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Publication Order of Beast Master/Hosteen Storm Books

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The name Hosteen Storm refers to a series of science fiction novels written by Andre Norton. Hosteen Storm is also the primary protagonist of the books.

+The Story

Andre Norton was born Alice Mary Norton. However, once she decided to write novels targeted towards a male audience, she realized that she was more likely to succeed if she used an androgynous pen name that would not immediately repulse male readers because of its femininity.

And Alice was right. The Hosteen Storm books, when they were first published in 1959, became essential reading for young boys and girls all over the United States. They were recommended not because of their strong writing style and educational messages but as a result of the pulpy storytelling that Andre Norton brought to the table and which so thoroughly entertained young readers that it convinced even the reluctant ones to read.

Many a contemporary reader will admit to consuming and loving the Hosteen Storm series when they were younger. In that same vein, you are likely to encounter adult audiences that do not find the series engaging because they believe it was written with children in mind.

The Hosteen Storm series follows the exploits of an American Indian gentleman of Navajo descent living in difficult times. Long ago, humankind fought an alien race called the Xik.

The humans ultimately emerged victorious. They beat back the Xik threat. However, their planet was decimated in the process, reduced to a radioactive cinder. It became necessary to repatriate humankind to new colonies spread throughout space.

Hosteen storm fought in the war against the Xik. His skills as a beast master gifted him the power to communicate with animals and utilize them in combat against his foes. And he contributed immensely to the war effort.

However, once the fighting died down, the military was greatly reduced and Hosteen was suddenly without employment or purpose. At the start of the Storm series, Hosteen has been repatriated to Arzor.

Hosteen chose the planet because it bore a strong resemblance to his native homeland. The Hosteen Storm series follows the Beastmaster as he tries to carve out a new life for himself.

Life on Arzor isn’t without its challenges. Hosteen initially sets out to assimilate into the local culture. He takes steps to endear himself to the natives and to offer his services where necessary.

However, not only do the locals invite him into their lives but they see fit to involve him in their many squabbles. Additionally, Arzor keeps attracting visitors from far off planets. And unlike Hosteen, some of them seek to take advantage of the native population.

Hosteen cannot stand injustice. He is joined on his many quests to save Arzor from invaders and internal squabbles by an Eagle, a Dune cat, and two Meercats. Hosteen regards the animals as his team.

They provide aid in the areas of scouting, sabotage and straight up battle.

While Andre Norton is credited with producing the Hosteen Storm series, she actually only wrote the first two novels. That was in 1959 and 1962. Starting with ‘Beast Master’s Ark’ in 2002, a New Zealand author called Lyn McConchie took over.

Though, Andre Norton is still credited for the 2002-2006 novels because Lyn McConchie used her brief outlines to write them. The Lyn novels are rarely well-received. Many a reader doesn’t believe that Lyn succeeds in replicating Andre Norton’s writing style.

Her own writing abilities have been judged as being neither good nor bad but merely adequate. Additionally, audiences believe that she does too much head hopping.

Andre Norton, when she first wrote the Hosteen books, was praised for producing stories that saw indigenous non-white characters fight and win their own battles.


The Hosteen Storm novels have never received direct adaptations. A film called ‘The Beastmaster’ was released in 1982 but it only used some of the ideas from the first Hosteen novels.

It did not follow the plot of Andre Norton’s ‘The Beast Master’. The same can be said for a 1999 Canadian television show called ‘Beast Master’. While Andre Norton’s characters and concepts were mined, the story the show told was largely original.

+The Author

Andre Norton made history when she was awarded the Gandalf Grand Master Award in 1977, the first woman to receive such a prize. The author was inspired to write by a charismatic teacher she met in high school.

Even as a teenager, Andre knew she would pursue writing and publishing in the future. She had to choose an androgynous name that sounded male to succeed. But her efforts paid off, earning her numerous science fiction and fantasy awards during the length of her illustrious career.

+The Beast Master

Humankind went to war against aliens called the Xik. They won but paid dearly for their victory. The earth was devastated in the process, so much so that, when all was said and done, Hosteen Storm learned that he had no home to return to.

Hosteen Storm fought in the war against the Xik. As a Beast Master, his ability to communicate with animals aided him in the battle to save Terra. Now that there are no more wars to be had, Hosteen learns that he will be repatriated to Arzor, a planet whose landscape is reminiscent of the lands his people occupied – Hosteen is Navajo.

The first book in the Hosteen Storm series finds the hero prowling the land in search of a man that wronged him. In his hunt for revenge, Hosteen observes that the aliens and human colonists on Arzor had managed to maintain peace and share the planet via a truce they created between them.

However, that truce is threatening to dissolve. Someone is creating an imbalance among the colonists and the natives, and if Hosteen doesn’t act fast, another war will erupt.

2). Beast Master’s Ark

Hosteen Storm is a beast master who has found a home on Arzor. It was hard work carving out a new life after the Earth was destroyed by an alien threat.

But Arzor has proven to be a suitable location for him to rebuild, or so Hosteen thought. His hope for a tranquil future is shattered when a new threat emerges and begins to attack animals and humans alike, leaving nothing but bones behind.

Hosteen must join forces with an ill-tempered woman who can also talk to animals to keep Arzor safe.

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