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Hot Shots: Men of Fire Books In Order

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Publication Order of Hot Shots: Men of Fire Books

Bella Andre is a published author. She uses the pen name of Lucy Kevin too for some of her series. She is in Wordslingers, a 2018 documentary on writing.

Bella is a best-selling writer. She has self-published many books and series. She has sold over seven million copies in the course of her career with more to come. Her books have made it to the number one top-selling spot multiple times in the United States as well as internationally.

This author has written a variety of series, including The Morrisons. Bella has made it onto Amazon’s top 10 list of authors in the number one ranking several times. The list also included such authors as James Patterson and J.K. Rowling. She has been called one of the all time best selling authors by Apple iBooks.

In addition to being creative, Andre also is the creator of a publishing company. Oak Press was the company that she made for the purposes of publishing her own novels. It grew quickly, a fact noted by Publishers Weekly. She ended up signing a print only deal for seven figures with Harlequin MIRA.

Andre is known to readers for her romance writing and her stories that manage to be both sensual and empowered. Her writing has been featured in a variety of publications to date, including Cosmopolitan Magazine. The majority of her works have made it into translation into several different languages. She has won several awards and has been featured as an author in a variety of television and radio shows, magazines, and newspapers and media outlets.

She attended Stanford University and graduated and since then has been involved in speaking. Bella is no stranger to giving keynote speeches around the world. She has spoken at various publishing conferences in cities all over the globe from San Francisco to Berlin to New York City and Copenhagen.

When she is not typing out a new story on her computer, readers could potentially find this author spending some time with her family. She has two children and is married. When not hanging out with them, she enjoys swimming, reading, hiking, or anything that can make her laugh. She divides her time between wine country in the northern California region, a London apartment, and her Adirondacks log cabin getaway.

Bella Andre is the creator and author of the Hot Shots: Men of Fire series. This fictional series was first introduced to readers in 2009 with the debut novel in the series, which is titled Wild Heat. If you love romantic stories that just sweep you up into another world, this is the book for you!

Wild Heat is the first novel in the Hot Shots series by Bella Andre. When it comes to the main character in this book, Maya Jackson is a woman that knows what she wants. Her beauty is the stuff that legends are made of, and her looks and her personality together could win over any man in the world. No one ever sees a woman like Maya coming, including the handsome firefighter that is about to fall hopelessly under her spell.

Logan Cain is a firefighter by trade, but really he’s an adrenaline junkie. There’s no risk that he doesn’t want to take and he’s a hotshot in his field. The handsome guy is tough to resist, a fact that Maya finds out firsthand. She usually has a rule about avoiding interaction with strangers in the bedroom, but a lonely night that sends her to have a drink at the local bar is about to change all that.

This one choice to go to the bar leads to her meeting Logan, who is an attractive guy. His smile is enough to melt any lady’s heart. The only problem is that Maya works as an arson investigator. Even though he was one of the best lovers that she has ever been with, it’s been half a year that has passed since that night.

Now Logan is the primary suspect when it comes to an open case involving a string of wildfires. Maya doesn’t know what to think, but things are certainly not looking good. For Logan, his job is what gives purpose to his life. He loves getting up and having some coffee and then heading out into the world to risk his own life to help people.

He is the leader of the Hotshot Crew of Tahoe Pines, an elite fire-fighting unit. Logan is the type of guy that is never going to be intimidated or turn down a challenge when it comes to danger, but a woman is a totally different challenge than a blaze that’s gotten out of control.

Logan knows that Maya may end up being more lethal to him than any flame could ever be. This beautiful woman has begun to seduce him, and her passion and tears are starting to work her into his heart. He never saw a girl like her coming into her life, but letting himself love again will be difficult.

Logan refuses to let his defenses drop. But when Maya’s life comes under threat, his protective instincts kick into full gear. He’s going to do everything that he can to protect her. With a killer on the loose and fires kicking up, can true love prevail? Can this firefighter allow himself to be brave and trust again? Read Wild Heat to find out!

Hot As Sin is the exciting second book in the Hot Shots series. Dianna Kelley is a young woman with a past. She was with Sam MacKenzie before she left a decade ago, and now only desperation could lead to their reunion.

This firefighter might just be able to help her out. Dianna is trying to find her sister, who she believes may be at risk. However, can she fight the attraction to Sam? It’s going to be tough when they’re hiking the Rockies together.

Traveling through remote lands, Dianna must trust Sam to keep them alive. For his part, he’s finding that the woman from his past may just be the one of his dreams. Can he help her without falling for her? Read this book to find out!

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