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Publication Order of Hometown Players Books

Hometown Players is a series of novels written by a bestselling American author of sports, fiction, and romance Victoria Denault. The series publication began in 2015 when the first book in the series One More Shot was published. The series consists of over five novels. Hometown Players features lots of angst and nice second chances romances.

One More Shot

One More Shot is the first novel in Hometown Players series by Victoria Denault. The book introduces the readers to Jordan Garrison and Jessie Caplan who met each other when they were both eight years old when Jessie moved into town where Jordan lived. There was something about Jessie that Jordan particularly liked, and hence upon their first encounter, he knows that they were destined to be great friends.

As the year went by, they both become great friends, and their friendship bond strengthened. However as they turned adult, their feeling started to transform into something else, and either was ready to admit it because of the fear of ruining their great friends that had established its roots since childhood and so these two good friends ended up dating other people. However one fateful night everything changes, and Jordan finally confesses to Jessie about his feelings for her. They spend one night together, and everything seems to be as per their expectations. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, that one night changes things for the worst, resulting in them both getting hurt, avoiding seeing or talking to each other until six years later.

At eighteen years, Jordan Garrison is drafted by the NHL, but then Jessie leaves town and heads to a college in Arizona, and this hurts Jordan. He could not contemplate the thought of losing the only woman that he ever loved, the one he had only a single night of strong romance.

Fast forward, six years later, we meet Jordan, now 24 years old, a man with a reputation of taking random women to bed. He does not want a serious relationship for he fears to get his heart broken the same way Jessie broke his six years ago. Regardless of how hard he tried getting over her, he never honestly did.

On the other hand, Jessie was left heartbroken at the thought of leaving for Arizona. However, she swore that she would get over the only man she has ever loved, regardless of how tough it was going to be. Six years later, aged 24, she is now living in Seattle doing what she loves most in life as an intern physical therapist. She receives some shocking news that sends her back home for a funeral. However, one thing that she did not expect is that the only man she has ever loved, a man who once broke her heart would be willing to offer her support.

At first, Jessie does not let her man explain what exactly happened that night. She tries not to think about what happened that night-six years ago when she gave herself to Jordan- and how he finally broke her. The harder she tries not to imagine it, the more it keeps haunting her, especially now that she is staring into his sweet blue eyes for the first time in six years. After so much time and torment, she cannot tell if she hates or loves him. However, for Jordan, he is a man who has learned enough in life to know that a connection like there is hard to find. He was lucky to have Jessie once, and now he will not lose her again.

One More Shot is a beautiful series debut, full of adorable characters that through time develop and mature. The writing style and storyline are beautifully woven. Supporting characters, the likes of Callie and Rose are brilliantly woven and supportive of their sister Jessie. Even though they are portrayed as people with different personalities and are entirely different from their sister, they play crucial roles. The story also features lots of constant flashbacks to help the readers understand what had exactly happened to the hero and the heroine years back that had significantly transformed into persons they were today. It also features lots of romances and sex scenes that are well placed, sweet and steamy.

Making a Play

The second novel in Hometown Players series Victoria Denault starts off where the debut novel One More Shot left off. Making a Play introduces the readers to different casts, and brings into focus, Rose, Jessie’s young sister introduced in the first novel and a young Ice hockey player, Luc Richard.

Richard is a famous and successful ice hockey player. He has grown up around Rose, and her sisters were like family. Even though there was a strong attraction between Richard and Rose, Richard always knew that the girl was just too good for a man of his type and so he just friend zoned her.

Now Richard is back in town to heal his broken heart since his ex-girlfriend almost cost him his career- he is also trying to keep himself off the gossip column. On the other hand, Rosie is now determined to get her man out of the friend zone while Richard is decided to keep the friend zone active.

Rose Caplan is fed up of being afraid, and shy. She is now ready for love, romance and prepared to give it a try with the only man she has ever felt strongly attracted to. Having have loved Richard longer that she can even remember, she is finally ready to prove to him that she is not the same innocent girl that he once knew. Richard does not want more love games, but this new Rose makes Richard feel like playing dirty, and if he has got a good shot at her heart, then he is not just playing to win, but he is playing for keeps.

The second novel in the series is brilliantly crafted, the characters, like in the first installment are interesting, and the relationship between Richard and Rose is both sexy and frustrating. It is a brilliant read for readers who love angst and stories full of steamy romance.

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