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Publication Order of Hostile Operations Team Books

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The Hostile Operations Team series is a bestselling series of romantic suspense, military, contemporary romance, and suspense novels. It is written by a USA Today and NY Times bestselling author named Lynn Raye Harris. The series is comprised of a total of 11 novels and 2 novellas, which were released between the years 2013 and 2017. Each of the books of this series consists of a different set of lead characters, whose romantic lives have been described by author Lynn Harris. The characters are depicted as being members of the team of Hostile Operations, or the HOT. They undergo several military operations and try to overcome difficult situations. All the books that author Harris wrote in this particular series became highly popular and helped her achieve great success in her writing career. She has stated that she got the motivation to write the series from her husband, who is an ex-military personnel.

The debut novel of the Hostile Operations Team book series written by author Lynn Raye Harris is entitled ‘Hot Pursuit’. It was released by the HOT Publishing, LLC in the year 2013. The primary characters mentioned by author Lynn Raye in this novel include Matt Girard and Evangeline Baker. At the start of this book series, it is shown that Matt Girard is the last person in the whole world that Evangeline Baker wants to see, but it turns out that he is the only man, who has the ability of saving her. Around 10 years ago, Matt Girard had ended up doing something that he was not supposed to do. Evangeline Baker was a sweet young girl at that time, and in the wake of her youthfulness she had offered Matt Girard her virginity. Matt took the opportunity with both hands. But, after their romantic night, he left the town and did not look back. Matt Girard had enrolled himself in the Hostile Operations as a soldier of black ops and was involved in active duty, until now. It appears that Matt Girard has landed his future jeopardy by letting one of his missions go wrong. He was dismissed from his duties for some days until he is supposed to report to the military trial court and face the consequences of his failed mission. Matt Girard decides to spend the few days he has before his trial with his own people in his hometown. And so, he heads back home. When Evengeline Baker sees Matt after such a long time, her heart begins to pound for him once again. In fact, she has never stopped thinking about in all these years and always prayed that he comes back in her life. But, after experiencing numerous heartbreaks from men, she thinks that she has had enough of the lies and fake promises that don’t get delivered by such men. So, she doesn’t wish to indulge in any kind of relationship with Matt as of now. Later, Evangeline Baker comes to know that one of her former boyfriends has died and her sister has mysteriously vanished. In such desperate times, she looks very much in need of the special military skills of Matt Girard to help her find her missing sister and find out who killed her ex-lover. Evangeline Baker and Matt Girard do not have much time left with them, and whatever that they have is running out at a fast pace. For the sake of the love that Matt has for Evangeline, he will go to any extent to protect her and help locate her sister. He even doesn’t think twice to sacrifice everything that he has achieved so far with HOT. When the reward is in the form of the woman he cannot forget, he believes it is worth taking the risk.

The next installment of this exciting new series by Lynn Harris is called ‘Hot Mess’. It was also published in 2013 by the HOT Publishing. Author Lynn has mentioned the central characters in this book as Dr. Georgeanne Hayes and Sam McKnight. The setting of the plot is done on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted Dr. Georgeanne Hayes is a professor of English. It looks like she has some problem. Georgeanne Hayes notices that her most popular pupil, who works as a Top Secret program of the government as an Army Sergeant, has been missing for the last few days. Also, she forcefully pushed by someone in front of an oncoming train the previous night. Sam McKnight, who is popularly known as Knight Rider, always looks out for Dr. Georgeanne Hayes. The two were very good friends when they were small kids. During those days, Sam McKnight used to see her as just the baby sister of his best buddy. But now, both have grown up quite well and Sam has started to get some very dirty and sensuous thought about Georgeanne. However, he keeps his desired suppressed and does not let them known to her because he knows that he cannot have her ever in his life. Sam McKnight thinks their worlds are very different and his in particular is filled with many dangers all around. The life of Georgeanne Hayes is threatened again by someone and this time Sam has made up his mind to find out this person. He is determined to keep Georgeanne safe and make this person pay for his evil deeds. Sam doesn’t mind spending a few days with her locked up in a distant house on the Eastern Shore when it comes to ensuring her safety. Sam has always denied himself the things that he wants for himself and Georgeanne Hayes. But, the time has come when he will be forced to push himself to his limits because being so close to Georgeanne will make him want to overcome the boundaries and express his desires in front of her. And when Georgeanne Hayes tells him that she also has the same feelings for him, Sam McKnight becomes very happy and excited. He decides that the first thing he will do after getting rid of the danger from the head of Georgeanne’s life is to propose her and start his married life with the most beautiful woman he has ever come across. The book was very much appreciated by the masses all over the world. They liked the settings, the storyline, and the characters a lot. Author Lynn was praised for her excellent writing style and this motivated her to write many more books in her writing career after this mind blowing novel.

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