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Publication Order of Hubbard's Point/Black Hall Books

Luanne Rice is one of the most prolific American novelists who has shown quality work in various books she has written. She was born on 25th September 1955 in New Britain, Conn United States and has written about 31 books which have their translations in 24 different languages. A number of her novels dwell on the topic of family and love and also on sea and nature. She obtained her honorary degree from the Connecticut College in 2002. This was the same college that gave her an invitation in order to give donations of her papers to the special collection library of the college. She also attended the College of St. Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut where she received her humane letters’ honorary doctorate. Luanne Rice was the winner of the Governor’s Arts 2014 Connecticut Award in the Literacy Arts Category for both lifetime and excellence achievement as an artist literacy. Besides being a novelist, Luanne Rice is also an environmentalist’s avid and for an advocate for families that are affected by any kind of domestic violence. She always spent her time in Southern California, New York City, Connecticut and Old Lyme. She is a great novelist that you will definitely love her books. Purchase any of her novels today and you will find it fantastic.

She began writing as early as eleven years. This is the time her first poem that she published featured in the “Hartford Courant”. Four years later, that is at the age of fifteen, her short story, novel was published in the American Girl. By 1985, she was able to publish “Angles All Over Town”. This was her pioneer novel that now marked her journey as a novelist. She also contributed to the monologue Motherhood Out Loud. This is a play that was performed Off Broadway and in Los Angeles at the Geffen play house. It was premiered at the Hartford Stage Company. Most of her novels have appeared in various television shows. Some of these include; “Follow The Stars Home”, “Blue Moon” for CBS, “Crazy In Love” for TNT and “Silver Bells” for the “Hallmark Hall Of Fame”. Besides these, “The Beach Girls for A Summer 2005” mini-series has also featured on Lifetime.

Luanne Rice began her writing in 1985. This was after she published her short story and poem. She has done over 31 books and her first two novels are known as, “Angels All Over Town” and “Crazy in Love”. Hubbard’s Point Series by Luanne Rice is one of her best series that has 6 books. The pioneer book in the series is known as Firefly Beach while the second book is known as Safe Harbor that were published in 2001 and 2002 respectively. The first book has 17 editions while the second one has 26 editions. The last book in the series is known as Last Kiss, that was published in 2008. These books are available online and locally at the nearest libraries.

Firefly Beach

This is the genesis book of the Hubbard’s Point Series by Luanne Rice. It was published on 29th May 2001 and has 416 pages. The protagonist character of the book is known as Caroline Renwick, who is one of the three sisters. The book is all about a family in crisis, where we find 3 sisters coming face to face with each other, to face the world, despite their past. With the courage they have, they are very confident that they will go on. Caroline with her two sisters Skye and Clea, returns to their childhood home that is, the Firefly Hill, where they gather together. At this moment Caroline thinks that they are ready to start a new life since they have put everything in the past. This is on the contrary, because a mysterious arrives during the summer and is able to bring it all back.

Caroline and Joe Connor had never met before, despite living in the same place. At the time his father passed away, Joe was only 6 years while Caroline was 5. This was the time they came to know each other and finally became friends and pen pals. Their friendship suddenly came to an end on the night, Joe learnt about what happened to his father. This drifted them apart for many years, but finally. They have met and Caroline still feels the connection between them. Despite feeling the connection, Caroline is not sure about how Joe feels since she doubts he may be disturbed by the family’s healing or destruction. The question Caroline can’t find its answers is whether and for how long she will be able to guard her heart. This is just a brief summary about this fantastic book by Luanne Rice. For you to get the whole story about it and to find out how Caroline will handle her case, take a decision to buy this book as it is available online, local libraries and bookshops.

Safe Harbor

This is the second book of the Hubbard’s Point Series by Luanne Rice. It was published on 1st January 2002, then later republished on 27th October 2009. It has 416 pages and 26 editions. The main character in this book is known as Dana Underhill. She is now on the move to every corner of the globe in search of new oceanscapes. The romance and beauty of the seas that her sister Lily has sailed since her childhood are now being involved by her breathtaking underwater canvases. Unfortunately, a terrible event occurs and take Lily away from Dana forever. This called for only one thing, Dana had to quit her nomadic life as an artist, in order to take care of Lily’s two daughters, Allie and Quinn in her childhood home Hubbard’s Point, Connecticut. With a mass of weary braids, the 12year old Quinn is a great trouble to Dana and she finds it hectic controlling her. Quinn always hides her secret diary in the cove remote and this is where she clings to the private memories of her late parents. Since Quinn is now an expert sailor, she has a strong believe that the death of her parents in the sea, was not an accident. On the other hand, Dana is also disturbed about what went wrong on that clear moonlight night, when she was sadly separated from her sister Lily forever. This is a thrilling story that you surely need to find out how and what happened to Lily. You also need to find out whether Quinn’s suspicions were true or false. Was her instinct correct about this matter? Find this out and more after reading this book from the first page to the last.

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