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Publication Order of Horseshoer Mystery Books

The Horseshoes Mystery book series is an exciting series of thriller, mystery, western, crime fiction, and adult fiction stories. It is penned by a reputed American writer named Lisa Preston. The series started in 2018 with the publishing of its debut novel called The Clincher. After that, Lisa Preston released more titles, one every year. Currently, the series is still going on with more titles expected to be added in the coming years as well. Lisa Preston is hopeful of making it a long-running series as she believes that she has enough ideas in her mind right now to develop them into multiple novels. In every book, Lisa has mentioned the lead characters as Rainy Dale. She is described as a lady in her twenties, who earns her living by working as a horseshoer or farrier.

Rainy Dale carries secrets that haunt her every day. She is estranged from her California-based mother, who is a d-list actress. Rainy’s father works as a ranch hand in Texas. He too is not on good terms with her. Rainy Dale came to Oregon for the first time while trying to locate her childhood horse. She found it in a small town. Since then, she has stayed back among the cowboys and has built a new life for herself with her tools, forge, and steel. Rainy Dale lives in a garage and tries her best to not give in to the increasing temptations of the hot and handsome cowboys roaming around. Also, she tries to avoid the advances of her landlord and a good-looking chef named Guy. As a girl who is totally new to the place, Rainy has quite a lot at hand to prove. While doing so, she gets involved in murder mysteries that usually happen close to her.

On many occasions, she also becomes the prime suspect. Rainy Dale tries to solve each of the mysteries and clear her name. She doesn’t give in to the rising pressures or the views of the local people about her. The only thing she cares about is proving her innocence and helping the authorities to catch the main culprit. Whenever Rainy feels alone and doesn’t know where to look, she takes the help of Guy, who doesn’t mind providing her a helping hand as long as he gets to be close to her and enjoy her company. Lisa Preston has set the novels in Oregon, California, Texas, and several other places. Another important lead character created by her for this series is Charlie, who is Rainy’s dog. Its sniffing skills come in very handy for her while carrying out investigations.

The debut book of the Horseshoer Mystery series written by author Lisa Preston is entitled ‘The Clincher’. It was released by the Skyhorse publication in 2018. This novel opens by mentioning that Rainy Dale learned the trade of horseshoeing at a school in Texas. She was into horses since she was small and had a horse of her own named Red. After starting off in Texas, Rainy continued her horseshoeing trade in Central Oregon, where she came looking for her horse that went missing from her home in Texas. Rainy Dale was overjoyed to finally find her horse in a small town called Cowdry. Later, Rainy fell in love with the town and decided to stay there. Things were going well for some time as she was able to set up her business of horseshoe making and had clients approaching her very often.

Then one day, the worst kind upheaval found its way to her quiet existence when one of her regular clients turned up dead, falling victim to a brutal murder. And as the victim was last seen with Rainy, she became a suspect. The fact that she was not from this town made things worse for Rainy as no one was ready to listen to her. Even the local police kept eyes on her and tracked her every movement. Rainy Dale was not that kind of woman who would keep quiet and let the culprit play with her reputation. With the intention of getting to the bottom of the truth, she set out to find out the one actually responsible for her client’s killing. Rainy started off by investigating the timeline of events leading up to the death of the victim.

When the killer found out about Rainy’s determination to unravel the truth, he didn’t like it and hatched out a plan to remove her from his trail. But, Rainy was not ready to go down that easy. With the help of the local police, she succeeded in catching the real killer and played her part in bringing justice to her innocent client. In addition to the primary characters, this novel contains an excellent mix of secondary characters, including a veterinarian, the town’s residents, the police chief, and a young girl who is as passionate for horses as Rainy was when she was small.

Another excellent volume of this mystery series is called ‘Dead Blow’. It was released in 2019 by the Arcade Crimewise publication. This book opens by depicting that a client of Rainy Dale became a widow recently. The woman claims that there was no mark or bruise on the body of her husband. This claim makes Rainy Dale think about a dead blow hammer that doesn’t leave any mark on the striking surface. Such a tool does not belong to a horseshoer like her, but she knows them very well. She also knows that there are many questions surrounding the mysterious death of her client’s husband. Rainy wonders why the victim was driving a tractor dangerously close to a killer bull. And for how much was he alive after getting rolled and pinned under the machine.

Rainy learns that the entire town knew about the wandering eye of the dead man, but wonders if his widow knew anything about it. This tragic incident happened before Rainy Dale arrived in the town of Cowdry. At that time, her fiance, a chef named Guy, was volunteering with a friend in searching for a missing young woman. Rainy wants to focus on her upcoming wedding and plan things. But, she is unable to do that because the old intrigues of the town keep pulling her towards them. Once again, she is required to getting into her sleuthing shoes and use all her investigative tools to solve a mysterious case of murder and help make the town a peaceful place again to live. No matter how much behind schedule she is for her wedding plans, she cannot focus unless she has succeeded in revealing the truth about the victim’s death. And if she suspects any foul play, she will not rest until she has caught the murderer and handed him over to the police.

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