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About Hiron Ennes
An American author, Hiron Ennes has a lot to say, making their voice heard with their rich and inventive style of storytelling. Instantly grabbing readers right from the outset, their work is unsurpassed in it immediate and extremely straightforward approach. Largely focusing on science-fiction with an element of horror, their work and stories are extremely compelling on every level. Taking the reader on a journey essentially, they transport their audience to far off worlds, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the narrative.

It’s a testament to their success that they’re so revered the world over, with their entertaining stories reaching readers far and wide. Setting much of their work in post-apocalyptic landscapes, they explore a whole range of different ideas and concepts in their writing. Entertaining and addictive in equal measure, they’re a hugely gifted author, knowing precisely how to create an air of suspense and tension. Their imagination is also extremely huge and expansive, bringing a wide sense of scale and scope to their overall sense of world-building.

Their ambiance and atmosphere is something that truly envelops the reader, allowing them to feel that they’re actually there. Providing an experience of sorts through their work, they definitely manage to convey their message in a clear and straightforward manner as well. Pushing the format of the novel too, they continually take the tropes of the genre forwards in new and interesting directions. All this while underlining it with a strong set of driving principles, grounding it with a real sense of conviction and purpose.

The characters that they create are also extremely memorable, really standing out from the page and leaving an impression upon the audience. Coming alive off the page almost, their protagonists have a really strong presence, making them feel wholly real and authentic for the reader. Over time this has ensure that they become a name for many, with Hiron reaching readers from all over, at their work is enjoyed both nationally and internationally. With a lot more expected to follow as well, they’re not stopping writing any time soon either, as their writing career will continue to grow upwards and onwards.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a voracious appetite for both reading and writing, the future author to be Hiron Ennes would continually be working on their craft. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest in the United States, they would draw heavily on their love of the science-fiction genre. They’d also take ideas from the world around them, constantly putting it back into their work, using inspiration from all manner of sources. Over time they would come to find their own unique approach and voice, developing and honing their craft throughout the years.

With a background in both physics and medicine, they would draw heavily from both of these practises, particularly from medicine. Using it as the basis for much of their work, Hiron would give their stories a high-degree of authenticity and realism that many readers would appreciate. Getting into the mindset of their characters, they really allow their protagonists to inhabit a space on the page, developing them extensively. Currently still writing and working to this very day, they have plenty more planned for release on the horizon in the near future.

Writing Career
The first book that they’d release was titled ‘Leech,’ and this was brought out in 2022, with it being a post-apocalyptic science-fiction novel. Set in the future, it would establish their writing style and approach as an author, with this stand-alone title really setting the template. Drawing from a range of different influences, they’d incorporate many of the themes and ideas of Gothic literature into their work. Using this style of storytelling to help form the basis of their narrative, they’d really work on creating an entire universe within their writing.

Not creating any series as such, they’d work that essentially stood alone, allowing it to be entirely self-contained in its own right. Using their interest in pathology and diseases, they’ve established a form of storytelling that is very much its own, making it feel grounded. Maintaining a strong profile both online as well as off, they are highly vocal about their craft, speaking out about it often.

First brought out back in 2022 through the ‘Tordotcom’ publishing outlet, this would originally arrive on the 27th of September. It would be an entirely stand-alone novel, and a science-fiction story with a Gothic style and approach to it, with its self-contained narrative. The story itself is straightforward, with elements of horror sprinkled through, as it has a dark and foreboding undertone.

Taking place within an isolated château, this story sees a replacement doctor of the institute seeking to solve the mystery of a missing body following the death of the Baron’s previous doctor. Set in the Interprovincial Medical Institute, they’ve shaped and molded young doctors, as they’re there to save humanity from the horrors of the apocalypse. There’s now a parasite spreading fast, running through the Baron’s castle, and threatening to turn everything and everyone on their head. Will they be able to stop it in time and save the day, what horrors lie in wait, and how, exactly, will they defeat the leech?

It definitely had a creepy air and feeling to it, as what it did do it did extremely well, leaving the reader with a real sense of unease. There’s a lot lurking just underneath the surface, making for an extremely engaging mystery where the reader constantly wants to find out more. This then keeps them turning the page, as there was constant twist and turns, making it a more than addictive and compelling read.

Another key feature of this book was its use of character as, despite its otherworldly setting, it still managed to keep it all grounded. Keeping the audience invested in the character’s outcome and plight every step of the way, it resonates with the reader on a personal level. Continually turning the page, it’s scary, yet it remains engrossing, bringing the reader into its vivid world and holding them there throughout till the very last page.

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