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Publication Order of All the Skills Books

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Honour Rae is a GameLit fiction author who is best known as the author of the deck-based LitRPG series of novels “All The Skills.” She published “All the Skills” her debut novel and the first of the series in 2022 and given the popularity of the work she kicked on from there.

According to Rae, Her life changed when she found a genre of fiction writing that made it possible to distill magic into facts that you can touch.

Rae has a very interesting biography on Podium audio that is unlike anything other authors have. Since she selected banker as her profession and then got some sturdy oxen and all the ammunition her money could get, she loaded her entire family into a wagon and went West to set up a homestead.

However, she could only keep two hundred pounds of the rabbits, deer, squirrels, elk, bison, and bears she killed en route. It was not long before she was afflicted with dysentery and almost lost everything while trying to cross the river.
Somehow, Rae and her family managed to survive and conquer the Oregon Trail and emerged on Willamette Valley, where she sat down to write. Honour Rae now spends her days writing her LitRPG and GameLit fiction while drinking coffee that is more creamer than regular coffee, given how much cream is in it.

“All the Skills” by Honour Rae introduces the lead as a young boy named Arthur who lives on the outskirts of the deadlands in village #49. They all live for shoveling dragons dropping into the barren fields so that they may come back to life.
This is something that most residents are destined to do for the rest of their lives with hardly any change for years on end. Since he is still a boy, he follows in his father’s footsteps. Living in the deadlands, his mother and sister had died from the terrible conditions alongside other people but the local baron does not seem to care.

The baron’s wagon often passes by the village and one day Arthur decides to follow. He happens to be a witness to a red dragon tearing apart the fancy wagon after which it kills everyone, and harvests their cards once they are all dead.
When the dragon sees him hiding in the bushes, it calls him out and he steps out fearing for his life. However, the dragon gives him a card, which is one of those the wagon had been carrying. From this point on, Arthur grows in leaps and bounds as he takes on new jobs and learns all manner of skills while doing his best to survive.

What follows is a fun story as Honour Rae never lets up and keeps the story moving, even as he infuses it with a lot of activity, twists, and turns.

“All the Skills 3” is a fascinating GameLit fiction novel that continues to follow the life and times of Arthur. The man is a Legendary card wielder who is an elite fighter forever linked to a powerful and frightening dragon.

On the other hand is Brixaby, a parrot-sized rival also stands a chance of becoming just as great once he starts growing. Nonetheless, before that can happen, Brixaby and Arthur find themselves whisked away to the most unexpected of places.
They find themselves outside the kingdom in a new dragon hive. It is a Free Hive that somehow has not been affected or infected by the scourge wreaking havoc all over the world. They are in a palace where the best way to survive is to craft using card powers. But even in this new world, from the shadows come threats from an old enemy.

The hive needs to be defended and the strength of the Legendary card wielders may be what is needed to keep it safe. Brixaby and Arthur will need to become stronger to protect the Free Hive and this would mean more cards onto their decks and more skills to add to their repertoire.

Honour Rae does a good job with the pacing and the lead makes the most of changing circumstances as he grinds the levels and gets new skills.

In Honour Rae’s novel “All the Skills 2,” Arthur gets the “Master of Body Enhancement” card. His biggest headache is how to pair it with “Master of Skills” his most powerful card to win one of the sternest tests he ever faced.

He is in a race against time given that a Legendary once-in-a-generation dragon egg has just been laid. There is a lot of competition among the players as everyone wants to bond with it. As such, Arthur will be going up against some of the most powerful card wielders, one of whom is his cousin.

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