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Publication Order of Home to Harbor Town Books

The Hometown Hero Returns (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Liam's Perfect Woman (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claiming Colleen (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
One in a Billion (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Soldier's Baby Bargain (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

A New York Times bestselling author, the American writer Beth Kery is well known for her unique take on the steamy romance novel. Producing over thirty novels and counting, she is a highly prolific writer within her field, creating novels at an ever rapid pace. Knowing and clearly understanding the format that she is writing within, she manages to take the template and really make it work for her. Not only that, but she is also a master of creating characters that are fully three-dimensional, allowing them to all resonate with her many readers worldwide. Not only that, but she is also an expert at producing sexual tension that really works on the page, carrying the narrative through with both excitement and energy. Largely focusing on younger heroines who bring out certain vulnerabilities in their older more wealthy love interests, she has a clear insight into what works and what doesn’t. Over the course of her entire career she has managed to hone and refine this, creating some truly memorable and witty novels. This then goes some way towards explaining why it is that many of her romance novels are so well received on such a global scale. With an emotional intensity that is unrivaled by many others within her field, she has been able to also create a vast number of series too. One series that is particularly of note is that of her ‘Home To Harbor Town’ series, which uses a more traditional romance mold to work within. Making up an anthology of romance stories, these are largely self-contained stories with no definitive narrative arc running throughout. Loosely set on the thematic concept of love in the summer, it takes a look at the love lives of those living in and around the location of Harbor Town. This being a somewhat fictionalized setting, Kery makes the most of location making it ultimately work for what she wants, which is providing imaginative fun escapism for the reader.

Running for a total of five novels, these were released in a relatively short amount of time, with the first being published in 2011, and the last in 2012. Starting out with ‘The Hometown Hero Returns’ in 2011, it continued with ‘Liam’s Perfect Woman’ that same year, followed by ‘Claiming Colleen’, ‘One in a Billion’ and ‘The Soldier’s Baby Bargain’ in 2012. All of this amounted to it being a fairly conclusive set of much loved romance novels that definitely delivered on their initial concept. With the books continuing to find an audience year-by-year, this is a series that isn’t going away any time soon, with more and more discovering it every day.

The Hometown Hero Returns

This is the first title in the ongoing ‘Home To Harbor Town’ novels, as it manages to successfully establish the franchise and what it’s about. Introducing the world that it’s taking place within, it works at creating a self-contained romance story, as well as providing a clear idea of what’s to come. Establishing the style and tone of the novels it really works at building a sense of ambiance, along with a feeling of escapism for the reader themselves.

Providing a view of the ideal romance, this follows a couple coming together, whilst taking the reader along for the ride as well. With the archetypal man and woman, it continually hits all the right beats throughout, allowing the reader to feel as if they’re really there alongside them. The town of Harbor Town is also a well drawn one too, setting up an extremely idealized location that truly comes to life for the reader.

Meeting the love her life at the tender age of eighteen, the young Marianna Itani is swept off her feet by none other than Marc Kavanaugh. They’re then separated for fifteen years, as he returns home, allowing them to become swept up once more in their whirlwind romance. This time though, Marianna, or Mari, has a baby, something which could potentially allow them to put the past behind them and move on with the future. Looking to reignite their passion for one another, this could mean true happiness for the both of them and their baby, as they look to start a family. Can they ever be truly happy? Will the past remain in the past? What will happen when the hometown hero returns?

Liam’s Perfect Woman

Brought out in 2011 not long after the first, this was first published on the 19th of July through the ‘Harlequin’ publishing outlet once again. Providing another self-contained romance story set within the world of Harbor Town, it continues in much the same vein as before. Not just that, but it also brings some new fresh ideas to the table too, managing to take the series forwards as a whole in the process.

This time looking at the character of Liam Kavanaugh, it sees him becoming smitten on sight after seeing Natalie Reyes on a moonlit beach. A former big-city cop he has returned home to the area of Harbor Town, as he hopes to settle down and make a new life for himself there. The only problem is that he may be forced to confront his past, as Natalie Reyes was the only survivor of a crash that destroyed her family’s lives all those years ago. Helping her to move on back then, Liam helps Natalie once more to become a whole person again, as the two of them look to the future. Can they move on from the past though? Will they find happiness together? What will become of Liam’s perfect woman?

The Home To Harbor Town Series

A prime example of its genre, this is a series that really manages to deliver on its initial concept, whilst giving the readers what they’re looking for in such a novel. This isn’t to say that it’s atypical of the genre either as, whilst it provides many of the usual tropes, it also manages to take a great number of creative risks too. What this then ensures is a series that will remain memorable for many years to come, with its many captivating characters, and highly engrossing worlds. This is a series that isn’t going away anytime soon either, as it will carry on building an audience worldwide for quite some time yet.

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