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Hugo Huesca is a Mexican author of fiction. He specializes in fantasy and science fiction.

Hugo Huesca is the creator and the author of the fictional Rune series. The series kicked off for the first time in 2016 with the release of the first novel, which is titled Rune Universe. Cold War Rune came out a short while after that and is the exciting sequel. The third book in the series is titled Rune Source. A prequel in this fantasy series also came out after these books and is titled Rune Zero.

Before he was a published author, Hugo was reading books! He was avidly consuming novels by other authors for years. The first time that he wanted to write fiction was at the age of ten and he has not stopped since.

He has a variety of hobbies and activities that tend to keep him busy. He likes to go swimming, maybe have a drink of tequila, and also is really interested in those old, over the top science fiction covers taken from books that came out five decades ago.

Some of those that know this author pretty well might describe him in their own ways. For a professor in college that knows him, he jokingly describes his colleague as ‘the devil’. The members of his Dungeons & Dragons group may describe him as a dragon. Despite self publishing a few stories, Hugo is not yet rich.

Rune Universe is the debut novel in the Rune series. If you love fantasy series that are engaging as well as unique, then do not fail to check this book out! Begin the deep dive into another world and immerse yourself in this universe by going online and checking out how you can get your hands on this book.

Getting into this novel and connecting to the gaming servers means that readers get to enter the Rune Universe. This is a unique and complex world where large corporations without faces control market shares and the world is filled with crime. The neon lights may light up the streets but there is tons of crime going on when you really start to take a closer look.

The current year would be 2041, and life is tough for people all around the world. The main character in this story is named Cole Dorsett. He is what you would call a ‘Script Kiddie’. What people that are called this do is pretty interesting but not that legal. They like to steal information where they can and most of them like to do whatever they can to get in the way of the system or just give them a run for their money.

So what is exactly something like the Rune Universe? It’s not so much a galaxy as it is a game. It is a plane where anything is possible and anything can happen on one or more of the billion plus worlds that are contained within this landscape. You can do virtually anything that you could ever dream of in this place where the space ships fly quickly and the supply of adventure seemingly never ever runs out.

Alliances are formed across the galaxy and friendships and enemies are formed. Whether you want to make your way around the edge of a black hole while dancing or just have the adventure of a lifetime, you can do it if you go to the Rune Universe.

Just as there is with every universe, there’s a catch. The universe seems to be hiding its fair share of secrets, and one of them just may end up being significantly more important than the rest. It’s something that a group like the C.I.A. would definitely love to get their mitts on, but when it comes to this particular secret, they may just end up having some competition.

This secret may end up just being so valuable that many people would do everything that they can to get their hands on it. That probably would include killing someone– there seems to be no scruple that cannot be carelessly cast away in order to profit by getting the secret. They say that knowledge is power, so when it comes to this secret, it makes sense why so many are after it.

Cole is about to find out that danger is very real in this world. He may not be where he’s used to being, but he’s not going to let his friend fall without being avenged. Cole is in the universe and decides that he’s going to choose to risk everything that he has to avenge his fallen friend. The choice that he ends up making may just end up changing the way that the world runs forever.

Can he figure out what he’s going to do and make the right decision before it’s too late? With more hanging in the balance than ever, Cole’s got to decide and hope that it all ends up working out the way that he plans on. What will happen? You’ve got to pick up this book to find out!

Cold War Rune is the second novel in the Rune series. If you loved this incredible world from the first book, check out this sequel!

The exotic Rune Universe has endless worlds and just like those worlds, the potential is unlimited. The immersion has just started, and now readers are once more plunged into an incredible universe where the rewards are just as great as the dangers.

This virtual world is just as complex and interesting as you would dream that it would be. The time is the year 2042, and this universe has a storm coming. When Cole Dorsett decided to activate what is known as The Signal, he decided to make the decision to go into hiding.

Now the corporations are doing whatever they can to try and get power. With a crazy prophet making its way around the streets and drones beginning a search to try and find Cole, his options are limited. He’s got to find his friends and try to make it. With war coming, can they make it? Read this book to find out!

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