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Publication Order of Hot Jocks Books

Playing for Keeps (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Way (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trying to Score (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crossing the Line (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down and Dirty (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild for You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taking His Shot (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breaking the Rules (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bedroom Experiment (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kendall Ryan is a best-selling author that has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today. She has sold over three million of her books and counting.

Her books have been a success in the United States as well as abroad. She has had her books translated into different languages for readers to enjoy all over the world in different countries. She has been featured as well in different publications like Newsweek, USA Today, and InTouch Magazines.

Kendall is married to her husband. They live together in Texas along with their two sons.

Kendall was born in South Caroline on August 15, 1981. She has not only lived in South Carolina but Guam as well as various American states South Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, California, Texas, and Minnesota. She attended Western Michigan University and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis on marketing.

She signed in 2011 with a literary agent and was getting ready to sell her first book when she started witnessing how well independent authors were doing on the self-publishing platform newly debuted on Amazon. She decided that it would be better to try her hand at self-publishing over taking a traditional publishing deal. She did well and liked it so much that she left her corporate job to start writing on a full-time basis in 2012.

Kendall’s books have been featured in various publications. Newsweek magazines featured her book Filthy Beautiful Lies in 2015, which was mentioned to be the next ‘fifty shades’ book. GoodReads named her novel The Gentleman Mentor a Best New Romance. Cosmopolitan Magazine also featured her series When I Break.

Kendall likes doing humanitarian work and volunteering, with children who are disadvantaged and orphans. She also includes adoption in her books as a theme occasionally. Kendall signed for a publishing contract with Waterhouse Press and Radish Fiction in 2017.

Kendall Ryan is the creator and author of the Hot Jocks series of fictional novels. The series got started in 2019 with the publication of the debut novel, Playing for Keeps. The first book was followed by the steamy second in 2019, titled All the Way. The third novel came out after, called Trying to Score. The fourth novel came after that, titled Crossing the Line. The fifth novel is titled Down and Dirty, followed by the sixth novel Wild for You, and the seventh novel, Taking His Shot. The eighth novel in the series is titled Breaking the Rules.

Playing for Keeps is the first book in the Hot Jocks series by Kendall Ryan. If you are looking for a new romance to enjoy with a few jocks in the mix, check out this sizzling romance!

Justin is a hockey player that is now thinking that he might be the dumbest jock of all time. He knows that he has never been this stupid in his entire life. He’s close friends with his teammate, but never failed to notice that his teammate had a beautiful and sweet younger sister. He had always registered Elise Parrish as being off limits, but this was one of the times that his personal hockey stick just did not adhere to those guidelines.

Then Justin’s team wins the championship and he’s on a natural high. The flirting that they’d always done finally transitions over to something physical for the two, and Justin takes her to bed where they have an incredible night together. The next morning, she’s out the door, presumably due to being incredibly self-conscious of the night they’ve spent together.

Justin finds out that Elise doesn’t think that he recalls that night, but that’s not the truth. Justin remembers each and every detail of them being together as though it were burned into his brain. He remembers holding her in his arms, how that felt, and so much more. He’s also been spending the past three months trying anything that he can to get their encounter and Elise out of his head.

He’s starting to figure out that when it comes to him, Elise is the only girl that he wants. He has to show her that he’s capable of being what she needs, and it’s going to take some convincing. That’s okay, because now Justin is playing for keeps. Will he be able to win Elise over and show her that he’s the guy for her?

Pick up a copy of the first book in the Hot Jocks series to find out!

All the Way is the second book in the Hot Jocks series by Kendall Ryan. If you love romantic stories with fit athletes and swoon-worthy women, check out this book!

Owen’s a typical guy, and when he’s involved in a relationship that’s important to him, he has a huge protective streak. He’ll never let anyone mess with his girl. Then there’s Becca, who refuses to let the past define her.

She knows that it is the right time for her to move on from things and try to forget the past. She just wants to get back out there and begin dating again. But each time she starts thinking about it, she gets nervous and starts sweating. Luckily, she has her best friend Owen Parrish to help her out with it, the professional hockey jock that knows what he’s doing when it comes to hooking up.

Becca is relying on him to show her the way. Owen’s promised that he’ll guide her through online dating and show her what to do. She’s grateful to have his help because it won’t be as hard for her. But what about him?

Owen agreed to help his friend Becca figure out how to hook up with guys on dating apps, but now he’s starting to regret it. How was he supposed to know that he’d start picking up on the little things about her? Like how she looks so cute with messy buns? Or how she’s obviously gorgeous?

Owen finds himself lusting after her, and suddenly needs to step in and be the one to show her what the bedroom is about. He’s thrilled with Becca’s also game. He just has to figure out a way to show her that he can be a good boyfriend, before she moves on. Can he keep Becca around and prove he’s worth the time? Read this book to find out!

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