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Publication Order of Homecoming Saga Books

The Memory of Earth (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Call of Earth (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ships of Earth (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Earthfall (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Earthborn (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American author Orson Scott Card is seen as a prominent figure within the science-fiction community. With a number of books behind him, along with big-screen Hollywood adaptations of his work, he’s definitely made a name for himself. Gaining a sizable audience, he has managed to amass a following behind his work, one that continues to grow to this very day. A series that he’s particularly well known for is that of his ‘Homecoming Saga’, which features many of his popular themes and ideas. Creating a long-running franchise, the series is considered to be placed firmly within the ‘LDS fiction’ category, a subsection largely concerned with the tenets of the Mormon faith. This is something that runs throughout the series, as many of names and ideas are pulled almost directly from ‘The Book of Mormon’, as it highlights much of what is believed.

Starting out in 1992 with the title ‘The Memory of Earth’ it has progressed since then with over five novels so far. A large portion of the series itself was influenced by the life of Card’s own son, as well as being based around the Mormon faith. Taking place forty million years in the future, with much of the action occurring on the planet Harmony, this is very much a series of its specific genre.

The Memory of Earth

Published through the Tor Science-Fiction publishing label, this was originally brought out on the 15th of January in 1992. Setting up the franchise overall, it manages to establish all of the principle characters, as well as setting up the overall tone too. Developing the style for the books to follow, it builds upon a number of premises and concepts, allowing them flourish in the novels to come.

The world of the novels themselves is set around the principles of the Mormon religion, far more so than in that of Cards other series. This allows the reader to gain an insight into his world-view, thus ensuring that it’s an addition that many fans of his pick-up. Being a niche genre as well, it appeals to a rather specific audience, although it is still one that is fairly sizeable in its numbers. In regards to the characters themselves, they feature throughout the series, as it is here that they are introduced for the first time. The leading protagonist of Nafai is also brought in almost straight away, as he continues to return throughout the rest of the series. He also manages to bring in many of the side characters too, as they’re juxtaposed alongside the plight of the main character. Setting up the world of Harmony too, it’s a planet that Card aims to build upon, with the intention of it becoming a character in of itself. Hoping to bring it to life, he establishes much of the location over the course of this novel, giving a lot of descriptions in the process. Using the format of the genre with its many tropes, Card looks to make them work for him here, taking them as the basis for his novel.

Set forty million years in the future, this story takes place on a planet called Harmony, whereby humanity is overseen by a large computer called the Oversoul. This computer is there to ensure that humanity will never again develop weapons for global conflict, especially after Earth was destroyed all those years ago. The main aim of this computer is to override all human thought in order to maintain their safety, something which Nafai attempts to override after his father is recruited by the computer. Will he succeed? What dangers lie in wait for humanity? Where lies the memory of Earth?

The Call of Earth

Coming out the same year as the first, this novel from 1992, which was again released through ‘Tor Books’, continued in much the same vein as the original. Further developing many of the characters as well as the initial premise, it sought to build upon the narrative and the many arcs running throughout. Marking the second title in the ongoing ‘Homecoming Saga’ series of novels, it carries on directly providing the next instalment for Card’s audience.

Many of the original themes and ideas remain intact here, as Card looks to develop them for his audience. This is done with the aim of building upon them, creating a further look into them and how his particular mindset works. Using the tenets of faith once again too, it sets about delivering what the audience have now come to expect from the series. Following the characters it sees them this time on a journey, as they meet up with a new array of different characters. This seeks to further establish the primary goal of the protagonist and his troupe of friends that are accompanying him throughout. Meeting these people they further the arc of Nafai, as he himself progresses, developing overall as a central protagonist. Taking place across the desert this time, it also looks at expanding the world of Harmony, as Card attempts to breathe a sense of life into it. He does this by not only showing the many inhabitants of this world, but also through his various descriptions of it as well. This is also managed by establishing a character of its very own, as he aims to go into vivid detail of how it’s portrayed.

Leaving for the desert with his friends, Nafai aims to find his mother, Rasa, in the city after his friend, Elemak, has a dream from the Oversoul. In this dream it foretells the sons of Volemak heading to the city of Basilica to find wives, whilst Rasa is attempting to maintain order within the city. That’s when General Moozh starts looking to conquer the cities laying around the Basilica, which he does with his band of ‘Wetheads’. Will they succeed? What is Nafai’s destiny? Who will answer the call of Earth?

The Homecoming Saga Series

Set in a far-off world and time, this is very much of its genre, as well as being a showcase of the authors many ideas and themes. With characters and leading protagonists that reflect these particular ideals, it fits into the niche whilst understanding what it is. Amassing followers worldwide, Orson Scott Card continues to deliver what they’re looking for, which will carry on for some time to come yet.

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