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Publication Order of Hilda Johansson Books

Death in Lacquer Red (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red, White, and Blue Murder (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Green Grow The Victims (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silence Is Golden (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crimson Snow (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Indigo Christmas (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in Burnt Orange (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jeanne M. Dams is a prolific writer from South Bend, Indiana. As she was growing up, she developed an interest for English mystery novels and stories. Her love for the art of reading propelled her creative mind to bring out the author within her. Her first book was inspired by her desire to live a quiet cottage life. She created an alter ego called Dorothy Martin from this desire. Dorothy was the main character in her first book called The Body in the Transept. The character lived out the life that Jeanne M. Dams desired.

She fully established her writing career after her husband passed away. Her five cats gave her constant companionship during this time. During her career, she has written a series of compelling stories. Some of them are compiled in the Hilda Johansson collection.

Hilda Johansson series

This is a series of books that focus on the lie of a young maid called Hilda. The stories are compiled in an 19th century context. In the series, Jeanne M. Dams portrays her depiction of South Bend, Indiana in such a deep and enthralling manner that will keep you emotionally elevated.

The series is an amazing read which will pull you in and arouse your imaginative nature. As you get more and more immersed in the story lines. You will realize how much you will have learned about 18th century culture and class diversities. The stories also probe into the daily lives of wealthy households during historical timeline incorporated in the tittles. The books depict Hilda as a hardworking and wise maid who works in the Studebaker Mansion. The books provide a rich but mystical history that is wrapped around a crime. Jean Dams also depicts how immigrant life was towards the turn of the century. She tosses this actor in a blend of other contrasts such as the ethnic variations and social class feuds within the social scruples.

Death in Lacquer Red

This is the first book in the Hilda Johansson series. Hilda comes across a body in some bushes and. So begins her dangerous but adventurous mission. She gears into her detective nature through and clever nature in an effort to sniff out the assassin’s identity. Her decisive nature and the ability to think critically provides the picture of a well-rounded character who is not bound by her limitations. She is more than capable and the attributes supplement her character as more than just a just a maid. This allows the reader to ease more into her character and derive the amazing atmosphere of problem solving. The book revolves around the boxer rebellion which took place in China.

Red, White, and Blue Murder

Dams introduces this as the sequel to the Hilda Johnson series. The book is focused on the very beginning of the 20th century. It starts on a high when President McKinley is shot in an attempted assassination. The shooting puts the society in a state of disarray as they ponder upon the unfortunate event. However, little Miss Hilda is facing her own confused worlds as she digests the events. She is staggered by the realization that the assassin is somehow tied to South Bent. This finding comes as additional evidence to her quest in uncovering the identity of the assassin. Once again more mystery arises due to the president’s links to South Bent.

Green Grow the Victims

This is the third installment of the Hilda Johansson franchise. So the mystery continues. Hilda is still working her detective skills. This time the writer brings the story closer to Hilda’s family and social life. We get to see the aspects of her growing friendship with Patrick Cavanaugh. Then again there is a very weird twist of events. Her uncle disappears when he is suspected to be the assassin. This makes the friendships go sour and her family goes through a lot of stressful situations. The book also focuses on political aspects as well as the ethnicity and poor treatment of immigrants.

Silence is Golden

The fourth installment brings Hilda and her family to new grounds. She emigrates to south Bent with her siblings where things take a turn for the worst. Hilda begins to worry when some bad things start happening to children in the region. The content revolves around social evils such as crime, disease, poverty and neglect. The writer mostly focuses on how these evils affect the children in an effort to bring out more emotion to the story. .

Crimson Snow

The previous book had dealt less with the murder issue. This is the fifth installment where Hilda swings back into the murder mysteries. The murders continue and this time it is Erik’s teacher who succumbs to murder. Erik requests his sister Hilda to get back into action and investigate thus she engages once again into the mysteries. In the book she encounters a dark side of South Bent, which she did not expect. In this book, Dam’s murder story has its inspiration from a genuinely real murder story. Despite this fact, the story blends in perfectly to maintain the ever growing suspense and trill that is exhibited by the forerunners of this series.

Indigo Christmas

The compelling story continues with a lowing timeline. This time, we see Hilda and her friends in a new aspect. She and her friend are now married but mystery has not yet dawned out of her interesting life. The husband to her best friend Norah, is arrested and charged for a series of crimes including murder, theft and arson. In this book, Hilda tackles predisposition against immigrants. But she faces hindrances by the fact that she is now married. Her marriage life makes it harder for her to carry out her investigations.

Murder in Burnt Orange

This is the last book in the Hilda Johansson series. It continues with her family life and enters yet another chapter of her life which is motherhood. By this time, her detective skills are reputable and she is encouraged to investigate some local crimes. Things turn bad when murder ensues and people lose faith in her ability to crack the mystery.

The whole franchise will leave you different from the time you engaged yourself into this breathtaking series. Jeanne M. Dams has done it with total style and count not have done it better. So pick up the series and immerse yourself.

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