scotland is the first novel in the Highland Brides series. Readers get to meet the main character of Annabel in this debut for the first time.

When it comes to life, Annabel thought that she had things all laid out. She was going to be a nun and that was to be her life path. But things suddenly change when her mother shows up. She’s come to the Abbey so that she can fetch her daughter home for the purpose of getting her to agree to marry a Scottish laird.

The man was intended to be the husband of her sister, who has apparently run away. So this is really a match made second hand. Still, Annabel goes home to tend to the situation. Ross McKay is no poor match, either. He’s sexy and strong, and when he sees Annabel for the first time he already begins falling for this sweet and shy woman.

As for Annabel, she’s happy to get married to this man, even though she knows nothing of married life. She has to learn how to run a castle and be a good wife. She wants to learn how to do it for Ross, who is so handsome and good to her. But when she finds that her life becomes threatened, her husband feels protective and promises to come to the highlands to be with her. Will the two only fall deeper in love? Read this book to find out!

To Marry a Scottish Laird is the second novel in the Highland Brides series by Lynsay Sands. Check out this historical romance and catch all of the action!

Main character Campbell Sinclair always tries to do the right thing. When bandits attack a young man and he comes along, he instantly gets into the fight. He also gets stabbed. The boy helps to get him back to a healthy status. Campbell offers to go with the young man back to his destination. But when he finds the boy in the river washing himself, he finds out that the boy named Jo is a woman named Joan.

She’s beautiful, to be sure. But Joan’s on a mission. She is to deliver her scroll to the MacKay clan, as she promised to her mother that she would. She’s risking a lot, even traveling as a man. When Cam offers his help, she’s relieved. But then he lets her know that her disguise has not managed to trick him. He knows she’s a woman, but will an upcoming wedding lead to more passion or the discovery that they are not as destined to be as they thought? Read this book to find out!

The Highlander Takes a Bride is the third novel in the Highland Brides series. The main character Saidh Buchanan is a strong woman that can do everything that a man can, from swearing to sword fighting and riding on a horse astride. She was raised among seven brothers and so is not practiced in being quiet or simpering.

Saidh never wanted a husband. Then she sees Laird MacDonnell, and her feelings change. She herself is beautiful and this Highlander makes her feel like a woman. As angry as a warrior but as passionate as can be, Greer is interested in this woman. In the midst of their desire, is he willing to walk her down the aisle and marry her? Or will their love fizzle? Read this novel to find out!

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