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The Honey series is a remarkable series of romance, contemporary, erotica, and adult fiction stories. It is penned by a reputed American writer named Kristen Ashley. The series consists of three books published between 2017 and 2018. After writing the third book of this series, Kristen Ashley moved on to write another series. Every book in this series features different primary characters. They are depicted as indulging in erotic romance and trying to overcome the obstacles in their path to make their lovers their own forever. Some of the essential characters created by Kristen Ashley for this contemporary romance series include Oliver, Amelie, Branch, Evangeline, and several others. Kristen Ashley has depicted an elite club that goes by the name The Bee’s Honey.

This club is known for providing a platform for its members to fulfill their darkest desires without having to worry about any boundaries. It is an exclusive club and the central characters are shown becoming members of this club. They go on to find their perfect partners in this club and then struggle to own them permanently. Author Kristen Ashley had already decided to make it a trilogy series right at the start. So, she ended the series with its third novel called The Greatest Risk. According to the author, the series was a departure for her. It served as an exciting new journey into a wonderful world filled with BDSM, erotica with alpha-subs and Dommes. Though there are sensuous elements in this series, Kristen Ashley wants the readers to make no mistake as the contains the usual KA factors that they know and love. She hopes the audience falls as hard as she did while writing the stories and discovering the characters.

Though the series finished with its third installment, there is a bonus for the fans of Kristen Ashley in the form of a novella called More Than Everything. This novella tells stories of other important characters, namely Maddox, Molly, and Diesel. Kristen Ashely has added this novella in her anthology series called Loose Ends. Readers across the globe have read and appreciated each of the three novels of this series. They have loved every character and praised Kristen Ashley for coming up with such lovely characters and entertaining them. Many noteworthy critics have spoken highly about this series and have given rave reviews for the novels on numerous literary platforms. Kristen Ashley is grateful for all such reviews and comments. She has also expressed her gratitude to all the fellow writers, who have appreciated her work and motivated her to write more. Kristen is hopeful that readers will continue to love all her future work just like they have loved and supported this series.

The debut book of the Honey series written by author Kristen Ashley is entitled ‘The Deep End’. It was released in 2017 by St Martin’s Griffin publication. This novel introduced a decadent sensual world comprising of alpha males, who serve as pleasure slaves to women wanting to fulfill their deepest desires. The alpha males work in an elite club called Bee’s Honey and there is no limit or boundary for the incoming female customers. They are free to use the alpha makes in whatever way they like and it is a compulsion for them to do what the women demand. One of the workers at the club is Oliver. He does not what he has gotten himself into, but a part of him craves the extraordinary lifestyle offered by the exclusive, secret club.

When Amelie comes to the club and asks for Oliver’s service, he is pushed to explore the deepest desires of his heart and surrender as a submissive. The two go on to grow closer and realize that they have fallen harder for each other than any of them had anticipated. But, Oliver is hiding the truth about his past life, which poses a threat to their budding relationship once it gets out. Oliver doesn’t want the secret to come out and cherish the sweet memories that he is making with Amelie. She also wishes to take their relationship forward and witness what it has for her in the future.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘The Farthest Edge’. It was also published by St. Martin’s Press in 2017. This novel revolves around the lives of Evangeline and Branch. Initially, Branch is introduced as a man who doesn’t have a past. Evangeline has been deprived of her future. When they come in contact with one another at the club, they give rise to a passion and get pushed to the extreme edge. Their passion is much deeper and harder than either of them imagined. Both Branch and Evangeline wonder if their romance is strong enough to become something lasting and real. Once again, Kristen Ashley has delivered a smoldering hot story filled with intense, raw characters and an achingly romantic tale.

Kristen Ashley is a renowned American author of erotica, romance, paranormal, and fantasy stories. She is the proud novelist of multiple novel series, including the Colorado Mountain series, the Chaos series, the Unfinished Hero series, the Rock Chick series, the Dream Man series, etc. Many of her books have made it to the bestselling lists of USA Today and the New York Times. So far, Kristen has penned over 75 books, which have been translated and published in 14 different languages. She has successfully sold more than 3 million copies of her books. A couple of her novels have also been adapted into movies. Kristen Ashley was born as Kristen A.L. Moutaw on April 8, 1968, in Gary, Indiana. She says that she has always enjoyed books and began borrowing the romance books of her mother from the age of 12.

It did not take her much time to fall in love with this genre. After growing up, Kristen started writing stories in the evenings after returning from her day job. It took her around 15 years to write 25 romance books. Her constant attempts to find a literary agent did not prove to be fruitful as she faced rejection every time. Finally, Kristen decided to take the path of independent publishing and started releasing 3 to 4 titles every month. To her surprise, she found readers who liked her work and appreciated it. This motivated her to continue writing. After working tirelessly for years and managing her writing career along with her day job, Kristen has now formed a team of copywriters, proofreaders, and graphic designers to assist her with her novels. In her interviews, Kristen has cited Judith McNaught, Carl Hiaasen, Janet Evanovich, and JK Rowling as her influences.

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