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Publication Order of Holding Their Own Books

Holding Their Own Series

The thriller writer known only as Joe Nobody is a mysterious author of American bestsellers filled with suspense and action. Going under his pen-name, his real identity is unknown, creating stories that really grab the reader from the outset and don’t let go. This is something that he’s excelled at over the year, with a background in military, which is part of the reason he must protect his real identity. Many of his stories and series ring true as they’re written in an authentic and realistic manner, while being engaging and compelling at the same time.

One series that he’s become particularly well known for is his ‘Holding Their Own’ series of books reaching readers from around the world. Hugely popular they’ve been running for some time now, ever since their first inception back in 2011, as they’ve continued for thirteen books and counting. With a science-fiction premise set at the heart of it, it work on a number of different levels, with its fast paced and exciting storyline.

Set in an alternate near future, it start out in 2015 with a cataclysmic series of world events, bringing about another Great Depression. Dealing with the fallout, society must now pull itself together in the aftermath of what’s happened, with the United States having been weakened by the events. Looking at an international terror plot set to worsen the current state of affairs, it sees how it’s dealt with, and what must be done.

Holding Their Own

Originally published through the ‘’ publishing label, this would first come out in 2011 on the 11th of November. Setting up the long-running ‘Holding Their Own’ series too, it would establish both the characters and the world of the franchise. It would be a science-fiction action thriller story, creating the world with its own self-contained story, while paving the way for more to come.

Taking place in the year 2015, this sees the United States, and the world at large, being hit by a second, and even worse Great Depression. Bringing the entire nation to a standstill, the infrastructure is now vulnerable to an international terrorist plot to weaken the country even further. With the government collapsing, a middle-class once average couple must brave this new world, as they put their survival skills to the test. Facing a new America, it’s not unlike the Wild West, as they must find themselves a place in this now quite different country. Will they be able to do it? Can they defend themselves against all odds? How will they fare when they find themselves holding their own?

There’s a lot of detail that’s gone into this, making it a well written piece of science-fiction working on a number of levels. Highly believable, there’s a lot for the reader to invest themselves in here, really allowing the reader to enjoy the story and the characters. Setting up the premise well too, the plot itself is engaging, with some extremely compelling world-building throughout.

Holding Their Own II: The Independents

Once again published through the ‘’ publishing label, this would initially be released in 2012 on the 5th of April. Marking the second title in the ‘Holding Their Own’ series of novels, it would continue on from the previous book with its own self-contained story. It would also pave the way for the fourth books, developing many of the character arcs, while building the world as a whole.

Continuing their quest to survive the harsh new reality of post-apocalyptic America, Bishop and his wife Terri are still navigating this dangerous world. There’s also the threat of a Civil War underway, as the federal government fail to suppress lawlessness, with an opposition movement on the horizon. Bishop and Terri then find themselves searching for an old friend of theirs within a country that they still love, as they struggle against all odds. Will they be able to possibly manage it, can they save themselves, and what will become of The Independents?’

Really capturing the essence of the first, this builds on the themes and ideas of the original, with some compelling new perspectives. Looking at a broken America, and broken world, it really goes into what drives society in the wake of a serious calamity. It’s also hugely entertaining, making for an extremely compelling story once again, with plenty of character and heart.

Holding Their Own III: Pedestals of Ash

The third book in the ongoing ‘Holding Their Own’ series of novels, this would originally come out in 2012 too, released on the 1st of September. Following on in a similar vein to before, it’s another self-contained post-apocalyptic story released through the ‘’ publishing imprint. It would also open the way for the fourth title, ‘The Ascent,’ to come out the following year in 2013, along with the fifth title, ‘The Alpha Chronicles,’ that same year.

Bishop and Terri continue their fight in the world of post-apocalyptic America, struggling for survival against all odds. As they’re drawn out from their retreat in West Texas, they’re both prepared to do whatever it takes to lead the way for recovery amidst a power struggle. With an organization known of as The Independents growing in power, the military have their loyalties tested, with ties between this new group and the government. Will they maintain control of the cities, can Bishop and Terri successfully navigate this new power struggle, and what will become of them both as they face pedestals of ash?

The Holding Their Own Series

As a series of action filled science-fiction series goes, this is definitely one of the better ones, with some interesting themes and ideas too. There’s a lot going on throughout these novels, making for an engaging and compelling collection of books that really draw the reader in. The ideas and themes prevalent throughout are definitely well thought out, making for an equally interesting collection of novels too. Setting themselves apart from other books in the genre, its’ definitely a must for both fans of the series, and of the author.

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