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Publication Order of Hollywood Station Books

Hollywood Station (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Crows (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Moon (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Hills (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Harbor Nocturne (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Joseph Wambaugh is an American author best known for writing the Hollywood Station series.

Wambaugh is a former member of the Los Angeles Police Department. He is a second generation police officer after his father also served. Joseph served fourteen years in the LAPD, eventually working up to the rank of detective sergeant.

He published his first novel on police work, The New Centurions, while still working as a detective. His success eventually led to him writing full-time, but he never veered far from his experiences.

Mostly writing true-crime and police procedural titles, he has been able to create a name for himself as a voice of authority on the subject. Set firmly within the mystery mold, he has also become highly regarded for his ability to craft a suspense fueled novel that carries the reader along with confidence.

Setting many of his earlier novels in Los Angeles, he has many of leading protagonists as police officers, something which he writes on with a perspective derived from experience. This has also led to him writing a number of equally highly regarded series, some of which also still continue to this very day.

A perfect example of this and him at his best is that of his ongoing ‘Hollywood Station’ series of novels, which are titles that were released much later in his career. With them starting chronologically in the summer of 2006, these are police procedural novels that were fairly contemporary for him.

Focusing on the police offices of the Los Angeles Police Department, it manages to return to his roots as an author, being something that he hadn’t written about since 1983. Collected from real-life stories, this is a series that charts actual American crime cases in a somewhat fictionalized Los Angeles setting. Whilst the series doesn’t really contain an ongoing narrative arc as such, it does utilize some recurring characters, such as the cop ‘Hollywood Nate’ Weiss.

With the first book coming out in 2006, the series started with the novel ‘Hollywood Station’, as it would come to be set within the present day. Running for over four titles it would go on till 2010, as it would contain the novels ‘Hollywood Station’, ‘Hollywood Crows’, ‘Hollywood Moon’ and ‘Hollywood Hills’. Mainly working as collections of stories, they would provide an insight into the Los Angeles Police Department quite unlike any other. With a realistic eye for the subject matter, Wambaugh doesn’t shy away from the grittier aspects of the subject matter, giving it a down-to-earth portrayal, something that will resonate for years to come.

Hollywood Station

Coming out in 2006 on the 28th of November, this was the first book to be published in the ongoing ‘Hollywood Station’ series of novels. Originally released through the ‘Little, Brown and Company’ publishing label, it manages to set the series up with confidence. Along with this it also works at setting up the world too, clearly giving the reader an idea of what to expect in the following books to come.

The author Joseph Wambaugh has a very focused eye, as he manages to really put forward his own unique viewpoint with a clear sense of conviction. He does this whilst also bringing a whole range of different characters, both within the police department, as well as within the criminal underworld too. Establishing the setting of Los Angeles clearly too, he manages to create a whole world that is both highly involving and intriguing in equal measure.

Following a collection of different officers as they go about their jobs, this first title is set within a small period of time in the Los Angeles Police Department. The one main narrative thread joining everything together running throughout is a story concerning that of a group of meth addicts. Looking to make ends meet they are stealing mail by banding together and fishing it all out from mailboxes, before going on to sell it to an Eastern European couple. Stepping into this is a cast of resourceful characters and police officers, such as ‘Jetsam’ and ‘Flotsam’, as they aim to bring justice to the city. Can they do it effectively though? Will they find the criminals? What will happen in Hollywood Station?

Hollywood Crows

Initially released just one year later after the first, this was first brought out through ‘Little, Brown and Company’ publishing outlet once again. Continuing on from where the last left off with more stories set in this world, it provides further insight into this world and lifestyle. First published on the 25th of March in 2008, it would provide more exciting and suspense fueled stories for the ever growing legion of fans.

With many recurring characters, this title returns once again to Hollywood, as it takes another look into the daily ongoing of the police department there. Showing a colorful cast, they all have their own motivations and arcs, whilst simultaneously trying to bring their unique brand of justice to the town. Dealing with modern issues, it provides further insight into the criminal ongoings too, such as all the criminal elements operating around the city. Taking on a number of topical issues, this is clearly a story cast through the lens of Wambaugh’s ever irreverent eye, looking at a whole range of social causes. Will justice truly prevail? Can they deal with what lies ahead? What will become of the Hollywood crows?

The Hollywood Station Series

Providing a fascinating look into the modern Los Angeles Police Department, this is one series that really offers a realistic portrayal of the department and how it works. Not only that, but it also offers a clever set of suspense filled mystery stories that carry the reader along, transporting them and allowing them to feel as if they’re really there. Coupling this with well drawn and fully three-dimensional characters, it’s easy to see why the series has become so successful so fast. Writing with confidence, this is a series that shows a master at the peak of his creative performance, as he keeps the momentum going throughout. This will continue for quite some time to come, as the series continues to gain a following.

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