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Publication Order of Horrorscopes Books

Horrorscopes is a series of novels written by Maria Palmer, bestselling author of Horror and Young Adult genres. Palmer began the publication of Horrorscopes series in 1995 when the first book Aries: Bloodstorm in the series was published. The rest of the thirteen books in the series were published later the same year.

Maria Palmer is the pen named used by American born but United Kingdom-based author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction author Lisa Tuttle. The author has published more than dozen books, over seven short stories, and various non-fiction titles. She has also reviewed several publications, edited different anthologies and has lived in the United Kingdom since 1981.

Palmer began writing novels after attending The Kinkaid School in Piney Point Village in Texas. And while studying in Mirabeau Senior High School in Houston, the author was active in writing science fiction fandom, and later she founded and also edited the Houston Sci-Fi fanzine, Mathom. While studying at Syracuse University in New York, the Palmer wrote for the University Magazine Tomorrow And and also published several alternative newspapers.

In 1973, Palmer attended Clarion Writers Workshop and later that year she sold Stranger in the House her first short story which was featured in Clarion II, an anthology which was edited by Robin Wilson. Later in 1974, Palmer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and relocated to Austin, where she served as a journalist for the next half a decade for the Austin American Statesman.

In 1973, Maria Palmer in collaboration with several other science fiction writers (Bruce Sterling, Howard Waldrop, and Steven Utley) founded the Turkey City Writers Workshop located in Austin, Texas. Later in 1974, she won John W. Campbell Award. Palmer collaborated with George R. R. Martin and wrote a novel The Storms of Windhaven which was later nominated for a Hugo Award in 1976 and was later expanded into a book titled Windhaven which was published in 1981.
Over the next two and half a decade, Palmer wrote some fantasy and science fiction novels including Lost Futures a book that was nominated for the James Tiptree and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. The author has also written young adult fiction books and also published several titles including Panther in Argyll, Catwitch, and Love-on-Line.

Also, the author has also published several nonfiction books including Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction (2002) and Encyclopedia of Feminism (1986). Working as an editor, Palmer compiled several anthologies including Crossing the Border and Skin of the Soul.

Palmer’s fiction mainly focuses on themes of gender and typically involves strong willed women who often question about their identities. David V. Barrett once stated that Maria Palmer stories are often emotionally uncomfortable and not only that they make one think but also make you feel. Most of her science fiction work has been associated with feminist Sci-Fi, and The Cambridge Guide to……Writing in English stated that many of Palmer’s narrative have a strong element of horror and science fiction. These features help to dramatize the aspects of the female gender and condition as illustrated in The Pillow Friend saying that it focuses more on ambiguities in its use of phantom pregnancies, imaginary friends, and edible boyfriends. Palmer has taught several writing institutions such as Citylit and Clarion West College in London. She has also reviewed novels for The Sunday Times, and in 1989 she was awarded BSFA Award for Short Fiction. Replacements, Palmer’s short story, was adapted for an episode of a Canadian Horror Television series, The Hunger. Another of her short story, Community Property was the theme of a 2015 French film Propriété commune.

In 1982, Palmer became the first and the only author up to date to refuse a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of America Nebula Award. The Bone Flute a short story which Palmer had it published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Sci-Fi was nominated for a Nebula Award in 1982, but the Palmer opted to object it to another nominee in the Best Short Story Category, George Guthridge. Even though this practice is accepted in the modern times, it was rarely considered during this period. Palmer wrote a letter to the Awards director requesting her story to be withdrawn. But unfortunately her short story was chosen the best short story before the message could reach the director Frank Catalano, and when she was notified that she was the winner, she responded by saying that she would not accept the award because she had already withdrawn from the story. As a result, Palmer refused to attend the awards ceremony, but in on April 29th, she was contacted by John Douglas, Pocket’s Book Editor who informed her that he had received the award on her behalf.


Horrorscopes are a series of novels written by American born, UK based author Maria Palmer. It is a series of horror novels for young adults based on the signs of the Zodiac.


In this tenth installment in Horrorscopes series by Maria Palmer, the story introduces to Lia, a young woman who lives with her foster mother and her step brother Lain. For years she has never seen or known her biological mother, and upon inquiries, she is always informed that her real blood mother is now dead. However with time, Lia comes to believe that she is the biological child of a lethal American murderess, and what convinces her most that she is Arlene’s daughter is after her brother is attacked. Is she the killer daughter or not? What connection does she have with the Arlene?

Virgo is another brilliantly written novel by the bestselling author of horror and science fiction. Palmer has done an excellent job in regards to the characterization in this narrative. The characters are well crafted ranging from the protagonist, Lia to the villain Arlene, the woman that Lia believes that she is her biological mother. Lia is a brave character; she is also courageous, and always gets what she wants, in other words, she is a go getter type of a woman. She is strong willed, and her journey in tracing her family is brilliantly portrayed, and through this journey, we can get to know more about her and also get to learn more about other characters.

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