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Publication Order of A Carolina Arbors Murder Books

Mud Cake for Breakfast (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Tacos For Lunch (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sloppy Joe For Dinner (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Juice Before Breakfast (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Tom Arden Books

Rembrandt Redux (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Da Vinci Cloth (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Grand Scale Larceny (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Hugo Uyttenhove is a Belgian born author of adventure and mystery novels. While he was born and brought up in his native Belgium, he came to the United States on a one year AFS scholarship before continuing with his studies in New York. He got his Systems Problem Solving and Cybernetic doctorate from New York State University. He currently is a US citizen that makes his home in Durham North Carolina. It was while he was studying in Cortland that he met the woman that would later on become his wife. Once he was done with his post doctorate studies he took the family back to the Netherlands as he had found a job as professor at the University of Eindhoven. After establishing several businesses in Benelux, he moved once again and this time made a move to Raleigh, North Carolina. The Belgian-American author lives with his wife and children in Durham North Carolina. It was during this time that he thought he should get started writing “Grand Scale Larceny” his debut novel.

Uyttenhove decided to write and publish his first novel from the suggestion of a friend that is an actress in Hollywood. She told him that he had a story to tell given his many experiences. Shortly thereafter, he started writing and in 2010 published his debut. Soon after he went to LA to join “Writer Boot Camp” as he was also interested in screenwriting. Given his training, he likes to write most of his works in screenplay format before he develops them into novels. Each novel usually comes with a fast moving narrative that combines art related plots with historical information. For murder mystery his plots and the circumstances of the story usually result in a highly entertaining whodunit with a twist. He usually sets his novels in compelling but unusual places and themed on theft, forgery and art.

When it came to the publishing, Hugo Uyttenhove quickly realized that he needed an editor given that English is not his first language. He has used many editors over the years and these have been instrumental in teaching him how to write better with every novel published. Even though he needs the services of an editor, all of his novels thus far have been self published. Nonetheless, this is not by choice as he has tried in vain to get the interest of publishers and literary agents who seem to prefer established writers. Nonetheless, Uyttenhove has gained quite a following over the years and has thousands of fans across the world. His biggest struggle in writing his novels has been with getting the word out and finding a literary agent before he decided to self publish.

“Mudcake for Breakfast,” the debut novel of the “A Carolina Arbors Murder” series is the story of Jerry Cornwall. He was once upon a time the head of the Research Triangle Area human testing laboratory and his neighbors think he is weird. The Poirot type whodunit sees Detective Travis Vinder having to deal with a murder with the help of the local book club in the small Del Webb Community of Carolina Arbors in North Carolina. Since the members of the book club have read all manner of murder mystery books, they take a stab at contributing content for a novel. The story is set in the community and this adds a touch of authenticity even though Hugo Uyttenhove writes the first chapter. Every character claims to have a line on the murderer even though many unwittingly show cause for the detective to believe they may have been involved. Using the many characters, the author writes a great story showcasing the sometimes bizarre interactions with Detective Vinder. Hugo invites his readers to read between the lines and play detective to figure out which of the characters had the motive and opportunity to kill the victim that had not made many friends in the neighborhood. Over the course of the story, Vinder eliminates the suspects and finally reveals the true culprit. It is a unique approach to writing but it works very well to provide a very entertaining read.

Hugo Uyttenhove’s “No Tacos for Lunch” is a story of the abduction of a food truck employee. Detective Winder is called in to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the woman that had been working on a van that had been operating from the Carolina Arbors neighborhood. According to initial investigations, it is her boyfriends who are responsible for the disappearance. A white Mercedes Benz was spotted near the truck and the man inside it could also be linked to the crime. But then Detective Vinder working with Ramon Acosta a fellow officer find a body. As usual, the motto is Check Everything, Believe Nobody and Assume Nothing. Ultimately, the book club members come in to help find the suspect.

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