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Publication Order of Hunt For Reacher Books

Born in Alabama, Diana Capri is a bestselling author and a recovering lawyer who is best known for the Hunt for Reacher series. Capri is an active member of International Thriller Writers, Sisters in Crime and the Mystery Writers of America. Since she is a snowbird, Diane Capri loves to divide her time between Michigan and Florida. During her early years, Diane Capri was introduced to reading and often her childhood has been described as one that was full of reading books. Diane Capri performed extremely well in her education, thus she even graduated cum laude. Even when attending law school, Diane Capri used to put her writing into good use. She served as Wayne Law Review’s editor. Before becoming an author, Diane Capri served as a lawyer and was even ranked among the top 1 per cent lawyers in the United States.

Don’t Know Jack

This is the first installment in the Hunt for Reacher series by the critically acclaimed author, Diane Capri. In this installment, Capri introduces the reader to Agents Carlos Gasper and Kim Otto. These two agents have been assigned to search for Jack Reacher to recruit him for a posting in the F.B.I, which is unknown to them. Carlos and Kim are advised to begin the search in a place where he was last seen, Margrave, Georgia. You Don’t Know Jack retraces the characters and retraces in the author’s first novel, Killing Floor which was published in the year 2006. Otto and Gasper arrange a meeting with the police chief, who knew Reacher way back.

However, upon meeting with the police chief, they decide to help her with the investigation since she was deeply consumed with it. The police chief was looking into a simple spousal murder. Despite the fact that this investigation was supposed to be a local matter, the police chief decides to involve the two. With that said, the story in this novel was not only full of mystery and suspense but it was extremely jam-packed. The characters in this novel have been developed well by the author. One such character is Kim Otto, a woman who is more than determined to make her name in the F.B.I and is willing to do anything to achieve this. She not only has a genuine understanding but also a quick wit of her gut feelings. However, she has a fear of flying and is vulnerable at times.

Just like Kim Otto, Carlos Gasper is also a loveable character. You will definitely enjoy the dialogue and banter between Gasper and Carlos. It was extremely interesting how the F.B.I boss was woven into the story. The boss was never at any point named, but was always present and always one-step ahead of the two. Another strong character in the book was the police boss, Chief Beverly Roscoe whose point of view and personality contributed greatly to the development of the story. The entire casts of characters were woven into the story in such a way that everyone contributed greatly to the drama and suspense in a perceptible manner.

Jack and Joe

Just like the other books in the Hunt for Reacher series, the author, Diane Capri has once again managed to deliver an outstanding mystery thriller. The author has created a complex and fast moving story. In this book, Diane Capri introduces the reader to Carlos Gasper and Kim Otto, two F.B.I special agents. Diane Capri provides a backstory for each of these characters giving the reader a look at Gasper’s unique working relationship with Otto. She also introduces the readers to Charles Cooper, Gasper and Otto’s boss and the presidential advisor, Lamont Finlay.

Gasper and Otto have been conducting their investigation without clearly understanding what the F.B.I really wants or what is the main reason why they are searching for Jack Reacher. However, it does not long before they realize that Finlay and Cooper have their own agendas. The author places the reader into Kim Otto’s head so that they can have a clear understanding of her feelings and thoughts with regards to the mysterious assignment. Kim Otto travels to the small town of Fort Bird, which is located within North Carolina so that she can interview a military officer who used to know Jack Reacher. The author lets the reader understand the importance of this interview between Otto and Colonel, Eunice Summers, Reacher’s co-worker.

The author, Diane Capri has introduced the supporting cast giving their back-stories and the part that each of them plays in the story. As the story continues, she continues to develop each character and provides ongoing updates. Diane Capri has enhanced the working relationship between Gasper and Otto, thereby giving the strength to move forward. Ms. Capri has also added more twists and turns to the story, transitioning from the events in Jack Reacher’s past to the events, which are currently happening at Fort Bird. With that said, this story is exceedingly engaging and the author, Ms. Capri is a great author. If you are a fan of the Jack Reacher series or an ardent fun of mystery thrillers then you are undoubtedly going to love this book.

Get Back Jack

Get Back Jack is a satisfying and exciting read. This installment picks up from where Bad Luck and Trouble storyline had left off. Two leading F.B.I agents have been assigned to conduct a background check on Jack Reacher. As it is the case with anything related to Jack Reacher, nothing is either easy or a routine. While conducting their routine investigation, the two F.B.I agents come to learn that Jack Reacher is a great tactician. He has not only inspired intense hatred but also intense loyalty from both sexes. Furthermore, he has also been exceedingly popular among his peers who used to serve in the army. While serving as a military policeman, Jack Reacher was constantly in trouble and he made many enemies. Currently, Jack Reacher is not homeless but he is also broke and uncommunicative.

With this premise, the author, Diane Capri develops a brilliantly written sinewy story where the tension builds and the story thickens progressively to a riveting climax before coming to an exceedingly satisfying end. The turns and twists in the storyline and the tightly inscribed prose will keep you turning the pages so as to see what will happen next. This is undoubtedly the mark of a well-written satisfying and well-crafted thriller.

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