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Publication Order of Hollywood Books

Hollywood Wives (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Husbands (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Kids (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Divorces (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

The writer Jackie Collins was one of the most sensational writers of her generation, writing stories that were both scandalous and compelling in equal measure, all thanks to her engaging and witty style, as she got to the heart of her subject matter with a level of precision and insight that managed to tease out her subject matter in a fun and entertaining way, all the while not taking herself too seriously with a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ tone to her work. This then allowed it to really speak to the reader, whilst making them laugh and cry in equal measure, creating some of the most memorable works in contemporary literature to date. Using a style of melodrama that was reminiscent of daytime soap-operas, she would use it to reflect the worlds of her novels, truly bringing them to life in the process. Somewhat raunchy with her character driven melodramas, she would always remain down-to-earth with what she was trying to say, thus leaving behind that a timeless legacy that is still admired to this very day. Writing about subject such as Hollywood, she took a look into the darker seedier side of fame, the one that everyone knew existed, but wasn’t so keen on talking about. An actress herself, working in B movies during the 1950s, she had an insight into the process unlike any other, as it would provide her with a window into the world of celebrity and glamour that nobody else had. Not only would this provide a great insight into this otherwise unseen world for her readers, but it would also give them a sense of escapism too, as she was never above entertaining her readers. One such series that she’s particularly well known for is that of her ‘Hollywood’ series, which was perhaps one of her biggest bestsellers to date, continuing to reach the top of the bestseller lists to this very day. Focusing on the power and celebrity of Hollywood, it took a behind-the-scenes look at this hidden world and, whilst this may now be common grounds for paparazzi driven celebrity media, it was still relatively new at the time of publication. Showing them for as they really are, it took the tropes of the melodrama and used it to reflect how they actually live and operated, whilst also saying important things about this type of lifestyle in the process. The books themselves wouldn’t follow any over-arcing narratives or any continuing characters, instead using the seedy glamour of Hollywood as the backdrop for the self-contained story-lines. This then allowed the theme of fame and celebrity to become the most prominent anchor for the series, allowing it to become the lynch-pin of everything that happens throughout. With musings on the power of fame and celebrity and how it effects real people, it is perhaps one of her most important series to date as well, saying something about humanity and how people interact with one another. As the legacy looks set to continue on into the foreseeable future, it doesn’t look like this is going to be a series that’s going away any time soon, with more and more discovering it every day.

Running for only five books over the course of twenty years, this series was to be spaced out over a large time-frame, allowing it to retain a sense of relevancy to over its duration. It would also go on to become a hit television series titled ‘Hollywood Wives’, which was based off of the first book, as it would be produced by none other than Aaron Spelling in 1985. Starting out back in 1983 with the book ‘Hollywood Wives’ it has gone on to become one of the biggest testaments to twentieth century Hollywood to date, a legacy that will continue for some time to come.

Hollywood Wives

Originally published in 1983 on the 1st of July, this was set to be the first in the ongoing series of ‘Hollywood’ novels, as it contains a self-contained story of its own. Brought out through the ‘Pocket’ books publishing label, this would come to set up the series overall, along with being made into a television mini-series of the same name for ABC. Setting the style and the tone of the franchise, it manages to draw the reader in, allowing them an insight and view into an otherwise unseen world.

Lunching at all the best places, they are known for cruising around in Mercedes and Rolls, whilst also shopping at all the most exquisite establishments. Dressed in all the finest designer items and labels, they dine in all the fanciest restaurants, all thanks to their famous husbands who’ve given them a ticket to the high-life. Charting the various rise and falls of these most privileged women, it takes a look at their many successes and failures, as they seek to enjoy the high-life. Who are they? Where do they come from? What lies behind the Hollywood wives?

Hollywood Husbands

First published in 1986, this came out just three years after the first novel, whilst also having the television mini-series published the previous year too. Released through ‘Pocket’ books once again, it was immediately met with acclaim, immediately reaching the top of the bestseller lists upon its publication. With another self-contained story, it continues with many of the same themes and ideas, whilst looking at the husband as opposed to the wives of the previous novel.

Living the high-life are the ‘Hollywood husbands’; a powerful group of individuals well known for their successes and riches, a group with includes none other than nighttime TV talk-show host Jack Python. Having an expensive divorce already behind him, he’s now engaged in a steamy erotic affair with Hollywood Oscar winning actress Clarissa Browning. Then there’s the head of Orpheus Studios Howard Soloman, a highly powerful and extremely well connected individual, but is soon to be challenged when acquiring the major soap actress Silver Anderson for new show that he’s producing. Will he get her? What will become of Jack Python and Clarissa Browning? Who are the Hollywood husbands?

The Hollywood Series

As chronicles almost of a time in the Hollywood circuit, these are ideal windows into that mentality and mindset, whilst also remaining highly entertaining and enjoyable reads. Giving the readers a glimpse into this world, Jackie Collins never forgets to entertain her audience, whilst also saying something important that’s relevant to her. This, therefore, ensures that the legacy of these novels will remain for many years to come, as that isn’t going away anytime soon, with the books being as timeless as they ever were.

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