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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Holly Ringland is one of the bestselling authors of the 21st century born and raised on the East Coast of Australia. At the age of 9 years, her love for cultures, landscapes, and stories deepened thanks to the two-year journey in North America with her family, living in a camper van and moving from one national park to the next. For four years, Holly worked with the indigenous Australian communities. She moved to England in 2009, where she graduated from the University of Manchester with an MA in Creative Writing. Holly has always wanted to be a writer since she was three years old. Her debut novel, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, was published in 2018 at the age of 37 years, and since then, she’s become an international bestseller. The book also won The Australian Book Industry Award in May of 2019.
Throughout 2020, Holly Ringland toured across Australia to film an 8-episode lifestyle series titled Back to Nature. The series premiered on ABC iView and ABC TV in August 2021. The same year, Amazon Prime Video announced the adaptation of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart into a seven-part TV series. The story tells the tale of female determination, friendship, and the power to live through a tragedy. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Holly Ringland spent time between the UK and Australia.

Holly Ringland’s, Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is a rare gem. It’s one of the few books that sneak up on you and unleash its full potential before you realize it. It is a fierce piece of writing that explores the domestic drama, family dynamics, and self-discovery. Holly Ringland establishes that she’s a force to reckon with, which is no small undertaking for a new author.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is centered on the eerie yet intriguing story of a beautiful woman named Alice. We are introduced to a nine-year-old, Alice, who is vulnerable. Alice lives on the seaside, isolated from civilization, at the mercy of her dictatorial father and submissive mother. Alice is brought under the care of her grandma, a lady she didn’t realize existed when a catastrophe shakes the foundation of her life. She is whisked away by her grandmother June to her thriving flower farm. She joins a group of ladies who are also attempting to recover from their own horrific experiences at this native floral farm. She finds connection and consolation with the ladies on the farm and through the labor on the farm. Alice acquires a particular knack for the flowers she works with over time; this special talent reveals Alice’s special ability to speak the flower language. As Alice grows into her own, she cannot rid herself of the falsehoods and secrets tied to her family’s heritage. She is ultimately forced to depart the farm after being betrayed by a friend. Alice eventually realizes that she can’t hide behind the curtains of the language of flowers and that she must share her own story.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is a fascinating metamorphic tale that is as beautiful outside as on the inside. Holly Ringland does a fantastic job of capturing the most impressive black-and-white prints of native Australian flowers. She also does a fantastic job opening each chapter with a particular native Australian flower. Ringland is quite selective in selecting each flower, as each represents the inner struggles of the main character. Besides the main story, each chapter prefaces the book and serves as a native flower guidebook that educates the readers about native flowers.

Holly Ringland does a fantastic job of creating real and full-bodied characters. She adds much heart and soul to the characters, both the good and the bad ones. Alice is an incredible main character who develops fully through her engrossing 20-year period, allowing the reader to get a good feel for Alice. You will mourn her losses, celebrate her achievements, fall in love with her, and bang the table for the mistakes she makes as she bounces off the pages straight into your heart. The secondary characters are precise, intricate, and vividly crafted. The myriad of characters, especially the women Alice meets in her life, is a solid reminder of the true nature of loyalty and friendship.

The breathtaking setting of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart serves as the story’s driving force. The scenery changes several times, from the seaside to the rural flower farm to the arid desert, where Alice tries to discover herself. Holly Ringland deftly explores several potent and timely themes, each of which is exposed to her skillful approach. While there is an unbearable tragedy in the sense of loss, domestic abuse, loss of love, betrayal, long-held secrets, survival, and trauma, there is also a great deal of resilience and trauma. In contrast, there are themes of rebirth, forgiveness, and self-actualization. Ringland achieves a delicate equilibrium between melancholy and optimism, a feat that requires much expertise.

Seven Skins of Esther Wildling is a story about siblings and family relationships. It is also a book about perceptions, secrets, and how many times we keep pain to ourselves from the loved ones that would share the pain and ease the burden. It is also a story about mourning and how it can easily consume us if not dealt with effectively. We follow the heroine Esther Wilding, grieving the death of her beloved older sister Aura, who was last seen strolling into the ocean from the beach and is assumed dead. Aura has left behind a notebook, and Esther follows in Aura’s recent footsteps abroad in seeking answers for the sake of her family and closure. Before returning home, she goes from Tasmania through Copenhagen and then to the Faroe Islands to follow her sister’s trail.

Music plays an important role in storytelling, as do tattoos inked on people’s skin. Holly Ringland does a fantastic job of embedding mythology tales in this story, focusing on feminist Nordic tales. When it comes to showcasing the natural imagery of Australia, Holly Ringland does it perfectly.

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