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Holly Robinson is a renowned American novelist, ghostwriter, and journalist known for writing general fiction novels. She has written a few mind-blowing standalone books in her career, including Sleeping Tigers, Beach Plum Island, Chance Harbor, Haven Lake, Folly Cove, and The Wishing Hill. Robinson’s essays and articles have featured in more than a dozen national publications. She is happily married and is blessed with five children. Currently, Robinson lives with her family and a Pekingese on Prince Edward Island and Massachusetts. When not writing, she likes to join her family in fixing up and repairing old houses in both places. Author Robinson has stated that she never wanted to become a writer.

In college, she studied biology and aspired to become a doctor or a veterinarian. Robinson had high hopes of becoming either of the two and visiting far off villages in Tibet or Africa to save the lives of thousands of people. But, fate had decided something else for her. When she was obligated to choose an elective subject in the final semester, she chose creative writing. In the first class, the professor said that writers are not made, they are born and Robinson believed him. She was sure of herself that she could not have been born to take up writing as a career as she had never imagined herself as one. Also, she had never interacted with a writer in her life by that time. The only knowledge she had about popular writers was that they drank themselves, stuck their heads into ovens, were unhappy, got run over, or shot themselves.

All these things kept her away from even the thought of wanting to be a writer. Despite this, when Robinson attempted to write for the first time, she became too much absorbed in her work. Unlike every other session of learning organic chemistry or physiology, whenever she wrote something, hours would feel to her like minutes and the overall process would feel quite joyful to her. And when Robinson informed her parents that she has decided to give up the idea of joining a medical school for her writing interests, it shocked them deeply. She promised them that she would find a real career if she did not find fame and success as a writer in a period of one year. However, nothing happened in the first three years. But, Robinson did not give keep and instead, became much more engrossed in her writing interests.

In order to support herself financially, she did several odd jobs during the day, including being a proofreader of telephone books, a construction site assistant, etc. To hone her writing skills, Robinson even enrolled for an MFA in creative writing and graduated with a degree from Massachusetts University. Following this, Robinson meandered into journalism, teaching, and marketing jobs. While most of them were enjoyable, she never really found the satisfaction that she got from writing her own stories. Robinson kept writing and submitting her work to publishers and facing rejection. Meanwhile, Robinson continued with her life’s prospects, got married twice, had children, faced divorce once, and worked too. All this while, she continued to write whenever she found time from her daily routine.

Many years passed by before she found her first success in her lifelong journey of becoming an author. Robinson won a writing contest and got noticed by a literary agent. The agent helped her in selling her essays, articles, and short stories. Robinson also received help in getting her work published in national magazines. And after spending days learning how to interview, research, write, and rewrite, she was finally able to come up with her debut book, The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter. After that, she published multiple books one after the other and never looked back. Robinson says that she has enjoyed her journey so far and has learned a lot of things from her struggles and her successes. She intends to keep writing for as long as she can and entertain her fans with her excellent writing and storytelling abilities for many more years to come.

A popular book written by author Holly Robinson is entitled ‘Sleeping Tigers’. It was released by CreateSpace in 2011. Holly Robinson has set this novel’s story in Nepal and has created the chief characters in the roles of Jordan O’Malley, Cam, and several others. Initially, it is depicted that Jordan O’Malley’s life is filled with everything that she ever wished to have. She has a lovely home, a job that she loves, a dependable and loving boyfriend, and trustworthy friends. But, when Jordan’s life unravels following a scare of breast cancer, she decides to reach out to her childhood friend living in San Francisco and help her in tracking down her drifter sibling named Cam. Jordan’s friend tells her that Cam harbors secrets that he never likes to share with others. And when it is learned that Cam has fled the country, Jordan goes on his trail with the determination of bringing him back. The journey takes her to the adventurous lands of Nepal, where she comes across truths and tests about family and love. Jordan learns so much than she could have ever imagined. Overall, this novel is funny, suspenseful, heartbreaking, and reminds readers that sometimes it is better to follow the heart instead of planning things well in advance.

Another exciting book penned by Robinson is known as ‘The Wishing Hill’. It was published in 2013 by NAL publication. This novel features the primary character in the role of Juliet Clark. Robinson has set the story in Mexico, New England, and California. The novel opens by mentioning that Juliet Clark moved out of her house in California several years ago to pursue her passion of becoming an artist and living with her boyfriend in Mexico. Now, her husband has left her and she is all alone. Juliet sells watercolors to the arriving tourists near the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta to earn her living. When Juliet’s brother persuades her to come home in New England and take care of her ailing mother, she agrees reluctantly. Juliet and her mother have always quarreled and things do not tend to go well between them. Also, her relatives don’t that she is divorced or that she is pregnant and her former husband is not the dad. Juliet wishes to get her mom back on her feet and move back to Mexico as soon as possible. But, things do not go as planned. Juliet comes across a man who makes her see things differently and awakens her spirit. Later, she goes on to realize that all her relationships hold shocking secrets that have been kept hidden for many years.

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