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Honor Bound (Angel Payne) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Honor Bound Books

Honor Bound is a series of romance novels authored by bestselling American author Angel Payne. The series was previously published as The Wild Boys of Special Series by another publisher, but the books are now no longer available under the old titles and series name. The Wild Boys of Special Forces debut novel was published as Saved by His Submissive, however under the new series title, the titled changed to Saved.


Saved is the first book in Honor Bound series by Angel Payne. The story introduces readers to Garrett Hawkins a Special Forces agent whose personal life is in turmoil following the death of his girlfriend, Sage Weston. Sage was reported dead after her car exploded and nobody remains were found. After losing the only woman he ever loved, Garrett does not care if he lives or dies and continues to carry out dangerous missions after the mission.

Garrett’s current Special Forces mission in Thailand infiltrate a sex slavery ring of abducted American citizens. The assignment is a success and gives Garrett the shock of his life when he finds Sage and her best friend Rayna among the kidnapped women. Garrett and Sage finally reunite, but Garrett has changed over the past year, and fears that his transformation will affect Sage. The dominating side of Garrett came last year and really does not want to accept that it can be this way. Even though most members of his Special Forces colleagues are dominant, however, a traumatic event in the past when Garrett was young makes him feel that this is not acceptable to live this way. On the other hand, Sage likes the change, but cannot convince Garrett to try.

Once Garett and Sage are back in the United States, they try to adapt to the new people they had become in the past one year when Sage was presumed to be dead. They have to decide if their relationship can survive the changes while the danger that Sage was in continues to hunt her down, but Garrett hides that information in order to protect her. Also, Sage must convince her man that she is interested in the in any type of a relationship and wants to try the dominant/submissive lifestyle. Sage works desperately to find out the reason why her man is so resistant to this new side of himself and tries to make Garett understand that it is not such a bad thing.

Saved is a beautiful masterpiece, the story has excitement, romance, and forgiveness. You will fall in love with all the characters both the main characters, Sage and Garett to the secondary characters who are beautifully crafted. Sage is powerful and courageous; she wants to be loved by Garrett, regardless of how absurd their relationship can be. Garrett is a handsome Special Forces officer who will do anything for the woman he loves but doesn’t want his recent transformation to affect her in any way.


Seduced is the third book in Honor Bound series by Angel Payne. The narrative introduces readers to Ethan Archer, Fortune Soldier. Ethan meets Ava Chestain, a stylist for the famous and the affluent at the wedding of Ethan’s teammate in the Special Forces. Ethan and Ava experience an instant connection and chemistry and hot fast and sexy describe better the love they feel for each other, but it is short-lived since Ava returns to L.A. while Ethan leaves for a new mission.

Ethan is soon promoted to a new position of a sergeant and, to celebrate, Ethan and his friends decide to go on vacation for Los Angeles. Ethan has a reason why he wants to go to LA and hopes that he will get a chance to meet Ava since that short-lived encounter has never left his mind for many months. Fortunately, Ethan and his friends mark a tour of a television show that evening when they arrive in Los Angeles. Ethan is puzzled to see Ava working on set and helping Bella Lanza, who is an ex-girlfriend of his from years ago. Bella interrupts her meeting with Ava, but it does not take long before Ava and Ethan find out that they still feel the heat they felt back in the woods many years. Ethan and his unit are requested to help the CIA in a terrorist scheme against an extensive network of cities that would cause a massive loss of life if not stopped.

Angel Payne takes the readers on a dizzying journey full of excitement, emotions. Moreover, while this happens, Ethan eventually gets in line with his feelings for Ava, but he does not know if she is on the same page as he is.


Wild is the 4th novel in Honor Bound series by Angel Payne. It is a novel that gives an update on each of the couples for far in the Special Forces team. We get to find out what is going on with Ethan and Ava, Tait and Luna, Wyatt and Josie, Garett and Sage and Zeke and Rayna.

We find out that Garett and Sage are desperately struggling to reconnect after the baby and Garrett has to figure out what he must do in order to help Sage. Then we also meet Zeke and Rayna at a crossroads in their love relationship. Zeke assumes that Rayna wants to marry, while Rayna knows Zeke is scared of marriage because of his dark past. Rayna must convince Zeke that all that she wants is only him.

Ethan brings Ava home to finally meet his wealthy parents. Ethan’s mom makes everyone uncomfortable especially for Ava, and soon Ava’s insecurities come out. She does not believe that she will fit into Ethan’s family and also doesn’t want Ethan to choose. Josie is stressed with everyday life. She is on the autopilot and does things every day she does not have time to enjoy in life. Wyatt has to show Josie that they need time together and enjoy life like a couple. We also discover what happens to Luna and Tait and even get a preview of the sequel novel on Tait and Kellan. Luna is a heroine after saving the world from a terrorist attack, but she has been in a coma for over six months due to her heroism. If you love romance novels, then you will find Honor Bound series from USA Today bestselling author Angel Payne a series worth reading.

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