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By: P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

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By: P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

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By: P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

The house of night is a fictional book series that tells of the life and challenges that teenage vampires face. The story is about a 16 year old girl who is been marked to become a vampire. Turning from a normal human being to a vampire is a transition that took four years and required the said teenagers to attend the House of Night boarding schools during this time. These are called fledglings and just like the other fledglings Zoey was required to leave her parents and travel to the schools. Although they were taught a lot of things about life as a vampire through their sociology 101 course, they were not prepared for the life they got there. It is here that Zoey gets new friends, new love and a new life.

In the fictional world a small number of teenagers around the world can be turned into vampires. These vampires have some similarities between the conventional ones. For instance, the vampires hold most of their activities, including their classes, at night. However, unlike vampires from other stories, these do not die when exposed to the sunlight, they are merely hurt. A fledgling has a blue crescent shape on their forehead which separates them from vampires. Mature vampires have similar but extended marks and also can have tattoos anywhere on the body. The more a fledgling or a vampire defeats evil the more the tattoos on her body grow. Also, like many other vampire stories both the vampires and the fledglings fed on the blood of the human beings. The blood came from willing donors who had a connection with the vampire or fledgling.


Overall the book series has received good reviews, the series has reached number five in the childern’s bestseller’s list in the New York times. Tempted was the first one to have a million copies published and entered the USA today bestsellers list at number one. Burned and Awakened also started at number one in the USA today bestseller’s list.

There are a number of adaptations from these series. The first film adaptation was announced in December 2011 when a major producer acquired the rights of reproducing the work. The author of the books, Cast has also confirmed to giving rights to five other movie producers who wanted to redo the book as movies and TV series. At the moment there has been no casting yet although the outline of the movie has been completed. There are also comic book adaptations being worked on. The authors of the book through their website announced an upcoming monthly graphic book that would be based by the Dark Horses Comics. The number of the books would only be five and will cover the happenings between marked and Betrayed. The perspective would be that of Zoey’s struggle to become a better leader of the dark daughters. This was, however, in 2011 and there has no reported progress thus far.


There are a number of themes that come from these books, one of the major ones being that of religion. Within their society, the goddess Nyx is a superior being who chooses Zoey to be her agent in the house. There are also significances between this and other religions. For instance, the meeting point of the mortals and the gods has to be sacred. In this novel a vampyre or a fledgling has to use a magic circle to either communicate with Nyx or to harness the energy of the elements for whatever purposes.

About Joey Redbird

When Joey is marked, the goddess Nyx chose her to fight against a new rising evil threat. Although she has the blue crescent shape on her forehead like other girls, she is the only one whose is filled; this shows she is special to the goddess. She is also the only fledgling with tattoos that far precede her time. She also has super powers that are amazing. For instance her affinity with the five elements; water, fire, air, spirit and earth. This is special in that it can help her draw energy from the five elements and consequently qualify to become the new high priestess. There is nobody else who has ever been given the powers in that magnitude by the goddess Nyx on top of being the youngest high priestess ever. Apart from this she is an ordinary teenage girl. For instance, she does not know who she is in love with among four boys and whether she is attracted to Kalona or not. She also trusts her grandmother, Sister Mary Angela and a few friends and teachers.

There are a number of events in some of the novels in the series that can help in analyzing the character of Zoey. The novel marked is the first of the series and has since been published into twenty languages such as Chinese, German and Spanish. The protagonist, Zoey Redbird, is neglected by both her parents and she thus goes to live with her grandmother. While there she is marked by a Vampire tracker with a crescent on her forehead she has to go to the House of Night. While there she realizes she has a special destiny. One of these instances is when she realizes that the leader of the Dark Daughters was misusing her powers and she had to do the right thing. This novel focuses on the transition from an ordinary girl with an average life to being a high priestess.

Tempted is another novel in the series that can help analyze the character of the protagonist well. The human challenges faced by the fledgling come in this novel. In the previous novels she banished an immortal being, a high priestess, saved the life of Stark and almost died herself. In this book she is confused about her love life and who she likes. She also faces dilemmas that could be regarded too minor for someone of her stature. For example through the visions of Aphrodite Zoey is warned to stay away from both Kalona and his dark allure but also reveals that she is the one with the ability to stop the evil immortal. The dilemma comes in when she has to decide between loosing her life, soul and heart.
It is the character of the protagonist that makes the story interesting. With the same challenges that face teenage girls today it is easy to relate to the character and consequently her plight.

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  1. Jordon James Dawson: 1 year ago

    I love this series however I am sad to admit i forgot all about it since 2016.
    I love to buy the whole collection I love it.

  2. Michelle: 2 years ago

    I love the house of night series I’m reading it again and 4 new books added to the series I haven’t read before love this journey of Zoey Redbird. A awesome series and I’m 58 now reading again I so recommend this series.

  3. Kim: 3 years ago

    The books are fun to read! I just wish on amazon the books are in order. If I didn’t look up the order of the books I would be reading them out of order.


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