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Publication Order of Forgotten Realms: Homecoming Books

R.A. Salvatore is a published author. He dabbles mostly in fiction but has been known to write a graphic novel and write and produce video games too, making him an all-around artistic triple threat!

R.A. Salvatore was born January 20, 1959. He is known for his series that feature the dark elf Drizzt, which started with his series The Forgotten Realms. His books have sold millions of copies in America, over fifteen by this point and still continuing to climb. Salvatore has a dedicated and enthusiastic base of fans all over the world and many of his books have been put into print in various languages. He has enjoyed numerous books in the fantasy genre becoming best sellers at this point.

R.A. Salvatore is the author and creator of the Homecoming series. The series kicked off in 2015 with the release of the book Archmage. The next year, the release of the sequel came out called Maestro. The third book in the series is called Hero. This fantasy series features the main character, a dark elf named Drizzt.

His first book came out in 1988. He has since written numerous published standalone novels and books as part of a fictional series. The author became interested in literature in the fantasy genre when he received a gift of a fantasy book in college. His interest piqued, he switched his major over from computer science to journalism. He returned to college to major in communications and graduated successfully with this degree.

Shortly after, he began trying writing and really taking it seriously. He tried to write a manuscript and it was such a cohesive idea that it became the first book in his Ynis fictional series of novels. Even though R.A. held a lot of jobs before becoming a writer full time, he enjoys the line of work enough that he has committed to it and has no plans on doing anything else with his life.

He has become fairly successful in his line of work so there is no real need to return to the old ways of picking up spare jobs just yet. In fact, Salvatore has done so well that his alma mater actually has a collection of his works from papers to letters and manuscripts.

The author serves in Leominster in the Bay State on a board of trustees with his library and is an active member of his community. He also participates in conferences given by the A.L.A. and has hosted and spoken on different things such as the fantasy genre of fiction and why literature in the fantasy genre has been embraced as widely as it has by the young adult niche of readers. He lives in Massachusetts with his family and the family pets.

Archmage is the first novel in the Homecoming series by R.A. Salvatore. The dark elf has returned to the world of the Underdark, and readers are in for a treat as they get to meet this interesting character perhaps for the first time.

Check out the book that others are praising as one of the grandest fantasy epics perhaps of all time. A shadow and sense of gloom once pervaded the entire North, and now that pall has absolutely gone. It’s a new day that is dawning on Mithral Hall, and everyone is happy because they are victorious at last. Even though the collective spirit is high, one individual isn’t buying into the sense of ease just yet.

Drizzt is a dark elf and he has friends. They all happen to think that the coast is not clear yet, no matter how optimistic things seem to be. Under their feet may be something that is not only powerful, but consists of something that is pretty much pure, solid evil. The elf also still has problems in the form of other dark elves that have unsettled business with him.

They’re all involved in power struggles and at the end of the day, it’s hard for the elf to know whether he will triumph in the end. But are the drow going to be daring enough to call demonic forces out from the deep and dark realms of the Abyss? If they do, it could mean the release of a nightmare that may be hard to put back– and that no one who lives in the Underdark ever saw coming.

Can the dark elf be able to channel his warrior spirit and boldness to take on the challenges that he faces? Will any of his companions survive the encounter if they go with him? You’re going to have to pick up this adventurous and fun debut installment of the Homecoming series to find out!

Maestro is the second novel in the Homecoming series by celebrated writer Salvatore. The entire land of Menzoberranzan is having to deal with a new force that has come to their area that may bring an unprecedented level of chaos and death behind it as it comes through.

Now the primordial aspect of Gauntlgrym is starting to wake up. This means that two people are going to be drawn to Luskan and to find something in the ruins that is powerful enough to take on this monster. When it comes to the Darkening, war, and a dark world, now there are things in motion that cannot be undone.

Now what is done may not be able to be repaired if it keeps continuing like this. The dark elf is looking forward to going home to Menzoberranzan to see what’s going on. .As it turns out, the area is in peril from Bruenor, who has his troops ready to take on that area’s “scourge”. However, it may not be required to take them down because this city has already been preyed upon by demons and the prince of demons as well.

The area needs to be protected in some way, and the demons need to be cast out. Can this brave elf do it? With monsters rearing their ugly heads and new enemies rising, Drizzt must once more take on the adventure of a lifetime and fight his way to the top. Read Maestro to find out how this exciting story ends!

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