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Publication Order of Honey Diaries Books

Sweeter Than Honey (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Loving You (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unconditionally Single (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darius Jones (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Honey Diaries is a series of erotic novels written by Mary B. Morrison. The books follow the exploits of a former prostitute as she tries to carve out an honest life for herself.

+The Story

Some people struggle to categorize the Honey Dairies series. The books definitely have a romantic aspect to them. In fact, it could be argued that Lace St. Thomas’ life is driven primarily by her romantic attachments.

However, the Honey Dairies novels could just as easily pass for typical urban fiction. The dramatic journey the main character undertakes is designed to educate young readers who might be struggling to make sense of their world.

What most people can agree on is the ‘erotic’ aspect of the classification. These Mary B. Morrison books place a lot of emphasis on sex, so much so that it might make some people uncomfortable.

The Honey Diaries series follows the exploits of Lace St. Thomas, a woman that has been battered by the world but who seems determined to make something of her life.

‘Sweeter than Honey’, the first book in the series, explores Lace’s difficult childhood. As a teenager, the heroine was abused by her mother’s boyfriend. Her attempts at bringing to light the sexual assault saw her lose everything when she was kicked out of her home.

Suddenly abandoned without a hope for salvation, Lace did what most girls her age and in her situation tend to do. She turned to prostitution. For all the challenges the profession brought to bear, by selling her body, Lace succeeded. She survived and climbed through the ranks to attain a management position that gave her the power to sell girls like her to wealthy men.

When she is first introduced to readers, Lace is making do with her life. She understands her sexuality. She knows that she has the power to bring men to their knees and to take from them whatever she desires.

Her life takes a drastic turn when one of her escorts dies. The development leaves Lace heartbroken. And she is met with nothing but indifference from her boss, a man called Valentino who would rather bury the whole incident.

The event forces Lace out of the dream she had been living. She is forced to see for the first time in years just how destructive her work can be, especially on the fragile minds of the young girls she manages.

Over the course of the Honey Diaries series, Lace tries to find a way out. Morrison uses her journey to explore the tormented lives of black women in America whose poor decisions have led them down dark paths.

She attempts to teach her readers the power of sex. She shows them what it means when a woman treats her body like an object to be used by whoever can pay the most.

Lace pays dearly for her past as a prostitute. No matter how far she runs, she cannot escape that particular stain. And even when she uses her sexuality against the men around her, forcing them to meet her every need, the consequences she encounters down the line are rarely pleasant.

Most of Mary B. Morrison’s fans seem to believe that she wrote the Honey Diaries books with young readers, and in particular young women, in mind. Lace seems to be an allegory for the experience of many misguided black women.

The novels have been criticized for their wanton use of sex and profanity, though the author’s followers have defended them for this very reason, arguing that normal life is saturated with sex and vulgar language.

On the other hand, these same followers seem to agree that the black characters in the series spend too much time ranting about the woes of the black man in the United States.

They believe that such talk takes the focus away from Lace St. Thomas’ trials and expands to encompass the entire black population in the United States.

It has also been suggested that the Honey Diaries books have too many characters in play at the same time.

A central aspect of the series is the heroine’s relationship with her boss Valentino and her boyfriend Benito.

+The Author

Mary B. Morrison was born in Aurora, Illinois. She was a successful and well-paid Management Analysis Officer with the Federal Government before she decided to write and self-publishing her first novel.

The author garnered a reputation for writing about topics that most people think about but rarely discuss, such as rape and molestation, not to mention domestic violence among children. Morrison believes that she has succeeded in publishing because she speaks a language women understand and she goes out of her way to empower the heroines in her novels.

+Sweeter than Honey

Lace St. Thomas manages a company in Las Vegas that matches sexy escorts with wealthy male clients. Lace comes from a difficult background. She was sixteen when she was cast out of her home.

This was after her mother’s boyfriend had sexually abused her. Lace learned early on that surviving on the streets meant sacrifice. So she sold her body to whoever could pay and kept plying her profession until she arrived at Immaculate Perception, a Las Vegas firm.

Lace would like to believe that she runs a pristine operation. She is forced to question everything she knows and understands when one of her most requested girls turns up dead.

Lace wants answers. However, when she takes her worries to her boss, Valentino James urges her to keep her mouth shut.

But Lace isn’t so sure she can do that. And once she begins to dig, the answers she gets are far from pleasant.

+Who’s Loving You

‘Sweeter than Honey’ found Lace St. Thomas working as a madam for escorts in Las Vegas. Lace has since moved on from those dark days, having dedicated her life to helping other women.

Lace’s future begins to take a brighter turn when she meets the man of her dreams. And the man in question would love nothing better than to spend the rest of his life with Lace. However, his family isn’t quite as positive on their union, not after they learn about Lace’s past as a prostitute.

Lace will have to fight harder than ever to escape the demons of her past.

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