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The Gun Seller (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Bit of Fry and Laurie Books

with Stephen Fry
A Bit of Fry & Laurie (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Bit More Fry & Laurie (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Bits Of Fry And Laurie (By: Stephen Fry) (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fry & Laurie Bit No (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Hugh Laurie
Known by many, the British actor and writer Hugh Laurie is famous around the world, largely recognized for his wit. Over the years he’s also turned his hand to acting in more serious roles as well, showing how versatile he is as an artist. It’s this creativity he takes to his books, with many of them backing up his popular television shows, showing a clear insight into his craft. A musician too, he’s an extremely gifted performer on-stage and in front of the camera, expressing himself as an articulate and creative individual.

With a background mainly in comedy though, it’s his quick sharp wit that definitely shines through on the page. Writing with warmth and intelligence, it’s easy to see how he has become so popular over the years, and his work always has something to say. Taking aim at various different subjects, he’s precise and to the point with his quips and rejoinders, getting straight to the heart of it. This is is recurring throughout his work whether it be his fiction, or his comedy, he’s always got a message behind his work.

Originally often found working alongside fellow actor Stephen Fry, he went on star in the American show House MD, featuring as the lead. This would secure his celebrity status in the United States, as well as back in Britain, showing his acting ability in a more dramatic role. Whether it’s acting or writing, he’s always sure to provide his audience with the high level of quality they’ve now come to expect from him. With a lot more to come as well, he’s definitely not stopping anytime soon either, as he’ll continue on for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in 1959 on the 11th of June, Hugh Laurie was born and raised in Blackbird Leys in Oxford, growing up with a passion for performing. This would actively develop over the years, as he was typically outgoing by nature, something which he took into adulthood. Going on to study at Cambridge University, he would participate in the famous Cambridge Footlights whilst there.

It was here he would meet his long-time comedy partner Stephen Fry, going on to form the comedy partnership ‘Fry and Laurie’. Starring in numerous other TV shows early on too, perhaps most notably with ‘Blackadder’, he’d later go on to feature in the long-running American medical drama ‘House’ as the lead star. Living with his wife Jo Green who he married in 1989, they have three children, and he continues to write and perform to this day.

Writing Career:
Although already well known for his career performing, Hugh Laurie would write his first fiction title in 1996 with ‘The Gun Seller’. This would be a thriller title and a stand-alone book, not a part of any series, and it would be the only fiction novel he would write. Giving the book elements of dark comedy too, it would be infused with his own personality, offering something fairly different.

Prior to this and throughout the years he’d release his sketches from his television show ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’. Written alongside fellow writer and performer Stephen Fry, a series of these scripts would be offered for fans of the show. He’d also release songbooks to accompany his work as a musician, as well the official guide to the popular TV show ‘House M.D.’. There’s also forewords to books he’s written, such as the ‘Jeeves and Wooster Omnibus’, as he starred in the television adaptation of the classic series alongside Stephen Fry once again.

The Gun Seller
Originally published through the ‘Washington Square Press’ publishing label, this would first come out in 1996 on the 1st of May. Not being a part of any overall series, it was completely stand-alone, with its entirely self-contained thriller narrative. Using many of the traditional hallmarks and tropes of the noir novel, it turns them all on their head, as Laurie makes them very much his own. There’s plenty of twists and turns here to keep the reader hooked, constantly turning the page with numerous surprises.

Featuring the dry sarcastic wit of Hugh Laurie, it combines both humor and intrigue in equal measure throughout. The story really is engrossing, as it immediately engages the reader with its in-depth and highly compelling narrative. It’s also the main characters that stand-out as well, with them coming to life off of the page, making this a great addition to the thriller genre.

The hired hitman with a heart Thomas Lang is tasked with assassinating a wealthy American industrialist, but instead warns them. This turns everything on its head, including his own, as he’s promptly knocked out, waking to find himself in over it. Now he must prevent an international bloodbath from taking place, all whilst navigating a collection of femme fatales, as he attempts to save a beautiful woman. Will he manage to save the day and the woman? Can he make it out alive and in one piece? What will become of the gun seller?

A Bit of Fry and Laurie
This would the first in a series of four titles collecting the complete scripts from the television show of the same name. Initially brought out in November 1990, this would come out through the ‘Mandarin’ publishing imprint. Offering a selection of sketches, it collects several noteworthy choices from the show, complete with puns and comedy. It’s a must for any fans of the original series, as well as for fans of comedy in and humor in general, with its unique insight. There would be four books in this series overall, as it sought to collect most of the sketches from the show over the years.

These would accompany Hugh Laurie’s different studio albums, with ‘Let Them Talk’ in 2011, and ‘Didn’t It Rain’ in 2013. An accomplished Blues musician, Laurie includes the sheet music for the songs he’s performed, making them essential for fans of his work and music in general. Played across piano, guitar, singing, it’s a great insight into his musical career too, showing another side to him as a performer.

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