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All Summer Long (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Together Now (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
All My Friends (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Salamander Dream (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gray Horses (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Free Comic Book Day 2019 (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Batgirl, Vol. 1 (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Batgirl, Vol. 3 (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Batgirl, Vol. 4 (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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True Porn 2(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Comics Confidential(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hope Larson is an American author of graphic novels, comic artist and illustrator. She is an Eisner Award-winner known for her adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. Her other works include Mercury, All Summer Long, and Goldie Vance. All of Larson’s books come with detailed illustrations that tell the story in a way only images can do.


Mercury is a graphic novel featuring two women from the same family, one living in the present and the other in the past. Tara, a teenage girl whose routine involves running through a nice neighborhood to the burned ruins of a house she once called home, narrates the story in the present day while Joey, who also happens to be from Tara’s lineage tells the story in the 1800s.

Hope Larson offers rich graphic details of a teenager’s life, challenges she struggles with as she grows, and the past that still haunts her. The story also uncovers some truths that lead Tara to discover what happened to her family in the past.

On August 31st, 1859, Josey and her friend Connie are picking blackberries in her home in French Hill, Nova Scotia. As the girls are having a great time outside, a handsome stranger named Asa knocks on Josey’s home. This first encounter marks the beginning of a string of events that change Josey’s and, consequently, Tara’s life. There is a treasure of incalculable value in the woods belonging to Josey’s family. While Asa holds the key to finding these treasures, there is darkness in him and the woods. This darkness makes it all hard for the family to find the treasures. It is unfortunate that Josey’s father, in a quest to take to find riches, choses to work with Asa, a man who does not have the family’s interests at heart.

Tara lives with her auntie and uncle. Tara’s mother’s old farmhouse burned down, and she doesn’t have a job yet. She has to live with her relatives as the mother struggles to find a job. The living situation is stressful for Tara, and she spends her free time going back to her old house and visiting her old neighborhood. To cheer her up, Tara’s aunt gives her the mother’s old jewelry. Among the old jewelry is one magical piece that will change Tara’s life.

The parallel world phenomenon is quite impressive, and the author nails it when it comes to merging these two worlds. It is interesting to read how the lives of two girls who live over 150 years apart are so similar. The black and white illustrations are wonderfully detailed, making it easy for readers to understand the story. The going back between Tara’s and Josey’s life also makes the story fresh and more fascinating. It helps that these two teenage girls are fun, likable, and have a lot in common. Their friends, just like most teenagers today, are struggling with finding themselves, and it is heartwarming to see them step up for one another whenever necessary.

Mercury is a story of magic, history, and romance all weaved together to produce a remarkable novel. Larson storytelling telling skills are evident throughout the pages, and the twists and turns make this a page-turner you will not want to put down. The cast is exciting, and the main characters are sweet and not in an annoying way. Even though the story is about teenage girls, this book is an excellent read for all young adults, male or female.

All Summer Long

All Summer Long is a coming of age graphic novel on summer and friendships. It features Bina, a thirteen-year-old girl with an entire summer holiday ahead of her. While Bina and her best friend Austin spend all their free time together, Austin is going for a soccer camp in the summer. The fact that Austin will away mean that Bina will be spending the whole month alone. While Bina is curious to see how much fun she can have on her own, her summer starts on a low note when she is caught breaking into a friend’s house after locking herself out of her home.

Initially, not much is happening as Bina spends her time playing the guitar or watching bad TV. Things start to look up when Austin’s older sister, Charlie, turns to be a fun companion. Charlie’s love for music draws Bina to her, and soon, these two are having so much fun together. Bina also draws up a list of all the fun things she wants to experience throughout the summer. Amid all this fun is confusion as Bina feels that her relationship with her best friend is changing. Austin mostly had been ignoring her when he is away and returns home a different person. Austin is not answering her calls, and to make things worse, Bina has a feeling that Charlie is only using her. Leaving childhood and getting into adulthood is tough, but Austin is not alone. Bina and their friends are also experiencing different changes that come with adulthood.

Like other Larson’s graphic novels, All Summer Long comes with great art and illustration that makes the story more interesting. The artwork is black, white, and all shades of orange. The touch of color, together with the summer theme, makes this an exciting read sure to lift your spirits. The story of a girl trying to find herself and reconnect with her friends is also perfect for the target audience as this is something adolescents often experience. The message that boys and girls can be friends without any form of a romantic relationship is also apparent in this book.

If you are looking for a cute summer read, the All Summer Long is ideal. The characters are fascinating, the plot is simple, and the story is beautifully written and illustrated. The book is less than 200 pages, which means that readers can enjoy it in a single sitting. The story flows well, and it is easy for the readers to travel with the characters throughout their summer holiday.

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