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Publication Order of Hitman Books

By: Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick

The Hitman Series continues to be a legendary reading which has escapes filled with actions, risk, violence, passion and suspense. We cannot get enough with regards to understanding about each of the key characters in this Hitman series. The authors always incorporate intriguing characters, with vibrant plots ultimately causing the eventual reading experience.

Jessica Clare is a New York Times and the USA’s Today Best-selling author who writes under 3 distinct names. As Jill Myles, she creates a bit of everything, from hot, comedy urban illusion to zombie fairy stories. As Jessica Clare, she writes sensual modern-day romance. As Jessica Sims, she creates fun, attractive shifter paranormals.

About the Hitman Series

Last Hit (Book#1)

Nikolai is a long term contract killer since he was a small boy. For decades he savored the fear brought on by his name, the tremulous at the look of his tattoos, the stars on his legs, the scars on his fingers, and the dagger in the neck, all unique of danger. If a person notices his eyes, it was the very last vision he’d have. He has ever been the rogue, never the victim. With her, he is the tag and he is just about to lie down and allow her capture him. Opening up his tiny scarred heart to her brings about his foes. He will execute one last hit; however, if they hurt her, he’ll bring the entire world down around the ears.

Daisy has been sheltered externally world all her lifetime. Home schooled and farm brought up, she is so trusting that her closest friend calls her Pollyanna. She loves to believe the very best in individuals. Nikolai is a component of this brand new life, and he’s frightening to her. Not simply because his eyes are cold or her buddy warns her far away from him, but mainly because he’s the only real man who has ever seen the actual her within the clumsiness. With him, her heart is at danger as well as, her life.

Last Breath (Book #2)

Regan by no means actually knew what agony was before the day she was kidnapped and sold to be in the completely wrong place at the incorrect time. 8 weeks later, she is in a brothel in Rio when she meets up with Daniel Hays. He admits that he’s there to save her, but could she believe in him? All she understands of him are his cynical retorts and his inclination to fix every challenge with his weapon. He is also the only real risk-free thing in her world, and she is aware it is completely wrong to adore him, but she can’t manage to help herself. He states he’ll safeguard her till his last breath but she doesn’t understand if she ought to believe him and even if she can.

For the past 18 months, Daniel had just one objective is to discover his kidnapped sister. He’s left the Army, switched to paid out hit man, and have befriended crooks everywhere across the planet. In most brothels he raid or each human trafficking truck he stops, her face may be the one he is eager to see. In Rio, he sees Regan Porter, bruised although not broken but still sane in spite of her weeks in nightmare. He should depart her behind or send her home since the very last thing both of them wants is to get involved. However with every moving minute, he discovers he can’t allow her go.

Last Hit: Reloaded (Book # 2.5)

There was obviously a time when Nick , a contract killer who cherished the fear he drilled into his enemies. He cast a new life and a new identification with the lady Daisy who followed him, seized him, and transformed him.

He scared Daisy once. But she could not resist, and she disregarded every caution. It repaid. Now she is a part of a brand new beginning, a whole new start in America assisting him to leave behind a careless and violent past as a professional contract killer. But the past isn’t simple to outrun, particularly when a lot of it grows fastest on revenge. A new risk has come about from the dark areas, and now Nick and Daisy don’t have any option but to depend on Nick’s killer abilities to safeguard them from everything they have tried so desperately to escape.

Last Kiss (Book #3)

When Naomi was kidnapped she imagined only of survival. She doesn’t flourish well in disarray. That’s the reason why she offered her captors precisely what they desired, her ability with computers. Doing millions for a crime lord who held her locked up in his basements compound kept her loved ones safe. When he was taken out, she believed her ticket to independence had come. Wrong. She exchanged one keeper for another. Now she was at the hands of a damaged, darkish, challenging Russian who is actually the top of the Bratva, a Russian crime organization. He would like her brain and body. She’d be lying if she stated she wasn’t fascinated, but she can’t be a prisoner permanently regardless of how great he can make her feel.

At an early age, vasily was trained that a man without having power is a puppet for everyone. He’s clawed and killed his method to the most notable so that it is his rear foot on their necks. Yet to unify the broken organization into an undefeatable device, he requires a technical genius to assist him grab a particular artifact. That she’s spectacular, motivated, and vulnerable is making her more unsafe than all of his foes put together. But only he is able to keep her protected from the world that she right now inhabits. Soon, he must choose from Naomi and Bratva law. However each day that moves, this turns into a more unattainable choice.

Hitman books of series are about killers. They are violent, hardened, and are not someone who we wish to encounter in a dark street. A lot of times, we have mafia or Hitman books in which the hero is apparently a scary guy and he is having a nice side just awaiting our fortunate heroine to bring it to the floor. Or he is contemplating his emotions and mooning around his love. This series is created by Jessica Clare, an accomplished author gives a genuine, raw, and unwatered down tales of criminals with plenty of actions and suspense.

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