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Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Beverly Lewis is an accomplished musician, an award-winning author, and a schoolteacher. As an accomplished author, Beverly Lewis has remained an award-winning author for so many years. The Preacher’s Daughter is Beverly Lewis best-performing novel, which was a finalist during the critically acclaimed Quill Awards. Lewis’s books have also been featured on various bestseller’s list including the New York Times and USA Today. Lewis is married to David, and currently, the two reside in Colorado.

Home to Hickory-Hollow Best Books
The Fiddler
The Fiddler is the first installment in the Home to Hickory-Hollow book series. In the Fiddler, author Beverly Lewis takes a fresh look at the Amish Community as it interacts with the modern world. In Fiddler, conflict arises when both of the main characters in the English and Amish communities are trying to find out where God intends them to be. The Ordnung rule does not come from their creator but rather from the people. The local community tries and understands whether it is wrong in the eyes of God to follow the Ordnung. One of the main characters in the Fiddler is Amelia Devries, a 24-year-old violinist. When Amelia made a wrong turn when she was coming home from her routine performance, she ends up at a cabin that belonged to Michael Foster, a young Amish man.

As the two interacted, Amelia comes to the realization that she has a lot in common with Michael Folster considering the fact that Michael is also struggling to find his path in life as well. Despite the fact that Michael wants to go out to the modern world, he still feels the need of upholding his family’s cultures. Amelia Devries is extremely intrigued at how peaceful the Amish people are and in the process agrees to stay behind for quite some time so that she could be able to the Hickory Hollow people. Unknown to Amelia, the decision to remain behind is something that is going to change her life forever. One of the main points of the narrative is that one has to live a life that pleases themselves. With that said, the readers are going to enjoy this narrative. As the first book in the Hickory-Hollow book series, it introduces the readers to the protagonists, Amelia and Michael Foster.

In the Fiddler, the readers have a chance of meeting various characters from The Heritage of Lancaster and the Beverly Lewis series. The book series of Heritage of Lancaster has been set in the same fictional community that Home to Hickory-Hollow best books.

The Bridesmaid
In the Bridesmaid, we meet with 27-year old Joana Kurtz, who has made numerous trips to the altar but has never gotten married herself. Joana Kurtz is a single lady of Amish origins, who has served as a closet writer for quite some time. Kurtz longs to have her work published, something which is yet to be heard in her Amish community. Many of the stories that Joanne writes about are not only her stories but are also those of her friends and members of her community. Despite the fact that Joana Kurtz is yet to get married, she has a man who is dating her from afar. Eben is the young man, who is more than determined to ensure that Joana becomes her bride. However, the only challenge is that Eben is not able to leave his parent’s firm in Shipshewana

No one, including her young sister, Cora knows about her Joana’s dating. Cora, Joana’s sister, has so many potential suitors who are after her. Joana and Eben had met in a funeral during a family meeting. Immediately, the two kicked things off, and after the funeral, Joana and Eben started exchanging letters. A few days later, Eben decides to head to Pennsylvania to see Joana and to also express his interests. However, before he makes the trip, Eben is stuck in Indiana, where he is still expected to take care of his father, considering the fact that his young brother is still expected to come back from the English World. Eben and Joana continue to exchange phone calls and letters. It does not take long before Eben realizes that his brother does not plan to come back home. Eben has no option but to reluctantly break things off between him and Joana. Neither Eben nor Joana is able to move on considering the fact that the two had gotten attached to one another.

At this point, Eben finds himself at a place that he never expected to find himself in. Eben truly loves Joana and is more than determined to ensure that he marries her. Eben’s biggest wish is to relocate to Pennsylvania just to be with Joana. However, he cannot leave his father on his own. With that said, readers are definitely going to fall in love with Eben and Joana. Joana is a highly likable character. The Bridesmaid is not only engaging, but it is also highly likable. The readers can feel the loneliness and the pain of Joana when her sister mocks her. Will Joana remain single for the rest of her lives or is she going to find the path that God has made for her?

The Guardian
The Guardian is a book that deals with grief and how to women managed to deal with it. In the Guardian, Marianna had just lost her husband in a motor accident, and thus she was left alone to cater for her children. So far, Marianna has done extremely well, however, after recent events, Marianna has been left wondering whether she should get married again. The book begins as her youngest girl child goes missing and in the process, she begins to question whether she has been living her life as expected. Readers will definitely enjoy, Marianna’s commitment to life to her life as well as the love that she has for her children. Initially, she was a little bit worried about Jodi and the conceivable influence that she has on her family. However, she soon realizes that Jodi was an extremely special person, who would eventually end up becoming a great friend.

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