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Publication Order of The Homelanders Books

The Last Thing I Remember (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Way Home (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Truth of the Matter (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Hour (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Andrew klavan, who is long known for his crime and mystery novels for adults, penned his first thriller series of novels for young adults and named it homelanders. He uses the genre of conspiracy about a young man (Charlie West) engaged in a desperate struggle for his name, identity and country. This is according to the first novel in the series entitled, ‘THE LAST THING I REMEMBER’. Homelanders book series has led to Andrew klavan to be hailed by Stephen king as the most original suspense and crime author since the time of Cornell Woolrich. The remaining three homelanders book series are, THE LONG WAY HOME, THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER AND THE FINAL HOUR.

The Last Thing I Remember

The last thing I remember is Andrew Klavan’s first young adult thriller novel in the homelanders series. The book was published on 28th April 2009 by Thomas Nelson and using Charlie west as the main series character. Charlie West is an above average ordinary high school student who is very bright in class and has a dream of becoming an air force pilot. The story starts when he has finally got the phone number of the girl he has been admiring at school while training for his karate black belt.

In the novel, the last thing Charlie can remember is the day he organized a small karate presentation for his fellow classmates. This is why it does not make sense for us and readers sense when he wake up and find himself bloody and bruised, tied to a chair with torture instruments next to him. How much time that has passed while in this state? How does he find himself here? His he really the person he thinks he is? Are questions that him the readers of the novel.

Charlie luckily overhears kidnappers order of killing him from outside. He then quickly uses his martial arts training to escape from his captors not knowing that this is just his first challenge among the many adventures that will follow. Charlie West passes through a series of underground tunnels and flags a minibus only to discover that he is in police custody. After escaping from the police cell, he retreats to a homeless shelter where he initially used to work as a volunteer.

Using succeeding flashbacks, The Last Thing I Remember is written in Charlie West’s unshakable and confident voice. He not only tries to follow all the clues that might lead to know what happened to his life, but also pumps upon an assassination plot that is targeted to a top government official by homelanders terrorists.

THE LAST THING I REMEMBER differs from the common approach of many conspiracy novels on targeting government officials as their source of paranoid fantasies. Instead, it uses Charlie west’s trust in government officials and his unwavering willingness and courage to risk his life in order to help his country, even after he clearly knows that that might not help him. Charlie acts boldly knowing that his reputation and country are very important, although he knows that they might not assist him in solving his problems.

Charlie’s moral stance is equally compelling even after he discovered that the world he is currently living in does not in any way resemble the world he used to live in. If it was for other characters, they might have decided to appropriately regulate their behaviors and belief systems to fit those situations but he proves to be firm. Charlie West strongly believes that his code of behavior and faith will help him to rise to any occasion; a lesson he learnt from his earlier karate classes.

Charlie’s actions and behavior provide a distinct line between the “bad guys” and the “good guys” as there is no ambiguity on Charlie West’s good intentions or goodness. If the few hints given on Charlie West’s character prove to be correct, then Charlie might be a more “good guy” than he thinks.

This first book of the homelanders series has adventure and raw action. Many readers have been tempted to read it twice in order to unravel any possible clues that might be studded in the text. Andrew Klavan writes passionately and deepens Charlie’s mystery as one reads the book further, giving his readers a page turning experience that lead them to hungrily look for THE LONG WAY HOME; which is homelanders’ second series.

The Long Way Home

THE LONG WAY HOME is a continuation of THE LAST THING I REMEMBER homelanders series. The second series is a 352 pages thriller that was published by Thomas Nelson in 2010; few months after the first novel of the series was published. This second book of the series gives the readers more puzzles and helps both the reader and Charlie to get more answers to the earlier questions from the first book and some extra questions.

The Long Way Home book begins with an escape from thugs after a vicious struggle with an assassin inside a public library. This also shows Charlie escaping from a tough police chase and decides to go to his homeland to seek for answers for his mystery. This is where he also meets with his friends Rick, Josh, and Miler who came for his rescue. It is also here that Charlie discovers his attraction to Beth who was also in the company of his true friends.

It is under this that his friends helped him remember who he is and meets with his mentor Sansei mike to try and know who really killed Alex. The end of this book shows Charlie having more sense but not able to clearly define who he is. But just like the first thriller, this book also ends with a struggle with Charlie on the run from both the police and ruthless terrorists.

THE LONG WAY HOME paves way for THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER and THE FINAL HOUR. These two last novels in the homelanders series further justifies the first two books and makes Charlie’s mystery more interesting to explore and finally leads to Charlie’s discovery that he is at a prison in Abingdon prison for crimes he does not remember committing. However, his memory returns slowly and immediately remembers the largest attack that is been devised against him by the homelanders terrorist group. The series finally leaves us with several questions such: can he tell it to Rose his protector? Can he do it in time? And what will then happen?

Andrew Klavan, the author behind the homelanders series has been featured in thought provoking interviews at L.A Times, Wall Street journal and other major magazines and newspapers all over the world. The homelanders series has also received overwhelming publications through filming and discussions at almost all major television series in the United States of America with Hollywood’s summit entertainment being behind all their filming. Some of the televisions that have featured the homelanders movie series are The Sean Hannity Show, Fox and Friends, The Laura Ingram Show, Fox TV, and Gallagher Show to name just a few.

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