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Howard Linskey is a published author of fictional novels from the United Kingdom. Born on May 16, 1967, he also is known by H.A. Linskey.

The author has held many different positions in his life. Along the way to his writing career, he has been employed as a journalist, a barman, a catering manager, a marketing manager, and has worked many different positions in account management and sales. He has composed various works and written pieces for web sites, magazines, and newspapers on different subjects. He has also written for The Mag, a Newcastle United football fan magazine. The author has also served as a football correspondent covering the English Premier League for a magazine in Malaysia. He’s since taken a break from those lines of work in favor of being a full time author. Howard admits that he vastly prefers the life of a writer to working in the types of jobs that he had before.

Howard first became a published author in print with the release of his novel The Drop, published in 2011 by No Exit. The author is from County Durham and lived in Ferryhill for a time. He is married to Alison, his wife, and they have a daughter named Erin. The family lives in Hertfordshire. He is known for writing books in the historical fiction, crime fiction, and mystery and thriller genres.

Two of Linskey’s historical novels take place during World War 2. He also served as a ghost writer for the novel Surviving Hell, which recounts the true story of individuals that were locked up wrongfully for years in India even though they never committed any crime. He also wrote a spoof of mindfulness with his book The Little Book of Pintfulness, which is best enjoyed along with a beer for those that are of age to do so!

Howard Linskey is the creator and the author of the David Blake series of fictional novels. This mystery series first began with The Drop and was followed by the exciting second installment, The Damage. The Dead is the third novel in this series that continues to be full of action and suspense! The series was optioned for television by David Barron, producer of Harry Potter. The debut novel was also voted by The Times to be among the year’s top five thrillers. The Damage was also picked as one of the top reads for the summer, and the first and second books also hit in the top five chart for Amazon Kindle.

The Drop is the first novel in Howard Linskey’s David Blake series of fictional novels. In this popular thriller series, readers get the chance to meet the main character of David Blake for the first time.

David’s a criminal of the white collar variety and doesn’t mind engaging in a bit of that good life now and then. Okay, it’s more often than that, but the cash just continues to flow and it’s showing no signs of stopping. He works for Bobby Mahoney, who’s a gangster if you’re in the know. It’s not the most honest line of work, but who can argue when the money is plentiful?

Things of course hit a snag when he discovers that a huge pile of money appears to have disappeared, and Geordie Cartwright has vanished along with it. Blake’s now getting accused of being responsible and he needs to find out what happened fast. Otherwise it’s going to be his head on a silver platter. He’s trying to figure out what happened and whether Geordie took the drop and bounced or some type of gang member took him out.

Blake has to go down into the violent underworld of Newcastle to find the answers that he seeks in pubs, clubs, exotic dancing bars, brothels and more. He slowly begins to put together what really happened. When David finds out that Bobby has a rat in his circle and a takeover is in the works, it’s clear that events are already in motion.

Bobby is being closed in on by a D.I. and a crime squad that want to bring him to justice. His arrest is only a matter of time now. David also has to pick between the daughter of his boss and his actual girlfriend in matters of the heart. The daughter could also be a risk, as her father is not going to be happy if he discovers that the two of them are together.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, can he make the right choice when it comes to his personal life and his actual life? If he messes up, there’s going to be a price to pay. Find out what happens by getting a copy of this thriller mystery novel!

The Damage is the second novel in the David Blake series by Howard Linskey. Check out this sequel and follow along and find out what happens!

Blake is concerned, and he has good reason. He’s the top boy in Newcastle, and he ought to be enjoying himself. But when he controls much of the city and the cash is flowing in, it’s difficult to relax. He’s also in love with Sarah, sharing everything about life with her and loving every minute of it.

The only thing is that he did have to kill her father so that he could get out of a jam. The good news is that Sarah has no idea that ever happened or that he’s connected, so that’s a relief. Blake’s a boss without ever really aspiring to that, but also knows that he’s got what it takes to handle the problems the firm has.

Meanwhile, a new figure wants to conduct some business with the firm. It’s Alan Gladwell, the newest crime lord on the Glasgow scene. It seems like a reasonable deal, but Blake has his doubts. Besides, he killed this guy’s brother. Can true trust ever really be on the table? When one of his guys gets hit and Blake is targeted, he knows someone’s out to kill him. Who is it and can he eliminate the threat before he’s killed in cold blood? Read this thriller to find out!

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