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Publication Order of The Shanghai Books

The Last Train (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
West of Shanghai (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Second Enemy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betrayal in Shanghai (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shanghai Conspiracy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shanghai Box (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in Shanghai (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
High Stakes in Shanghai (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shanghai Operation (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shanghai Spy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Howard Turk is an American author that writes historical mystery novels. Many of his books are based on Turk’s own experiences.

Turk has lived a far more interesting life than most. He was born in Pittsburg. His upbringing was such that he went to school all over the world. Some of his education took place in the United States.

But circumstances also took him to Canada and Europe. When all was said and done, the author had a Masters’ Degree in Economics.

While his education consumed a significant amount of his time, the author’s memories of his time in the army are far more vivid. The author spent some time in Germany as a member of the Air force.

The experience he garnered during those early years proved instrumental to the stories he would eventually tell. But even more impressive were the years that Howard Turk spent in the CIA.

The Agency brought him into the fold after his time with the Air Force. The author would spend the next decade or so delving into the legal and illegal, the seedy and altruistic aspects of the CIA.

A number of the author’s operations were overt. But he also undertook quite a few covert tasks, though you won’t find him talking about those. Once he finally put his spy work in the rearview mirror, life drew Howard Turk into the arena of finance.

It was within those waters that he put his Economics Masters’ Degree to good use by working as an international banker. His specialty was Asia. For a time, Turk’s work was just that, work.

But as he got immersed in the local culture, in particular, Chinese history and traditions, he grew to love the continent. Something about the customs and the people and the philosophies appealed to Turk’s sensibilities.

He was especially drawn to the chaos that wracked Asia during the First and the Second World War. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Asia features so heavily in Turk’s works.

The author is best known for the Jake Greenberg series. The books follow the exploits of a resourceful man by the names of Jake Greenberg and the mysteries and adventures he encounters.

The Greenberg novels take place during the years of the World Wars. Turk uses Greenberg to traverse the biggest conflicts in human history. While his books have clever mysteries at their centers, villains and antagonists for Jake Greenberg to fight and overcome, the historical occurrences surrounding the years of the First and Second World War will often take precedence.

On numerous occasions, Greenberg finds himself in binds that he must overcome and escape before historical disaster strikes and he is swept up in events that will shape the future of Europe and the United States.

A number of the novels are set in Asian and Soviet Union countries, though glimpses of other European nations of importance are provided. Because Turk’s stories take place in the World War years, some readers have complained that his novels get bogged down by history.

They have criticized him for giving lecturers rather than telling stories. His fans, on the other hand, appreciate the effort he injects into maintaining the historic integrity of his stories.

Those fans that are enthusiastic about history and enjoy digging into the minutiae of times past believe that he does an amazing job of painting his settings in vivid colors whilst also telling a unique story featuring an engaging protagonist that traverses history’s most famous global conflicts.

Howard Turk doesn’t do book signings or tours. He also isn’t particularly active on social media. People looking to engage with him on personal and professional matters can only reach him via email.

Turk invites his readers to reach out to him, regardless of whether they have comments or questions about his books. Turk has a wife, children, and grandchildren.

+The Last Train
When three American railroad men die, Jake Greenburg is asked to investigate. The men were working on the Trans-Siberian Railway and Jake’s work with the US Army made him the perfect operative to investigate.

But the landscape is hardly alluring. The Russians are at the height of their Civil War and Siberian is preparing to host its worst winter in quite a few decades.

Jake must find a way to maneuver unharmed through the conflict between the Reds and the Whites, a task that is easier said than done. As the fighting reaches new heights, Jake joins other Russians on their flight to Omsk.

But just because things are getting hot doesn’t mean Jake can abandon his work. He knows that whoever killed the Americans more than likely intended to take the Czar’s treasure.

He also knows that he cannot accomplish his mission on his own, which is why he recruits a few allies on the train to Omsk, this including some Americans, Russian and Chinese, all of them refugees.

As the train finds its way through the chaos, Jake is aware that more murders have begun to occur. It will take all the skills and cunning Jake has at his disposal to keep himself and his friends alive, and to find a deadly killer.

+Betrayal in Shanghai
Jake Greenberg is an American expatriate who was having a great time at the Chinese Opera. For reasons he did not know at the time, his private box was invaded by a gun-wielding figure that proceeded to kill two of the people with him.

The police showed some concern but once the killer crossed the border, they abandoned the case altogether. But Jake wasn’t so forgiving. If the police didn’t have the nerve to push past the border to catch their man, Jake would do it for them.

The chase that ensues leads Jake into a wild adventure that involves a Chinese Warlord and a film star.

Betrayal in Shanghai paints an impressive picture of Shanghai. The book is set in 1925 and Jake makes that particular time period come life. All the characters are dressed the part and they speak exactly as you would expect.

There are various manifestations of racism but no more than what would have existed in that time.

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