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Publication Order of Hotshots Books

Annabeth Albert is a published author that specializes in romance stories. She is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Annabeth is familiar with the Pacific Northwest as well as books! She is an avid reader as well as writer and loves reading stories that are sexy, funny, and emotionally complex. When it comes to her own stories, she loves coming up with happy endings for the couples in her tales. She is a big believer in gay rights and is a passionate and stalwart supporter of them. She is also a mother, tweeter, obsessive reader, and a grammar nerd. She still works her day job when she isn’t busy finding dark heroes that she needs to provide with redemption on the printed page.

Annabeth Albert is the creator and the author of the Hotshots series. This series first got started in 2020 with the publication of the debut novel Burn Zone. This was followed by the publication of the intense sequel, titled High Heat. If you’re looking for a new romantic story, something featuring gay characters, emotional but also dramatic, then check out this series!

Burn Zone is the first novel in the Hotshots series by author Annabeth Albert. Fighting fires can be a difficult profession, as there is the constant risk of danger. This is the case for the fire crews working in central Oregon. But as dangerous as their jobs may be, it’s the romantic arena where these warriors are the most exposed.

Main character Lincoln Reid is a smoke jumper, and it’s time for new recruits to join his squad. He’s shocked to see that Jacob Hartman is among them. Lincoln made a promise to his best friend before he passed away that he’d keep away from his younger brother. He intends to honor it. It’s just making it all the more difficult that Jacob’s here physically, with the temptation that Lincoln used to feel making a return visit. Right away, he knows that this is going to be trouble.

Jacob has always wanted to honor the memory of his brother and also personally challenge himself by joining the elite team of smoke jumpers. Others may be concerned by his choice, but it’s his to make and Jacob knows that he is prepared for anything that Linc will give him. But he also picks up on the chemistry that the two share, which Linc is of course pretending isn’t there.

Jacob knows what he wants, and this time he’s going to get it. With the stakes higher than ever and with Jacob and Linc constantly in close spaces together, it’s proving tough for Lincoln to keep his promise. But he’s got to keep his resolve, even if it’s difficult, and also make sure that the newcomer is safe at the same time.

They’re spending a lot of time together, and Jacob and Lincoln are growing inevitably closer. Lincoln also knows that he is planning to leave once the season is done, something that he knows could hurt Jacob. He promised one thing but his heart is feeling another. Is it really so wrong if his feelings come from a place of love to pursue Jacob? Or will he keep the promise? Read the first story in this series to find out!

High Heat is the second novel in the Hotshots series by Annabeth Albert. Fire is the main theme in these books in more ways than one.

Garrick Nelson has found his calling and smoke jumping is his entire life. His crew means the world to him, and not the physical therapy after the severe injuries or anything is going to keep him from returning to work with them. When a dog arrives at his home, he can’t take care of her but can’t turn her out either. But he soon finds assistance from his neighbor, who is very attractive and happens to love dogs too.

The two collaborate to try and find a good new home for the dog to live in and start to get to know each other better. In the process, Garrick knows that he’s starting to feel things for this new guy. Some part of him is warning him, though, that this isn’t the type of man that is known for sticking around.

Meanwhile, Rain Fisher has been moving through life on a whim, taking his adventures as they come. Life is one dance for him, and he’s never staying in one set place for an extended amount of time before picking up and moving like a nomad to somewhere else. Then he meets his hot new neighbor, who has a puppy.

Rain thinks the puppy is adorable and so is the neighbor. He wonders whether this fling might be the one that finally tempts him to stay. Could Garrick be the guy to make him want to settle down at last? Read this book to find out!

Feel the Fire is the third novel in Annabeth Albert’s Hotshots series of fictional novels. If you loved the first two or are a fan of romance novels, check this blazing romance story a shot!

Main character Luis Riviera is a specialist in fire behavior. As a result, his job takes him to different places. Then he’s assigned to go to central Oregon, the very location that he left behind two decades ago in an attempt to forget a broken heart. But that is precisely where the arson investigation takes place.

The plan was for Luis and Tucker to go to Los Angeles together once they graduated from high school. But things got complicated. Now Tucker is married and divorced, an expert in fire management as well as the father of two twins in their teens. Tucker is in for a shock when he discovers that he and Luis will be working together.

It’s been years and Luis has clearly grown into a man. He’s actually more interesting to Tucker than ever before. Times may have changed, but not their feelings. Will the two rekindle a bond that never truly went away? Or will old hurt stand in the way of their love? Get a copy of this book and read to the end to find out!

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