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The Mummy Bloggers (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Be Perfect (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Give My Marriage a Year (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Couple Upstairs (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Holly Wainwright is a broadcaster, editor, and best-selling author of general fiction that have been very popular.

She is a former Sydneysider and Mancunian who has been living in Australia for more than two decades. She had arrived in the country as a footloose traveler but after 20 years, she just could not live as she made Sydney her home.
In Australia, Holly went on to have a long career as an editor and journalist of celebrity and travel magazines.

Later on, she would be employed as head of Content and later Executive Editor at Mamamia. This means that she is charged with senior editorial work for publications the company publishes.
Holly is also a contributor of content to the written and audio teams. Outside of this, she is the cohost of the most popular female-led podcast in the country “Mamamia Out Loud.”

Wainwright published “The Mummy Bloggers,” her debut fiction work in 2019, and has never looked back since. Despite all that, she has to juggle with two primary school-age children and hosting two podcasts she continues to write.

Wainwright has achieved much of her popularity and success with her debut novel “The Mummy Bloggers.” She penned the work following the realization that many women were becoming celebrities after writing about their lives online.
A lot of the time, these women posted pictures and wrote stories that would ultimately cross over into mainstream media often getting onto the front pages of gossip sites.

Due to this, she began thinking about what one needed to reinvent in their life and their self to keep things interesting.

It was during this time that she had the inspiration for Elle, the lead character in her novel. She is a very memorable character that most of her fans love to hate given her personality and life.
Holly Wainwright made her into the perfect Instagram mother with rock-hard abs and perfect kids. But she thought it would be interesting if things took a turn over the course of the series as her life is upended.

Just like many authors, Holly Wainwright had an interesting journey toward the publication of her novel.

She penned most of the manuscript for her debut novel “The Mommy Bloggers” in just six weeks after taking a break from her job as Head of Content at Mamammia.

Previously, she had penned bits and pieces of her novel but she had doubts about the quality. With a lot more time on her hands to revise and edit, she was finally able to pen something that she was confident was not awful.
After she was done with the editing, he approached one of her friends named Claire Kingston. At that time Claire was working for Allen & Unwin her publisher and they were both part of the Business Chick writing group.
Claire then introduced her to an editor from her publisher who loved her idea and she was off to the races. Holly finally published “The Mommy Bloggers” her debut novel in 2019 and continues to write to this day.

Holly WainWright’s novel “I Give My Marriage a Year” asks the question of how far can one go to save their marriage.

Josh and Lou have been together for the better part of 14 years. Over that time they have accumulated a lot of history including careers, a mortgage, and two children.
Following a particularly difficult Christmas Lou is asking herself if she should continue or just quit the marriage.

Ultimately, she decides to try something new. Every month for the next 12 months she will have a different test for the marriage ranging from brutal honesty to daily sex to help her decide whether she needs to go or stay.
In that time, old wounds are reopened, and secrets are exposed as a realistic suburban love story unfolds. The work paints a hilarious and sharply accurate picture of a suburban marriage in Australia.
Josh and Lou are a couple on the precipice and their efforts to save their marriage will resonate with anyone that was ever dissatisfied with their relationship.

“The Couple Upstairs” by Holy WainWright is a work that is set during the pandemic as it follows the life and times of three characters and their links to the past.
The first character is a harassed single mother named Mel who is recovering from the breakup of her relationship a few months ago.

The next character is Flynn, a young man who takes an apartment upstairs from Mel and often reminds her of someone from her past.

Mel often has a feeling that she knows Flynn intensely, even though they hardly interact besides the usual neighborly pleasantries.

The last character is a young traveler named Lori who she met while she was dealing with some trying times.

As they all negotiate one of the most trying times in their lives, they form a deep connection. They are linked by unfolding events that will forever change their lives.
It makes for a brilliant story full of past memories, and emotions as it provides thought-provoking insights into adult life.

Holly WainWright’s novel “The Mommy Bloggers” asserts that in some instances life behind the screen can be very challenging and difficult.

The work introduces three mommy bloggers each of whom is trolled, followed, touted, imitated, and idolized online.

Elle Campbell is a lycra-clad and glossy mum with a secret past, a ten-year plan, and washboard abs. Abi a stay-at-home mother who homeschooled her kids, has moved to the country and quit sugar.
Leisel Adams is a woman that works hard at the office job and then rushes home late in the evening to spend some precious few moments with her children before they doze off.

At some point, all of them get nominations for a lucrative blogging award setting the scene for a hilarious but sometimes brutal battle for clicks, minds, and hearts.

With the awards night coming into view, their stunts get crazier, their lies bigger which just makes the many mistakes from their pasts harder to conceal.

It makes for a funny and frank look into the perks and perils of life online.

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