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Publication Order of Hot Flash Club Books

The Hot Flash Club (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hot Flash Holidays (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hot Flash Club Chills Out (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

This is the first book of the Hot Flash Club (Series by Nancy Thayer).

The main characters in this are four women known as Faye, Alice, Marilyn and Shirley. The four women are very determined in life and ready to make a change in their lives. The women are described to be very passionate, loving and alive. This is what keeps them going and have confidence in making the year their ultimate year of their own lives. It is at this time that these four intrepid women have just discovered who they were truly meant to be. This is something that puts a lot of pressure on each individual, but they have to give their best in case they want to achieve what they really deserve in life. They are all smart, skilled and have their own secrets of life. This is something that makes the women to feel over the hill and out of the race in one way or the other. At a given moment, the four women meet and it is at this particular time is when they realize that they do share just more than lost dreams and raging hormones. The four determined women are very willing to aid each other and themselves particularly. This is at the Hot Flash Club, a place where men, sex and other topics about motherhood are discussed. The men in this club are always discussed about the issue of double servings of chocolate and many more. Despite the situation at the club, the four women are more than ready to make ends meets and ensure that they fully support each other at times of difficulty.

In order for the four women to achieve something better, they have decided to either use or lose whatever they have. This is quite tricky on their side and they are willing to use their brains, bodies, sense and spirits for fun. This is what makes them that they can actually have it all in life and this may be the first time. Despite the fact that the sags may never rise up again and they believe that there is no expiration date for feeling sexy, they feel it is now time to start over. How did the four women carry on with life? Did they achieve something they really expected? These are some of the questions that you can get answered by getting the copy of the book and reading more. The books are available online where you can either buy a copy of the book or read online. The novels are also available locally at the nearest bookshops and libraries. Get the books and you will really love them.

The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again

This is the second book of the Hot Flash Club (Series by Nancy Thayer).. This is a continuation of the first book and the main characters are the four women. In this novel, the women are seen struggling to reconcile their secrets with their dreams and also ready for massage seaweed wraps. Besides these, they are also seen struggling with their biggest fears and each has a deep feeling. We also find out that Polly is struggling to be the best mother in law. This comes after eighteen years of trying to get in terms with her husband’s cold. At this particular time, she is very determined, loving and ready to shut up her mouth. On the other hand, we find out that her son has made up her mind to marry Amy, who is the Birken-stocked girl. This makes the optimistic Polly to pull foot forward, but still things end up in her mouth leaving many questions to be answered.

Beth, who is a brilliant, but shy professor has always lived a classic life. She is then swept off when she meets Sonny, who is described as a sexy and rugged carpenter. These are some of the key happenings in this smart novel. You get more and more interesting things to keep you reading the novel. It is also available online at pocket friendly price. Get the book today and you will be amazed by the perfect story created by Nancy Thayer. She is one of the best American authors to look for her books.

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  1. Louise: 2 years ago

    I loved the first 4 books made sure my Sisters read them all. I did not know there were 16 books in the series Thank you for the LOL everyday in our lives
    Renee Louise


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