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Publication Order of Highlands' Lairds Books

The Highlands’ Lairds book series is a wonderful series of historical romance, historical fiction, medieval, and romance novels. It is written by a reputed American writer named Julia Garwood. The series is comprised of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 1992 and 2007. Author Garwood has done the settings of the stories in this series in the Scottish Highlands and England during the time of the end of the 12th century and the early 13th century. Each of the books of this series feature different main characters. The male and female protagonists are shown as indulging in passionate love and romance throughout the plots and carrying it forward till the very end. During the course of the storylines, Julie Garwood has described many ups and downs in the lives of the lovers, which they eventually overcome by riding with the determination of acquiring the love of their lives. Author Garwood carried out a lot of research work for completing each book. After the successful release of her first novel of this series, she took seven long years to finish the next and then eight years to come up with the one after that. Her research work included rigorous studies about the histories of England and Scotland, frequent visits to places of interest, getting inspiration from various historical figures for the character developments, and finally getting everything together to develop interesting romance stories. Author Garwood’s stories generally overflow with the intrigue and majesty of the glory days of the medieval period. These elements help her books in becoming page turners. The readers liked all the three books for the description of loyalty, passion, honor, and justice. With a large number of readers becoming fans of the novels, they went on to become national bestsellers. This helped author Garwood to become much more successful as a writer of historical romance. It added more fame to her already high reputation and motivated her to keep working on intriguing and interesting stories in the future. Garwood feels grateful to her fans for supporting her throughout her career and appreciating her work. She also managed to get praises from numerous critics from across the world.

Julie Garwood is regarded as one of the prominent American writers of fiction. She has given as many as 26 NY Times bestsellers and has sold over 35 million printed copies of her books. Author Julie Garwood was born and brought up in Kansas City. She likes to give the credit of her popularity and success to her upbringing in a big family having Irish heritage. She considers the Irish people as great storytellers as they relish acquiring the nuances and details from all kinds of situations. Being the 6th of the 7 children of her parents, Garwood realized very early in life that self-expression has to be quick, forceful, and imaginative. Garwood took to writing on a serious note after becoming a mother of 3 children. Initially, she published a couple of young adult books and then shifted her focus towards writing historical fiction. It was in 1985 that her very first book, Gentle Warrior, was released by the Pocket Books. Since then, she has not looked back and has shown her talent in different genres of novel writing, including romantic and contemporary suspense. As of today, Garwood’s name appears in the list of bestseller writers of major literary publications on a frequent basis. Her novels have been translated into more than a dozen foreign languages all over the globe. One of her books, For The Roses, was chosen to adapt into a television movie called Rose Hill by the Hallmark HoF. Currently, Julie Garwood resides in Leakwood, Kansas, along with her beloved family. She is busy working on her upcoming novel and is expected to release it soon.

The debut book of the Highlands’ Lairds series written by author Julie Garwood is entitled ‘The Secret’. It was published by Pocket Books in the year 1992. The book features the lead characters in the form of Judith Hampton, Laird Maclean, and Iain Maitland. Its plot takes place in the Scottish Highlands in 1200. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Judith Hampton is a beautiful, proud, loyal, and purposeful lady. She has a Scottish friend, who is about to deliver her first child and Judith sets out to be by her side to fulfill the promise that she had made to her. However, there is a more private reason for Judith to take up the journey away from her English home and into the Highlands. She wishes to meet her father, Laird Maclean, who she was not aware of until now. After reaching the Highlands, Judith Hampton is escorted by Iain Maitland, his clan’s Laird. She seems to get attracted towards the barbarian Laird from the Highlands as she had never come across any other man as power compelling as him. He appears to grow into the warmth and light of Judith’s love as he seems perplexed by the tenderness of her nature and sprightly defiance. Nothing appears to keep the two from engaging in a passionate relationship filled with trust and affection for one another, not even the reality about Judith’s father, which is a secret so devastating that it could shatter everything in the lives of both Iain Maitland and Judith Hampton.

Another exciting novel penned by Garwood in the series is called ‘Ransom’. The Pocket Books publishers released this book too in 2002, after its first release in 1999. This book consists of the central characters as Lady Gillian, Ramsey Sinclair, Brodick Buchanan, Bridgid KirkConnell, etc. Its story is set in Scotland & England. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that after Richard-the Lionheart’s death, a power-hungry ruler of England takes control of the lands and the lives of Scotland. Gillian, who is just a child, becomes one of the victims of the widespread violence. The ambitious and cruel Baron Alford kills his parents. Alford seems too desperate to acquire a precious jewel box to present it to King John, but the box slips through his hands and gets lost for over a decade. Later, Gillian grows into a beautiful woman. She gets acquainted with the handsome Brodick Buchanan and Ramsey Sinclair, the Scottish chieftains. She sees them as the key for resolving the problems of her past. Gillian also befriends Bridgid KirkConnell and with the help of these cunning, courageous, and daring Scotsmen she goes on to fight Baron Alford. She succeeds in laying claim to the reputation of her father, her family, and her home. Meanwhile, Bridgid and Gillian develop feelings of love for each other. They realize that surrendering to unexpected love’s deepest emotions can be a great risk for them. In spite of this feeling, they move ahead and cherish their love.

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