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Publication Order of Hotbloods Books

Hotbloods (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coldbloods (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Renegades (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Venturers (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Traitors (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Allies (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Invaders (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stargazers (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Writing fantasy novels that tantalize and entice the reader, the American author Bella Forrest has a knack for creating in-depth and entertaining stories. Bringing together elements of romance and the paranormal, she has a large imagination that is truly impressive in its scope and sheer sense of scale. Taking genres that feature many well-worn tropes and conventions, she manages to turn them on their head, creating something entirely new in the process. Not only that, but she has managed to achieve a lot of success whilst doing it too, such as what she has done with vampires for instance. Her ‘Hotbloods’ series is a great example of this, as it has managed to bring together the best of what Forrest is about, for an audience that is both young and old. Featuring the stories of Riley and Navan, it sees them both dealing with the supernatural elements, whilst also coming to terms with their own powers. Set in America, with much of it taking place in Texas, these stories draw from Forrest’s own background, whilst taking them into the realms of the fantastical. They also venture into romantic territory, whilst they’re also not afraid to get their hands dirty either, giving the audience a little bit of everything.

Running for over eight novels and counting, this is definitely a series that manages to deliver on its initial premise with an impact. Operating as one long grand saga, the series never manages to lose its momentum, with it continuing to focus itself on its young college age characters. Beginning in 2017, it has been released in quick succession, with much of the series being planned prior as one grand narrative arc.


Published through the Nightlight publishing outlet, this book would come out in 2017 on the 6th of November. Heralding the arrival of a brand new fantasy series, it would establish the start of the Hotbloods collection of fantasy novels. Introducing all the primary characters for the first time, it definitely manages to bring its reader into the world with ease, in an entertaining and fun manner.

Looking to spend one final summer with her friends before making the journey to college, Riley is all set to hang out with them on an isolate Texas farm. This isn’t quite what she was expecting though, as the quiet life slowly begins to get to her, but this all changes when she uncovers a dark secret. With a whole host of strange comings and goings that they can’t quite explain, Riley feels that she’s inexplicably drawn to her attractive new neighbor, Navan. The only issue is, though, is that he has otherworldly powers beyond all human comprehension, as Riley aims to protect her friends and solve the mystery. Will she find out what it is that’s really going on? Where will her journey take over the summer? Just who are the hotbloods?


Once more published through the Nightlight publishing house, this would come out not long after the first, with it being released in 2017 too, this time on the 30th of December. Carrying on in much the same way as before, it really works it taking everything up to whole new level, providing a raised set of stakes and new challenges. This, once again, makes for an extremely compelling story, one that makes it easy to see exactly how the ‘Hotbloods’ series became so successful, this being the second one.

Through a shocking set of twists and turns, Riley and Navan continue their journey, as they attempt to defend those that they care about. With enemies slowly becoming allies though, it becomes difficult to tell who is who any more, as the boundaries between good and evil become blurred. Taking off to different planets too, the characters journey to such places as Vysanthe, as their quest takes them above and beyond. As romance begins to blossom too, the chemistry between Riley and Navan becomes ever more apparent as time goes on. Will they become and item during their quest? Can they work together to save the day? What will become of them and the Coldbloods?


Also released by Nightlight the publishing imprint, this provides the third story in the ‘Hotbloods’ series of much loved novels. Getting straight into the action, this really works at delivering a fresh new story in the series, whilst also keeping the momentum going too. Published in 2018, this would arrive on the 10th of February, as it wouldn’t keep fans waiting long after the second title. It would also manages to pave the way for the fourth, keeping readers interest constantly peaked throughout at all times.

Reuniting Riley with Navan once more, the two of them must work together once again to secure the fate of everything they hold dear. With Riley undergoing training now as well, she is really pushing herself to the limit through a set of gruelling and highly intensive exercises. Not only are Navan and Riley growing closer too, but they also continue to grow closer to the Queen as well, something which will also help secure their fate. Can they cope with everything that they’re put up against? What will become of their ever growing relationship with one another? How will they fare with the renegades?

The Hotbloods Series

An excellent example of its genre, this is one series that truly never lets up, really delivering on what it set out to do. For both long-term fans of Bella Forrest and newcomers alike, this is definitely worth trying, as it’s a great entry point for getting into her work. Knowing exactly how to craft a story, she truly is a master of tension and suspense, building upon these feelings of trepidation throughout. Her characters are also something to be admired, as the reader really feels invested in the outcome of both Riley and Navan and what happens to them. This is definitely a series to stick with, as it will continue to grow in the years to come, with a lot more set to be released in the near future.

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