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Honeywells of Kentucky Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Honeywells of Kentucky Books

Wild Stallions (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild and Wounded (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Pride (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild and Unbroken (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild and Free (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Apart from being a renowned writer, Vanessa Gray is also an avid reader. Currently, Vanessa has penned down more than forty novels, which range from coming of age adult stories to young adult short stories too. Gray is an accomplished baker and a full-time mother to her exceedingly young daughter. After spending approximately two years at Nazarene University, Gray then shifted to Mount Vernon University where she attained a communications degree. While studying at Nazarene University, Vanessa developed a deep love for huge cities and also the cultural kaleidoscope that each of the cities has to offer. Currently, Gray resides in the countryside of Ohio, though she still fancies traveling from time to time.

Honeywells Series

The first installment in the Honeywell’s book series is Wild Stallion. In this novel, the author introduces the reader to the Honeywell Family, a family that has been breeding all kinds of horses for so many years. However, this exceedingly vulnerable family has never seen anything close to the latest generation. The latest generation is made up of five brothers whose reputations is exceedingly notorious as their great and dark looks. Ivy is their little sister, and Silver Springs is their tiny little home. Strangers are usually exceedingly terrified of the brothers. The five brothers believe that due to their wild nature, they will not be able to find a suitable spouse because no one is going to try to tame them.

Apart from the five brothers, the author also introduces the reader to Haley Griffin. Halley does not agree with the popular opinion about these brothers, and she has a great reason. When Halley was of a tender age, her life intersected with the oldest of the Honeywell Brothers, Brent. Ever since Brent has always been more than determined to ensure that the wellbeing of Halley is his top most priority. According to Haley, Brent has always been a mythical figure, however, when he decides to take the matter into his hands, Haley always feels the charm that accompanies the Honeywell brothers.

Another excellent read in the Honeywell’s book series is Wild and Wounded, which is the second installment in the Honeywells of Kentucky book series. In this installment, the author introduces the reader to Corliss Honeywell. When Corliss met Allie, she was only sixteen years of age and the daughter of the housekeeper at that particular point. Upon meeting, they instantly fell hard for one another, and their romance was one of a kind. However, something later on happened and it tore their newfound love apart. Five years later down the line, Alice is now in trouble, and Corliss is going to do whatever it takes to ensure that Allie is safe, even if it is going to mean that he is going to be around someone who causes his heart the most pain.

Allie Miller is not afraid of danger; all she wants is Corliss to disappear once more so that she can be able to forget her pain and their past. When together, their past does not stay silent. There is a person who wants Allie dead. Now, it is the duty of Corliss to give it and try and also try to salvage whatever remains between them. With that being said, this is an exceedingly great short novella. You are going to love how the author has intermingled the present day and history. Wild Pride is also another excellent read. In this installment, we are introduced to Darcy Honeywell who is currently searching for perfection. To Darcy, the perfect woman should be able to have an in-depth knowledge about horses, and she should be exceedingly tall. It does not take long before Darcy finally meets the woman that he has always been dreaming about. However, it does not take long before Darcy is dispatched to look after his exceedingly sick aunt, Jo.

Jo had placed her entire farm and animals under the care of Darcy, something that Darcy himself had not been prepared for and was not ready to do. Once he arrived at his aunt’s house, Darcy meets Genevieve, an exceedingly tiny woman who had managed to maneuver her way into Darcy’s exceedingly rich aunts, good graces. From the word go, Darcy is certain that Genevieve is hiding something and also she is up to no good. However, as the story progresses, Darcy becomes certain that perfection is something which is overrated and may at times, life’s biggest surprises usually comes in small packages. Wild and Unbroken is the fourth installment in the Honeywells of Kentucky book series.

In the book Wild and Unbroken, the author introduces the readers to the Porters. The Porters are considered to be trash in the exceedingly small town of Kentucky. They are not only dirty but also uneducated and are the exact opposite of the Honeywell in each and every way. Despite all the differences in class between the two families, they still have one thing in common; the two families have lots of children. The last thing that the inhabitants of the small town and the Honeywell expect is for one of the Honeywell’s brothers to fall for the porters. However, despite everything one of the Honeywell’s brothers falls for Larissa Porter who is exceedingly different in each aspect.

Everett Honeywell rescued Larissa Porter at a very tender age; thus she decides to live her life differently from the manner in which most of her family members do. Everett is not only the tallest member of the family he is also the introvert in a family, which is made up of mostly extroverts. Due to their uniqueness, Everett and Larissa were misfits, until one fateful day, which changed their entire lives. Now, Everett is more than determined to bring Larissa back into his life, and he is not going to take no for an answer. Is Larissa going to successfully overcome the haunting demons which emanate from her past or is she going to believe Everett from the high and mighty family never going to fall in love with a poor Porter?

Overall, the Honeywells of Kentucky is a well-written series, which lays emphasis on the Honeywell family. All the novels in this series are easy to read and full of antics which are both hilarious and innocent at the same time.

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