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Publication Order of Hostage Rescue Team Books

Hostage Rescue Team series by Kaylea Cross brings a thrilling military romantic suspense. The USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Kaylea Cross has many awards to her name. With a knack to write edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense, expect a fast-paced and heart-racing experience with her writing.
Hostage Rescue Team features romantic suspense, with a military setting, an exciting combination of both thrill and romance lovers. A well-research story for its sense of authenticity to aid your immersion in the authentic process in the paramilitary world. Kaylea’s insight into the Special Ops background does bring out a more compelling realism for the readers’ experience. Thrown in a classic maiden in distress meets prince charming plots, complete with steamy sensual scenes bringing the romance to life. For the fans of the author’s Titanium Security series, prepare for your fill military romance.


“Then say what you need. Ask me.”

“Ask you what?” she whispered, suddenly feeling emotionally naked.

“Ask me to stay.”- excerpt from Marked.

Accomplished architect Rachel Granger gets her life torn apart when a terrorist group targets her. Her hope lies in the only man she can fully trust, a former college friend and Special Agent Jake Evers. Years had gone since they last seen each other, from a relationship that went far deeper than simple friendship, to a desperate need for his help. But with him risking her life for her, Rachel face the daunting decision of keeping the ones she loves safe from the perpetrator.

On the other end, Jake Evers would not let this second chance to get Rachel goes to waste. Two years had gone and nothing changed for his feelings for her. If she needs him, he will be there. Everything will be done in his power to protect Rachel from the domestic terror cell. Having never gotten over the missed love, it is now up to him to prevent the widespread terror.

The first in the FBI-themed series, Marked was a mixed bag of second chance romance and standard lovers story. An alternating point of view, with a fast-paced flow and excellently done, albeit with timely, often mood killing, steamy sensual bits.

We start with a flashback of the relationship between Rachel and Jake, a love that never been acted upon. She gave up on their any possible progress for their relationship when Jake left to pursue a career in the military.

Years past, Rachel’s younger brother Brandon found himself befriending a shady figure while in college, all in order to fit in. Rachel soon discovers that multiple blueprints have been stolen from her computers. By chance, she saw Brandon’s new friend’s face pasted on American’s Most Wanted. Realizing she inadvertently gets dragged into the conspiracies of Brandon’s new friend, Rachel reaches out for Jake, not for their relationship, but because of that relationship they had, she knows he is the only man she can put her trust on. Rachel confirms her suspicion while working with Jake’s FBI contacts. The true nature of Brandon’s new villainous friend, a hacker, an expert in his field. To exact his plan, he needs to first get hold of Rachel.

Knowing that Jake has a second chance in romance, he swore to make her his after the mission no matter what. The traditional lover’s story of the girl in grief waiting for her prince to swoop in plays the central romance plot. Both characters are competing in the same league. The damsel in distress is a self-made woman, intelligent, capable and actually listen to the ones in charge as people in unknown danger should. Our hero protagonist is your everyday, sexy, bulk of masculinity, tender and caring, determined to keep Rachel safe with him. A romantic past and bad decision, with the unsung loyalty shaped for Jake towards Rachel.

Expects sieges, ransom demands, gun fights and of course, hostage taking, as the book explores the inner working of the terror cells and the relationship between our heroes.


The second in the Hostage Rescue Team series. Special agent Celida Morales survived an attack on the job, now determined to salvage and revive her reputation in the field. Scarred by domestic terrorism, she’s hell-bent to leave her mark on them this time. Confronted with a hostage situation, she now faces the reality of losing not only the hostages, as well the only man who stole her heart.

The Assault team leader Brad Tucker has always sought after the heart of Celida. The rejection from Celida’s unwillingness to commit and professional conduct stops him. Years of hard work and failing to juggle the increasing demands of both his job and personal life, he throws away all of those after the incident that almost took Celida’s life. It is now the only time for Tuck to claim her. That against an enemy ready to leave behind a trail of innocent, just to settle an old score.

Tuck finally decide that it was time stop running from his feelings for her. He’s a man that knew himself best, knew that he is in tune with her in every way that he is the only one for her. The dynamics between the two is never that of aggression, it’s a friendly rivalry that grows into the perfect chemistry.
Or as he perfectly captures his feelings: “The day you were wounded it scared the hell out of me that I’d almost lost you. You matter to me. Always have. I want you. To be with you.”

Celida is in a similar plight, too afraid to let anyone else near her heart. Tuck isn’t helping either, and all she wants to hear is his intentions and proposal for commitment. That said, she had never been with anyone for more than a one-night stand. Tusk too have something else that weighing him down, the need to take care of his father suffering from Alzheimer’s.

As much as this is sounding more like more romance than suspense, the villain shall remain unspoiled for the readers to discover. Expect a more polished edition of the series with Targeted. If you miss the first book, no worries, all books in the series can be read as a standalone.

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