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Publication Order of A Handcrafted Mystery Books

A Crafter Hooks a Killer (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crafter Knits a Clue (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crafter Quilts a Crime (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Holly Quinn
Holly Quinn is an American cozy mystery writer. The talented author has two stand-alone fiction novels under a pseudonym. She is also a Carroll University graduate and holds a degree in Science in business with a minor in marketing. A Handcrafted Mystery is Quinn’s debut series. So far, the series has three books, all based in the small city of Hearsford.

A Crafter Knits a Clue
A Crafter Knits a Clue is the first book in A Handcrafted Mystery series. The book stars Samantha Kane, who is heartbroken following the death of her best friend. When Sammy goes to her hometown for Kate’s funeral, she learns that the craft store her friend treasured will perish with its owner if she doesn’t do something about it. There is also Kate’s teenage son, Carter, to think about. Sammy decides to take over the craft shop, plus the idea of starting a life in Hearsford seems like a great idea. Soon, Sammy learns about the new arrivals down the street, and she goes over to their Yarn Barn to see how they need her help. The sight that confronts her is different from what she anticipated. Sammy is met by Ingrid’s dead body, and there is a green knitting needle stuck in his throat.

Detective Liam Nash has a hard time collecting clues in a town where everyone has a theory about Ingrid’s death. Almost everyone sounds like a suspect, and there is the pretty Sammy who is more than enough distraction. Liam keeps on finding all the reasons to be close to Sammy, and the young woman wants to help him solve the murder. While she doesn’t know much about detective work, Sammy thinks she can be the extra brain Liam needs to solve the case. When Miles Danbury is arrested, Sammy puts everything aside and starts working to clear Miles. Liam and Sammy launch their investigation, and the mystery slowly begins to unravel.

Sammy has the help of her cousin Heidi and sister, Elle, and her ever-faithful retriever. The trio revives their childhood detective group and put all the skills they mustered before into good use. Heartsford has a caring and close-knit community, and everyone wants to help in one way or another. Together with Liam, the three girls work to help police nab the killer before more deaths are reported. The girls will learn that solving this crime is not going to be as easy as they anticipated. Liam has already received threats from the killers, and it will not be long before Sammy also realizes that her life is in danger. Will the crime be resolved fast enough to prevent more deaths?

A Crafter Knits a Clue is a great start to an intriguing series. The author takes time to introduce all characters and give a brief on each of them. Sammy is a lovable character, and while she sometimes comes off as impulsive, she cares about her family and friends. Liam is also great, and so is the rest of the cast. If you are looking for a cozy story with a bit of mystery, this book is a perfect choice.

A Crafter Hooks a Killer
A Crafter Hooks a Killer is the second book in A Handcrafted Mystery series. Here, we get to meet Sammy, Liam, and other characters in the first book as we get introduced to new ones. Sammy is getting used to life in her idyllic hometown, and Allen’s craft shop has been doing great. Early in June, a best-selling author Jane Johnson is in town and is captivated by the craft shop. The renowned crochet author dedicates a chapter of her new book to the store, and Sammy is more than happy to see her business grow. Sammy’s joy turns into shock when she finds Jane strangled and, in her hands, a copy of her recent book.
Sammy had agreed to meet Jane by the river, and it is clear that the talk was about Kate. However, when she arrives a bit late, Jane has already been murdered. Why did Jane’s killer find it necessary to write the words” The End” on the cover of the book Jane was holding when she breathed her last? Jane’s passing saddens Sammy, but this death reveals a secret that could help answer some of the questions in her past. After doing a little digging, it becomes clear that Kate’s death is not what it seemed, and it is obvious there is a connection between her death and Jane’s killing.

Once again, detective Liam will find himself working alongside Sammy. While he is happy to see her, Liam requests Sammy to let him handle the case. Liam understands that Kate was Sammy’s best friend, and he is willing to share details about the investigation with her as long as she doesn’t get actively involved in the investigation. Sammy has her detective team on her side, and there is no way she is going to just sit on the sidelines. The group gets together as they work to link the patterns behind the senseless killings. Will Sammy and her team be able to solve the crime faster than Liam, and how will the detective act when he discovers that Sammy knows more than she is telling?

It is good to be back in Hearsford in the summertime and at the center of a big community event. The setting is epic, and the descriptions make it easy to imagine just how good life in this small town can be. Just like its predecessor, A Crafter Hooks, a Killer is intriguing, and the rising tension will push you to keep turning the pages. The community still plays a part in this case, and it is amazing to see Liam getting comfortable with the folks in this small town. So, what happened to Kate and how is her death and Jane’s murder connected. Will Liam and the girls manage to catch the killers, or will the case remain unresolved. Read this book to get answers to this and more.

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    In the first book about knitting there is mention of lined socks for sale in the knit shop. Do people really knit and sell socks? I have heard of thick socks for cold areas, but my experience is with North Carolina and Southern California weather.


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